February 15, 2014

For the Lord is GOOODD!

Hii :D Rasa seperti lama tidak menaip di sini.. Familiar with the sentence? Ya, sudah pernah dibaca - that's why - Itu ayat wajib setiap entry koohh.. Hahaha. Whatever. Hello, there!! :p
My weekend is awesome. It's really great and I consider it the best weekend I've ever had in my life (I know the best of best is yet to come, but for now this the best and will be one of the best!!). Indescribable feeling of joy and top of it, I am so blessed! Blessed, because I belong to Jesus! :))

I didn't expect a musical workshop can turn out to be something so extraordinary, and even the workshop is extra extraordinary! We were visited by few brothers and sisters from Indonesia and frankly speaking, the workshop is awesome!! So many new knowledge, something that we yearn to know all this while, semua terjawab today. How great is our God! Sebenarnya, the speakers came together with 5 orphans from an orphanage somewhere in Ambarawa.

The orphans are actually mangsa perang agama yang berlaku long time ago in Maluku. The best about them is the testimony that they carry for the rest of their lives. These people lost their parents when they were young, some of them even had their parents killed right in front of them. They were shot to death, even crossed. Some even slept with the dead body of their grandparents.. Ah, too many to tell! Kesimpulannya, their life was completely messed up.

Boleh imagine your loved ones being treated that way?? How would you feel? Your parents, brothers, sisters or whoever they are. Boleh bayangkan, ngak? Aku ngak mau sih :'(

Dan, meskipun semuanya sungguh menyakitkan mereka, they managed to get on with life. Semuanya kerana apa? Kerana kasihNya yang memampukan kita. Kita takkan mampu, tapi kerana ada Dia, kita mampu ;) Kunci kepada sebuah kehidupan yang buat kita tersenyum dsb adalah pengampunan. Tanpa mengampuni, kita pasti tidak dapat kerana hati belum suci, belum pulih - bagaimana mau pulih andai masih ada kebencian membara, ya kan? -

Kalau kita dalam situasi mereka, mampukah kita mengampuni mereka yang sudah mengambil nyawa orang yg tersayang? Mampukah?? MAMPUKAH KITA?? As mentioned, we won't make it andai Dia tidak ada. Kerana kita ada kasihNya yang sungguh maha pengampun, kita mampu mengampuni yang lain.. Yang penting, penuhkan hati kita dengan kasihNya :)

Overall, this people inspired me so much! The message is whatever happens in life, never stop praising Him, never let Him go, tapi terus dan terus berpegang teguh kepadanya. Jgn sesekali melepaskan tangan kita dari genggamanNya. And, hargailah setiap orang yg ada dalam kehidupan kita saat ini :) 

Have a blessed night, have a good rest. Nights!

NOTE2SELF: Kasih setiaNya tak pernah berubah, dulu sekarang dan selamanya ~ <3

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