February 22, 2014

The History

Hiii :D

Suddenly thought of posting up the history of this blog. Haha. That's a must, perhaps?! For future's reference, I guess. Just in case of whatever, I don't know :p

I started blogging quite a long time ago, to be exact and stopped for no reason. At the end of the day, I made a new start by creating a new email add and a blog page - the previous one has been deleted - and coincidentally, when I started this blog on September 26, 2012, it's exactly a year since my first post in the previous blog. Hoh, wonderful coincidence eh?

I started this blog with the url of ' because by then, I was into dancing TOO MUCH as I was practicing for 3 major events by year end. Whereas my blog title was 'Life as Vanessa'. Hahahaa..*tepuk dahi 100 kali* I find that funny though! It sounds so me, like, so so me, everything bout me, ish. Entah hape lahh..

Basically, this is how it looks like before. And that was my very first entry, entitled Fresh New Start. As time goes by, I changed my url to '' cos I want my url to show myself, like an identity y'know.. Then I changed my blog title to 'gummy vee' cos I LOVED GUMMY BEARS. Ohemgee, Veeeeeeee!! *hides under the chair*

I did not create this template, though. It's a ready-made kind of template, and those owls are the ones that attracted me that I used it. Lols.. See that visitors rank? Only 201 person. SOBS! The template was cute but as days goes by and age rises day by day, I dislike fancy stuffs like this.. Haha. I mean, messy dehh rupanya! Huhuu.. Sakit mata memandang, sakit lagi mata membaca. Erks.. Jgn terasa deh, itu taste gue and Im speaking of my own blog. Lols :))

And then, I came out with the idea of 'Borneo Girl', so I changed my blog title to that and stick to it for few months. Above is some of headers that has been used. That time memang mind berubah-ubah for the designs and blog caption. Hahaa.

In 2014, I changed every single thing; from the design to the header to the blog description. To be honest, I just found out that the quote underneath our blog title is the description of the blog actually. Hahahah! Kesian. It's like defining what is our blog about; gossips or news, etc.. 

To be frank, I loved 'Borneo Girl' but this title really makes me pissed because google sent out my blog for the above 18 search. Like, what the heck? Mentang-mentang ada 'girl'. Dush! That was the main reason I changed, though. So last year, I came out with the title 'Heaven's Gift' because my blog title defines me as the admin. I am the heaven's gift so there you go ;) Whereas my blog description is as mentioned. Practically (almost) everything, totally anything, definitely not nothing. 

I share almost everything, without niche but there are not nothing. It's good to be read and keep for myself as well as my readers. ;) So that's a lil history of my blog. What's yours? Share it out with me, alright!

And literally, I don't blog for nothing. It's simply because of my passion. I love writing and sharing things, that's it :) And making friends too, of course!! Hohoho.. Thanks for reading. Me leb you ;)


  1. Hahaha...kak sally start blogging masa last semester of diploma..sebab time tu ambik 2 subjek je..hahaha...pastu banyak menulis masa time praktikal..sbb xde kerja langsung -_-

    so, now...I'm blogging as part of my hobby and my life :D

    1. Haha.. There's always some reasons behind every actions kann ;)

  2. Omg sis vee u still keep those pictures ehehehe :D :D :D
    Me too :D it's simply bcs of makind friends, passiong for writing omgggg hihihi <33333

  3. kmk blogging lekak deactivate facebook. putus cinta punya pasal. Apa laah. haha. Sorok debah meja! Hihik