February 13, 2014

Chinese New Year Mood :D

Hii :D Happy Thursday!! Tak sangka, dah Thursday rupanya!! Dan.. Rasa macam lama tak menaip kat sini (ayat wajib setiap entry). Haha.. 
Esok KTC celebrate CNY and the spirit flows in me already :D Suddenly I got so excited after listening to one of my favourite CNY song. Haha. One of the best CNY song that I've ever heard. I bet some of you pernah kot dengar lagu ni, cos lagu ni selalu keluar kat Astro. Kalau tak silap.. :)

Sejujurnya I don't understand a word dalam lagu ni but I really like it. The melody, the tune, all of it. Very catchy, especially the intro. Hewhew.. Most of the teachers dah cakap tomorrow's going to be tiring, but you know what.. I'll just have fun, I don't care. Hahaha :p I mean, I'll be even more tired because I've a special task tomorrow + February fever. But yea, whatever. Just going to enjoy myself.

JANJI TAK PENGSAN. Hahahaha.. :p 

*Blogwalking sambil layan lagu CNY* ;) Here's the song, for those who wondered. Hohoho..

Have a good night. Muahhss!


  1. Good luck Vee for the task....:DDDD

  2. Awwh hahahah u're so funny lah kak vee ehehe.
    Still CNY mood ah? hehehehhe

  3. memang catchy lagu ni. tapi cawan tu menggambarkan ape ye?