February 23, 2014

Just.. Hold His hands, okay.

Hi! :D

Just got back from youth fellowship and I feel sooo goodd!! :D Hehee..! 

Nothing feels better than getting closer with and deeper in Him, right? When things around are messed up, when your heart is troubled and doubts started to linger in your mind, just walk to Him and hold His hands - everything will be okay, definitely :)

Nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do cos He is the center of our life ;) 

Remember, never ever let go of His hands.

Have a blessed day ahead! 


  1. wah bestnya baru blik kem.. :P
    never ever let go of His hands" ermhem.. :P

  2. Feeling depressed,weak, sad,hopeless,unworthy...where nobody cares to listen to our problem, He is always there for us no matter what. He stands by our side in all circumstances :)

  3. :) Yes kak vee. Never let HIM go... <33333