February 17, 2014

Eklesia Orphanage

Hello, hi, everyone :) Shalom Aleichem! <3

In the previous entry, I mentioned about an extraordinary music workshop that were lead by the team of 12 people, and 4 of them are the orphans from Eklesia Orphanage in Ambarawa, Indonesia. Right now, it's not about the music workshop but more to the brothers and sisters from Eklesia.

If you have read my previous entry, these people are actually the victim of the previous Perang Agama that occurred in Ambon in the year 1999. How this people truly inspired me is the strength that they had. Most of them had their parents killed in plain sight, and they were lost - no one to be with, no food to be eaten, no medical assistance, nothing. Just all by themselves. However, they managed to overcome all the traumas and angers. 

Why? By the power of love from God. That was the message. They showed me how powerful God is and He is right there all the time with us. The pain that they bared is indescribable and though it has been 15 years since the tragic incident happened, the pain is still there.. The prove is, one of them cried that night because he missed his dad so much! His dad was shot right in front of him and was crossed. I remembered so well what he said;

Ya.. Rasa rindu itu kuat sekali, lagi-lagi bila melihat orang lain waktu graduasi ada mama papa tapi aku hanya ... He didn't managed to finish his sentence, but we all get what he means! Of course. Then he continued "Tapi ngak apa sih, aku tau aku punya Bapa yg lebih dahsyat!". Wahh. Nampak tak kekuatan di jiwa dia??

When he was sobbing, I was sobbing too! That time rasa nak lari to the stage, hug him and tell him everything is okay and my daddy can be yours too!! Tapi rasa eh eh eh what? Hahaha.. Bak kata pepatah; berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yg memikul! By looking to his eyes, I can see the sorrows already.. I can feel it. Tapi ngak apa-apa deh Jems.. Papa gue ada.. Jadikan aja papa mu jugaaa.. Ahahh ;) (tiada udang di sebalik batu yer) Hahaha.

There were few more stories about them yg super touching that night. What really inspires me is how they walk out of that path, move on with life and be inspirations. It reminded me to never ever give up in life because we were born with different paths of life and purpose. In every ending, there's always a beginning and after every storm there must be a rainbow.

It is such a great great great testimony! And I like what the founder said that night. People nowadays are more keen to build grand buildings for the sake of popularity and 'wows', but they forgot the children who are suffering, lost without parents and no food etc.

Betulkan? Even I myself tersentak with that statement. How come we never realized? And another thing is, why do we often remember this people on special occasions like festival celebrations? Only on that day, kecoh nak celebrate with them, kecoh nak bagi gifts padahal hari-hari yg lain kita menyepi and they were left out alone.. Pernah terfikir tak? 'Kami perlukan kasih dan support bukan hanya jika ada pesta'. 

Tersentak lagi? - Something good to be think about, ain't it? No hard feelings, aite. Just something that I think is quite necessary to be shared as we are ONE, and together living on this provisional world.. They taught me 3 things that night. First and foremost, jangan berhenti berharap dan berharap sajalah kepada DIA. 2nd, appreciate whatever you have because at somewhere in the world, certain people owns nothing. 3rd, appreciate everyone in life tanpa mengira rasa yang diberi; suka atau duka, because they came to our lives for certain purposes :)

Kayaknya tidak sia-sia deh gue datang ke workshop itu ;) Something that I didn't expect at all, itulah yang terjadi. Tuhan itu ajaib kan! 

With the team ;) Sadly, all of them are not here anymore. Esok dah fly off to Indonesia. Frankly speaking, I'll miss each one of them. Rasa nak lebih lagi with them, I want to hear more and hear how God carry them out of the dark moment in their life. Mesti meleleh lagi air mata.. Haha :) And I will miss their singing too, I know! I have their CD but live version is always better, kan :)) 

Untuk Jems, ingatlah, papaku bisa jadi papamu juaa.. Haha :) Teringin nak bagitau kat dia that all around him, everybody loves him. Paling penting, papa J tidak pernah meninggalkan kita :) I know he won't read this but yeah, itulah pesanannya. Heheee..

And to us, hargailah setiap apa yg kita ada dan jangan terlalu kedekut untuk memberi. The more you give, the more you get. If you feel like giving, just do so kerna naluri yg ada itu datang dari Dia. Remember, a simple act can change life you know.. :)

Thanks kepada yg setia membaca hingga ke sini and have a blessed night. Rest well! :)


  1. Agnes Monica in the house. Eh hihihi. :))
    you too kak vee, sleep n rest well ye :D

    True!!!! Hargailah everything :> Those little things and semua lah.
    Jgn kedekut. Jgn lupa DIA. Ish <333
    thanks kak vee :D

  2. Almighty Lord will always be with us. and yeah sometimes i thought the same thing, having party-not knowing others might facing problems and in a bad situation. Whatever and however the problem is every God's child are strong.

    Chaca Monsterr

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    1. Haha.. Omaigudness. No darl. Im Malaysian.. Lol :))

  4. Ambil iktibar dan pengajaran..
    Sayang sekali kita di Malaysia, tidak belajar dari persekitaran dan sejarah..
    I love read this entry. Lots of awareness and quotes.

  5. we should be thankful for what we have kan? kesian mereka ni.... sob sob sob *touching*