February 01, 2014

Tired of Relaxing o,O

Hiii :)

First and foremost, happy February all! :D I had a great January, now I'm hoping for a good February :D Hehe. Moga-moga kebaikan terus menyertai kita.. Ameenn :)

Today is actually the 3rd day of my holiday because we were given a rest day on 30th.. With just a little work to be done at home, I'm quite bored now.. Nak merayau, I just don't know where to go. Nothing really excites me. Tapi sebenarnya when I'm typing this, terus teringat new mall around my house. HAHAHA. Ogehh. I know where to go :D

Hahahaha.. Sengal.

You know, I'm not the kind who watches movie at cinema or stroll around malls for nothing. If you see me somewhere, mesti ada benda yang dicari. I mean, it's like a waste of time kan? I'd rather go the beach/waterfalls with family but with this kind of weather, kirim salam. Jangan cari musibah. Kekekeke..

This year's CNY seems a little dull because we tak pergi mana-mana pun. We spent our CNY with mandarin oranges depan TV. That's it.. Unless we are super pure Chinese baru ada celebration, kot? Hahaha.. Mak aiihh, bosan gilaaa..
.::. I miss my anak! And I can't believe, this Monday we masih lagi cuti. Maaaaaaaaa... It's gonna be so borrinnggg!!


  1. saya pun boring juga ni sekarang. xtahu nak pegi mana. hehe. cuti pun boring. adei~

  2. nampak dah muka cicer Vee mase boring.
    Mesti macam panda tu jugak kan?
    Kekekkeke... :p