February 18, 2014

Difference Between 'Breath' and 'Breathe'

Hii, everyone!! Let's get back to our English lesson at this hour. Hahah :p

You see, I've noticed that most people nowadays are often confused with the word 'breath' and 'breathe' which leads to the wrong usage of the words, such as 'I can't breath', 'take a deep breathe', etc. So here I am, not as a teacher but as a friend, telling you the difference ;)

BREATH is a noun that indicates the air that is either inhaled or exhaled during breathing. Literally, it also means a short pause. (e.g.; take a breath and try again). In BM, it means 'nafas'.

Sentence example;
  1. Anna took a deep breath and jumped down the building.
  2. Their oath is to fight until the final breath.
Whereas BREATHE is a verb that has few related meanings, such as; .. (BM: bernafas)

a) To inhale or expel air from the lungs. e.g.;
  1. Is she breathing?
  2. Practically all fish breathe through gills.
b) To allow gas or moisture to pass through. e.g.;
  1. Fabric is the most recommended material to make jerseys because it allows the skin to breathe better after a lot of sweating.
c) To impart (often used figuratively). e.g.;
  1. He breathed a new life into the project.
  2. He breathed a sigh of relief

Footnote: Noun - A word used to name the people, places, things, etc..
              Verb - A word used to describe an action, state or occurrence, etc ..

Footnote #2: I hope this helps! Have a blessed night :D


  1. <3
    omg this helps alot kak vee :)
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  2. nice share.. tapi nmpak makna hampir2 je.. cma beza noun dengan verb, dan penggunaan..

  3. tq sharing teacher also confuesed when use breath and breathe!..
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  4. thank you cicer Vee..
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  6. mun mok senang, Breath dlm BM ya nafas tp mun Breathe maksudnya bernafas. kan cicher Vee? hehe

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  8. Thank u soooooooo much. Now i know the different. Hee hee