February 24, 2014

The Bridge of Life

Hi, everyone ;) Happy Monday! Hope you had a bliss weekend, like mine.. Teheheee ;)

Yesterday as I 'stroll' over the net, I found an article about this bridge in South Korea, named Mapo Bridge.
Korea is very well known for suicidal and one of the country that holds the highest suicidal rates - with the most simple and famous way of taking their own life, it's jumping off the bridge, and the most famous bridge for this is Mapo Bridge.
So what could be done about this tragic situation? OH well, we might have different answers but the truth is, when a person is determined to do something, they will always find a way. From this question, came a partnership with Samsung to come out with a superb idea to overcome this issue.

Now, when a person walks across the Mapo Bridge, positive messages light up from motion detectors which ask the people whether they are okay, whether they need to talk to someone, and showing them that they aren’t quite as alone as they think they are. 
The bridge also shows pictures of happy moments and pictures, perhaps to try and trigger moments in the person’s life where they may have experienced joy. The goal was to get the person to walk from one end of the bridge to the other, keeping them from making a tragic decision in a fleeting, lonely moment.
Since the installation of the bridge, suicide rates have dropped by 77%. The plan is now to put installations such as this one in other major bridges in the country.

Amazing, isn't it? Here's the video that you might want to watch;
A very interesting effort by Samsung. A great inspiration and also a reminder to all of us that whatever we are going through, there are people out there who cares bout us and most important, He is always by our side :)) Have a blessed day ahead. God bless!

## I do not own any picture, nor this info. My source is the sites in Google. Muehehe.. Thanks.


  1. the bridge looks nice buat could be scary when it's a lonely night, suddenly I am imagining scary korea ghost hu hu... btw, happy monday dear...

  2. wah satu usaha yang sangat murni .. memang patut depa buat mcm tu ye vee.. ^_^

  3. Never know any bridge history untill u post this kak vee.
    Bridge of life :D heee~~~
    Such a meaningful bridge kan. Bagusnya T_T
    motivate every single person who walked there ugh how i wish that bridge would be in malaysia hehehehehe

  4. bagus jugak buat camne.
    at least kalo diorang ade niat to commit suicide, msti fikir 2 3 kali bila ternampak pictures of happy moments :)

  5. nice bridge. bagus juak nya molah camya. so that the individuals will think twice :)

  6. I've saw the video.. genius..!!