February 27, 2014

Tr.V's Highlight: No,I don't use pampers..

Annyeonghaseyo :D Another long hard day in kindy with kids yang ada banyak ragam. Like, seriously memang banyak! But a little conversation with one of my student today really got me crazy.. ~_~

I wanted to know his religion, and I supposed dia confirm tak faham if I guna nama religions like 'Christian', 'Buddhist' or anything else. I'm quite curious dan tak mudah nak detect because he's a Chinese. Lainlah kalau Muslim, we can detect through their names kan.. So I asked him in a different way.

Me: Do you go to church?
Him: Hmm..? No..
Me: Temple?
Him: No.. I don't use pampers..
Me: ............... *facepalm*

Terdiam tak terkata. Hahahahaha.. 
Google's Image - Laughing panda -
Nak gelak pun tak jadi cos tengok muka innocent sangat. Hahahah.. But at the end of the day, gelak jugak. Haha! A very unexpected answer. Hahahahaha..

Moral of the story is, we all need a high level of patience when it comes to dealing with kids because they hardly understand what you are saying. And in order to have a long conversation with them, learn their language and simply be them. Not to say that you have to run around the house but just be one of them.. Gitteewww.. ;)

Oteii, chenk chiuk for weading.. (Okay, thank you for reading). Have a blessed night :D  

# Time to complete up all the unsettled task. Meow..

February 26, 2014


Hello :) 2 hari menghilang. Where did I go? Ada di sini, cuma kekurangan waktu untuk bw and update entry.. Seperti biasalah, whenever I feel like blogwalking, belum sampai 5 minutes dah terlentok depan laptop sampai ke subuh dengan lampu yg on. Oh well.. ~_~ 

KL - it's where I want to be because of the view at night.. I've always loved views like this, because I love bright lights at night, meskipun silau but it's okay; ada spec.. Haha ;) Not sure bila boleh jejakkan kaki ke sini, but I really want to be here. The view simply amazed me! 

Actually bukan KL je ada view begini, even kat sini pun ada but KLCC attracts me more.. Hihii. Sekali sekala merasa angin negeri lain, apa salahnya kan.. ;) Few months ago ada termimpi rumah berdekatan dengan area KLCC. Entah apa makna tersirat, hanya Tuhan yg tau.. Hihii..

I love this view! Untung kak Lieya duk dekat area sini. Hehee.. Though banyak orang ckp I won't like it due to the noise but still nak jugak merasa!! Huehee.. One day, by God's will!! x)

Have a blessed night. God bless! xo

February 24, 2014

The Bridge of Life

Hi, everyone ;) Happy Monday! Hope you had a bliss weekend, like mine.. Teheheee ;)

Yesterday as I 'stroll' over the net, I found an article about this bridge in South Korea, named Mapo Bridge.
Korea is very well known for suicidal and one of the country that holds the highest suicidal rates - with the most simple and famous way of taking their own life, it's jumping off the bridge, and the most famous bridge for this is Mapo Bridge.
So what could be done about this tragic situation? OH well, we might have different answers but the truth is, when a person is determined to do something, they will always find a way. From this question, came a partnership with Samsung to come out with a superb idea to overcome this issue.

Now, when a person walks across the Mapo Bridge, positive messages light up from motion detectors which ask the people whether they are okay, whether they need to talk to someone, and showing them that they aren’t quite as alone as they think they are. 
The bridge also shows pictures of happy moments and pictures, perhaps to try and trigger moments in the person’s life where they may have experienced joy. The goal was to get the person to walk from one end of the bridge to the other, keeping them from making a tragic decision in a fleeting, lonely moment.
Since the installation of the bridge, suicide rates have dropped by 77%. The plan is now to put installations such as this one in other major bridges in the country.

Amazing, isn't it? Here's the video that you might want to watch;
A very interesting effort by Samsung. A great inspiration and also a reminder to all of us that whatever we are going through, there are people out there who cares bout us and most important, He is always by our side :)) Have a blessed day ahead. God bless!

## I do not own any picture, nor this info. My source is the sites in Google. Muehehe.. Thanks.

February 23, 2014

Just.. Hold His hands, okay.

Hi! :D

Just got back from youth fellowship and I feel sooo goodd!! :D Hehee..! 

Nothing feels better than getting closer with and deeper in Him, right? When things around are messed up, when your heart is troubled and doubts started to linger in your mind, just walk to Him and hold His hands - everything will be okay, definitely :)

Nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do cos He is the center of our life ;) 

Remember, never ever let go of His hands.

Have a blessed day ahead! 

February 22, 2014

The History

Hiii :D

Suddenly thought of posting up the history of this blog. Haha. That's a must, perhaps?! For future's reference, I guess. Just in case of whatever, I don't know :p

I started blogging quite a long time ago, to be exact and stopped for no reason. At the end of the day, I made a new start by creating a new email add and a blog page - the previous one has been deleted - and coincidentally, when I started this blog on September 26, 2012, it's exactly a year since my first post in the previous blog. Hoh, wonderful coincidence eh?

I started this blog with the url of ' because by then, I was into dancing TOO MUCH as I was practicing for 3 major events by year end. Whereas my blog title was 'Life as Vanessa'. Hahahaa..*tepuk dahi 100 kali* I find that funny though! It sounds so me, like, so so me, everything bout me, ish. Entah hape lahh..

Basically, this is how it looks like before. And that was my very first entry, entitled Fresh New Start. As time goes by, I changed my url to '' cos I want my url to show myself, like an identity y'know.. Then I changed my blog title to 'gummy vee' cos I LOVED GUMMY BEARS. Ohemgee, Veeeeeeee!! *hides under the chair*

I did not create this template, though. It's a ready-made kind of template, and those owls are the ones that attracted me that I used it. Lols.. See that visitors rank? Only 201 person. SOBS! The template was cute but as days goes by and age rises day by day, I dislike fancy stuffs like this.. Haha. I mean, messy dehh rupanya! Huhuu.. Sakit mata memandang, sakit lagi mata membaca. Erks.. Jgn terasa deh, itu taste gue and Im speaking of my own blog. Lols :))

And then, I came out with the idea of 'Borneo Girl', so I changed my blog title to that and stick to it for few months. Above is some of headers that has been used. That time memang mind berubah-ubah for the designs and blog caption. Hahaa.

In 2014, I changed every single thing; from the design to the header to the blog description. To be honest, I just found out that the quote underneath our blog title is the description of the blog actually. Hahahah! Kesian. It's like defining what is our blog about; gossips or news, etc.. 

To be frank, I loved 'Borneo Girl' but this title really makes me pissed because google sent out my blog for the above 18 search. Like, what the heck? Mentang-mentang ada 'girl'. Dush! That was the main reason I changed, though. So last year, I came out with the title 'Heaven's Gift' because my blog title defines me as the admin. I am the heaven's gift so there you go ;) Whereas my blog description is as mentioned. Practically (almost) everything, totally anything, definitely not nothing. 

I share almost everything, without niche but there are not nothing. It's good to be read and keep for myself as well as my readers. ;) So that's a lil history of my blog. What's yours? Share it out with me, alright!

And literally, I don't blog for nothing. It's simply because of my passion. I love writing and sharing things, that's it :) And making friends too, of course!! Hohoho.. Thanks for reading. Me leb you ;)

Funny Sleeping Cats :D

Hiii!! Ohemgee..! First time dalam sejarah blogging aku langsung tak bw or update entry dalam masa 3 hari.. Haha. All this while update kurang tapi tetap bw but this time memang tak langsung! Huahaha.. Sorry, geng. And thanks sebab masih ada yg setia bw ke sini meskipun BELUM dibalas. Xiexie niii!!! <3

You know when you slowed down doing one thing, it's quite hard to restart because you're kinda used to not doing it anymore.. Except for dancing, ehem. Same goes to blogging. Rasa macam tak ada idea nak update apa, tambah lagi hari ni Saturday; confirm kurang orang online. Lagi maless rasanya.

But then.. I found one good thing to share. Something that would make you smile.. Haha :) Tak tau apa? Tengok title looo... :p Enjoy!! :)

Hoho. Omey dok?? :D For more, click HERE.


February 18, 2014

Difference Between 'Breath' and 'Breathe'

Hii, everyone!! Let's get back to our English lesson at this hour. Hahah :p

You see, I've noticed that most people nowadays are often confused with the word 'breath' and 'breathe' which leads to the wrong usage of the words, such as 'I can't breath', 'take a deep breathe', etc. So here I am, not as a teacher but as a friend, telling you the difference ;)

BREATH is a noun that indicates the air that is either inhaled or exhaled during breathing. Literally, it also means a short pause. (e.g.; take a breath and try again). In BM, it means 'nafas'.

Sentence example;
  1. Anna took a deep breath and jumped down the building.
  2. Their oath is to fight until the final breath.
Whereas BREATHE is a verb that has few related meanings, such as; .. (BM: bernafas)

a) To inhale or expel air from the lungs. e.g.;
  1. Is she breathing?
  2. Practically all fish breathe through gills.
b) To allow gas or moisture to pass through. e.g.;
  1. Fabric is the most recommended material to make jerseys because it allows the skin to breathe better after a lot of sweating.
c) To impart (often used figuratively). e.g.;
  1. He breathed a new life into the project.
  2. He breathed a sigh of relief

Footnote: Noun - A word used to name the people, places, things, etc..
              Verb - A word used to describe an action, state or occurrence, etc ..

Footnote #2: I hope this helps! Have a blessed night :D

February 17, 2014

Eklesia Orphanage

Hello, hi, everyone :) Shalom Aleichem! <3

In the previous entry, I mentioned about an extraordinary music workshop that were lead by the team of 12 people, and 4 of them are the orphans from Eklesia Orphanage in Ambarawa, Indonesia. Right now, it's not about the music workshop but more to the brothers and sisters from Eklesia.

If you have read my previous entry, these people are actually the victim of the previous Perang Agama that occurred in Ambon in the year 1999. How this people truly inspired me is the strength that they had. Most of them had their parents killed in plain sight, and they were lost - no one to be with, no food to be eaten, no medical assistance, nothing. Just all by themselves. However, they managed to overcome all the traumas and angers. 

Why? By the power of love from God. That was the message. They showed me how powerful God is and He is right there all the time with us. The pain that they bared is indescribable and though it has been 15 years since the tragic incident happened, the pain is still there.. The prove is, one of them cried that night because he missed his dad so much! His dad was shot right in front of him and was crossed. I remembered so well what he said;

Ya.. Rasa rindu itu kuat sekali, lagi-lagi bila melihat orang lain waktu graduasi ada mama papa tapi aku hanya ... He didn't managed to finish his sentence, but we all get what he means! Of course. Then he continued "Tapi ngak apa sih, aku tau aku punya Bapa yg lebih dahsyat!". Wahh. Nampak tak kekuatan di jiwa dia??

When he was sobbing, I was sobbing too! That time rasa nak lari to the stage, hug him and tell him everything is okay and my daddy can be yours too!! Tapi rasa eh eh eh what? Hahaha.. Bak kata pepatah; berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yg memikul! By looking to his eyes, I can see the sorrows already.. I can feel it. Tapi ngak apa-apa deh Jems.. Papa gue ada.. Jadikan aja papa mu jugaaa.. Ahahh ;) (tiada udang di sebalik batu yer) Hahaha.

There were few more stories about them yg super touching that night. What really inspires me is how they walk out of that path, move on with life and be inspirations. It reminded me to never ever give up in life because we were born with different paths of life and purpose. In every ending, there's always a beginning and after every storm there must be a rainbow.

It is such a great great great testimony! And I like what the founder said that night. People nowadays are more keen to build grand buildings for the sake of popularity and 'wows', but they forgot the children who are suffering, lost without parents and no food etc.

Betulkan? Even I myself tersentak with that statement. How come we never realized? And another thing is, why do we often remember this people on special occasions like festival celebrations? Only on that day, kecoh nak celebrate with them, kecoh nak bagi gifts padahal hari-hari yg lain kita menyepi and they were left out alone.. Pernah terfikir tak? 'Kami perlukan kasih dan support bukan hanya jika ada pesta'. 

Tersentak lagi? - Something good to be think about, ain't it? No hard feelings, aite. Just something that I think is quite necessary to be shared as we are ONE, and together living on this provisional world.. They taught me 3 things that night. First and foremost, jangan berhenti berharap dan berharap sajalah kepada DIA. 2nd, appreciate whatever you have because at somewhere in the world, certain people owns nothing. 3rd, appreciate everyone in life tanpa mengira rasa yang diberi; suka atau duka, because they came to our lives for certain purposes :)

Kayaknya tidak sia-sia deh gue datang ke workshop itu ;) Something that I didn't expect at all, itulah yang terjadi. Tuhan itu ajaib kan! 

With the team ;) Sadly, all of them are not here anymore. Esok dah fly off to Indonesia. Frankly speaking, I'll miss each one of them. Rasa nak lebih lagi with them, I want to hear more and hear how God carry them out of the dark moment in their life. Mesti meleleh lagi air mata.. Haha :) And I will miss their singing too, I know! I have their CD but live version is always better, kan :)) 

Untuk Jems, ingatlah, papaku bisa jadi papamu juaa.. Haha :) Teringin nak bagitau kat dia that all around him, everybody loves him. Paling penting, papa J tidak pernah meninggalkan kita :) I know he won't read this but yeah, itulah pesanannya. Heheee..

And to us, hargailah setiap apa yg kita ada dan jangan terlalu kedekut untuk memberi. The more you give, the more you get. If you feel like giving, just do so kerna naluri yg ada itu datang dari Dia. Remember, a simple act can change life you know.. :)

Thanks kepada yg setia membaca hingga ke sini and have a blessed night. Rest well! :)

February 16, 2014

.. But I want to!

Hi. Shalom, semuanya! ;) 

Pernah tak dalam kehidupan korang, orang lain menentang jalan/idea yang kita mahu, yang kita inginkan? Pernahkan? Tak mungkin tak pernah.

Sebetulnya, itulah yang sedang berlaku dalam kehidupan saya sendiri - waktu ini. As mentioned in many other entries before, right now I am more interested in the education field (early childhood to be exact) since I started working in kindergarten and even planned to change the direction of my studies.
Pun begitu, certain people around has been telling me so many things and so many ideas. Some said NO to that idea because early childhood is something yg sangat kecil dilihat oleh mereka. Ya, tak dinafikan it's quite a low thing compare to engineering, doctoring, nursing, scientists, etc.. Tapi hanya satu yg ada dalam benak fikiran saya iaitu, if that is my passion, what can I do? Of course I will go for it.

Why would I go to something GRAND kalau hatinya tidak disitu? Itu yg mengundang musibah namanya - when you do things that you don't like. It's like marrying a man/woman that you don't love. Parah kan gitu? Yes, I really appreciate their thoughts but sometimes you just have to go against it. Kalau itu yang dirancang Tuhan, kita siapa mau melawan?

Furthermore, it might be something low but sometimes things can be great when you work hard + have faith in GOD. Kan semuanya bermula dari kecil.. Sometimes juga, things like this can be even greater than the grand things. Biarlah, biar mereka saja yg ambil bidang grand.. Kalau semua mau ambil grand, siapa pula yg mau mendidik nanti? Kalau tanpa didikan, hasil grand pun takkan dapat diteruskan, tidak begitu? :))

Have a blessed Sunday!

February 15, 2014

For the Lord is GOOODD!

Hii :D Rasa seperti lama tidak menaip di sini.. Familiar with the sentence? Ya, sudah pernah dibaca - that's why - Itu ayat wajib setiap entry koohh.. Hahaha. Whatever. Hello, there!! :p
My weekend is awesome. It's really great and I consider it the best weekend I've ever had in my life (I know the best of best is yet to come, but for now this the best and will be one of the best!!). Indescribable feeling of joy and top of it, I am so blessed! Blessed, because I belong to Jesus! :))

I didn't expect a musical workshop can turn out to be something so extraordinary, and even the workshop is extra extraordinary! We were visited by few brothers and sisters from Indonesia and frankly speaking, the workshop is awesome!! So many new knowledge, something that we yearn to know all this while, semua terjawab today. How great is our God! Sebenarnya, the speakers came together with 5 orphans from an orphanage somewhere in Ambarawa.

The orphans are actually mangsa perang agama yang berlaku long time ago in Maluku. The best about them is the testimony that they carry for the rest of their lives. These people lost their parents when they were young, some of them even had their parents killed right in front of them. They were shot to death, even crossed. Some even slept with the dead body of their grandparents.. Ah, too many to tell! Kesimpulannya, their life was completely messed up.

Boleh imagine your loved ones being treated that way?? How would you feel? Your parents, brothers, sisters or whoever they are. Boleh bayangkan, ngak? Aku ngak mau sih :'(

Dan, meskipun semuanya sungguh menyakitkan mereka, they managed to get on with life. Semuanya kerana apa? Kerana kasihNya yang memampukan kita. Kita takkan mampu, tapi kerana ada Dia, kita mampu ;) Kunci kepada sebuah kehidupan yang buat kita tersenyum dsb adalah pengampunan. Tanpa mengampuni, kita pasti tidak dapat kerana hati belum suci, belum pulih - bagaimana mau pulih andai masih ada kebencian membara, ya kan? -

Kalau kita dalam situasi mereka, mampukah kita mengampuni mereka yang sudah mengambil nyawa orang yg tersayang? Mampukah?? MAMPUKAH KITA?? As mentioned, we won't make it andai Dia tidak ada. Kerana kita ada kasihNya yang sungguh maha pengampun, kita mampu mengampuni yang lain.. Yang penting, penuhkan hati kita dengan kasihNya :)

Overall, this people inspired me so much! The message is whatever happens in life, never stop praising Him, never let Him go, tapi terus dan terus berpegang teguh kepadanya. Jgn sesekali melepaskan tangan kita dari genggamanNya. And, hargailah setiap orang yg ada dalam kehidupan kita saat ini :) 

Have a blessed night, have a good rest. Nights!

NOTE2SELF: Kasih setiaNya tak pernah berubah, dulu sekarang dan selamanya ~ <3

February 13, 2014

Chinese New Year Mood :D

Hii :D Happy Thursday!! Tak sangka, dah Thursday rupanya!! Dan.. Rasa macam lama tak menaip kat sini (ayat wajib setiap entry). Haha.. 
Esok KTC celebrate CNY and the spirit flows in me already :D Suddenly I got so excited after listening to one of my favourite CNY song. Haha. One of the best CNY song that I've ever heard. I bet some of you pernah kot dengar lagu ni, cos lagu ni selalu keluar kat Astro. Kalau tak silap.. :)

Sejujurnya I don't understand a word dalam lagu ni but I really like it. The melody, the tune, all of it. Very catchy, especially the intro. Hewhew.. Most of the teachers dah cakap tomorrow's going to be tiring, but you know what.. I'll just have fun, I don't care. Hahaha :p I mean, I'll be even more tired because I've a special task tomorrow + February fever. But yea, whatever. Just going to enjoy myself.

JANJI TAK PENGSAN. Hahahaha.. :p 

*Blogwalking sambil layan lagu CNY* ;) Here's the song, for those who wondered. Hohoho..

Have a good night. Muahhss!

February 11, 2014

Just A Lil Hello.

Weeiiiuuu.. Hiii :) 
HEY! WATSUP?? :) - Google's
Everybody stand up. Good evening, readers.. :) 

Pst.. Ada rasa macam dalam class tak bila kena greet macam tu? Hahaha.. Itu stueng namanya. Kikiki..

Nothing much to say, just a lil hello to all of you. Thank you for all your comments and time here.. I'll hop to your blogs soon, k.. I just need some time alone at the moment.. Hihikk..

Gila kau tak stress layan karenah budak kecik. Huwaa.. Ramai pulak tuuuuu.. Today rasa nak pengsanggg.. Teacher, I - Teacher, this - Teacher, just now he - Teacher, my hand - Teacher, that - Teacher, I want to -- Teacher, I finished my work - Teacher, I spilled my water - Teacher, ----


During their nap time, ingatkan boleh relax because no more 'teacher, teacher, teacher', tapi bila buka buku untuk disemak, wahhhh.. Stueng tengok kerja budak. Ni siapa yang tulis, budak ke bukan?? Huhuhu.. 

But at the end of the day, dorang jugak yang buat kita tersenyum dan tertawa. Hahaha.. Benarlah kata orang..

How do I live without you? I want to know..

February 10, 2014

Sweater, Jacket, Everything Else.

Hi, everyone :D In my previous entry about the difference between jacket and sweater, few people had asked about cardigan, so I made few research for myself and you guys too! :) Sweet tak saya? Haha ;)

Based on the research, sweater is a knit without zip and hood. Terbahagi kepada 2, with or without buttons. However, a sweater with buttons can also be known as 'cardigan', but cardigans lebih nipis daripada sweaters as cardigans are mainly for covering up, not warming up.
Whereas jacket is anything that opens up in front, normally with zip. Leather jacket, nylon jacket is the same thing but made with different materials. Walaupun tak sama materials, it is still a jacket as long as it has zip in front. Normally thicker than sweaters and cardigan.
Hoodie is another thing with the same function as two things mentioned above. Hoodie is a non-knitted item without any zipper or button in front but with a hood. Kiranya bila pakai, memang sarung terus.
Sweatshirt is another one. Sweatshirt is something that has no opening in front and without hoodie. It's like a sweater to be exact. Nama pun tak jauh sangat beza, sweatshirt and sweater.
These things are pretty confusing, ain't they?? Bagi Vee, semua nya adalah 'sweater' cos they make you sweat. Hahaha.. They're confusing cos function and design hampir sama. Bila check kat google pun, most of them came out with the same pictures. Lol..

Bagi yg bertanya hari tu, I hope you get it now :)) - cos I don't. Hahaha.

Copied and Pasted.

Hi. Happy Monday :D

Ada orang ckp muka saya ada iras Agnes Monica, Nabila Huda dan Nera AF9. Haha. Tokojut eden!

Oh wellss, ini analisis. Apa kata anda? Hihihkk.

Ps: Siapa copy paste muka siapa ni? Hahahahahaha..

February 09, 2014

Full Swing ~

Bello, hello, jello :) 

Happy Sunday!! Dah nak habis pun Sunday ni. Hehehe.. Today penuh dengan activity from morning until evening. Aih, seronok + rasa bebas dari technology kejap. Haha..

Church - dance class - youth gathering - badminton; semuanya from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm. 

Fun!! Bebas dari technology, so that kinda explain why I don't have any pictures uploaded. Hikhokk..

Esok Monday - kerja!! Can't wait to see my anaks!! <3
YAY!! - Google's -


Hello, hii :) Lambat bersiaran hari ni, meskipun Saturday. Hehee.. I had no idea what to type for today sampai terjumpa entry bro Ikhwan yang bertajuk Please Don't Be A LIAR. He mentioned that one of his commentator left a comment saying that he/she followed his blog tapi bila di-check, he/she actually didn't follow.

Yes, tak dinafikan memang banyak dah kes macam ni.. Even I sendiri pernah merasa and experienced it. To be honest, it feels bad. I mean, it's not really a big deal but still membabitkan perasaan orang kan? Siapa yang suka ditipu, ye tak?
Another typical lying case is related to the ads. I've always seen people's message kat cbox cakap 'dah klik iklan awak', then I was like, whoah.. Ohsem lah dorang ni tolong each other.. Sampai lahh satu hari, someone message me kat cbox ckp dah klik iklan I and minta klik balik. 

Terus blur.. Wait a minute. Me mana ada subscribe to mana2 ads..!

Haa.. Nampak tak permainan dia?? Huhu.. Walaupun bukan aku yang tertipu (cos I've no ads), still rasa sedih untuk bloggers lain yang dah ditipu. Bayangkan, orang ikhlas click dia punya tapi dia tak.. Harus ingat, what comes around goes around. Orang cakap, buat baik dibalas baik, buat jahat dibalas jahat.. Mungkin tidak obvious balasan itu, but slowly Tuhan ambil kesenangan kita..

Maybe it seems like a small matter, setakat menipu click iklan orang, but still it is menipu kan? Tuhan sentiasa melihat, wahai sahabat.. Makanya, berubahlahh.. :) Jangan teruskan kegiatan macam itu, because kita sendiri tak suka bila kena tipu kan? Jgn rosakkan silaturahim yang telah terjalin.. :) 

*Jangan menipu, nanti jadi Pinocchio. Hihiii..

Have a great night. God bless!

February 06, 2014

Difference Between JACKET and SWEATER

Hi, everyone :) 

Have you ever thought of the difference between 'jacket' and 'sweater'? Or you thought 'jacket' and 'sweater' are the same thing, but with different names..? 

Well, it is the same thing -not exactly- but quite. The use is to warm up our body, so it's quite the same, ain't it? Heuhue.. The difference between these 2 item is the material and design.

Jacket is pretty much anything that opens in the front, usually with a zip.
Google's. Man, this jacket is gorgeous *O*
While sweater, it is knitted and it has no zip or hoodie. Sweaters have no zippers but they have buttons. Some sweaters are without buttons, but still it's called sweaters.
Google's - Sweater without buttons -

Google's - Sweaters with button -
... because anything with zip is called 'jacket'. I hope you get it clear now ;)

Sekian, terima kasih :) xo

* Kat blog pun masih jadi pendidik. Hahaha.

THAT Dream Soulmate

Halo. Morning :) It's Thursday, then soon it's Friday. Terlalu pantas waktu berlalu.. :S

By the way, ini kisah semalam. To those yang lihat gambar dalam entry wordless Wednesday mesti ada tertanya cerita di sebalik gambar kan? With the bombastic (kinda) title, plus the kinda sweet picture, harus ada yang blur.. :p
Alright, here's the answer. Gambar ni sebenarnya couple menari kat tepi pantai during sunset. Well, as some of you know, I'm a dancer. Sometimes bila choreograph tarian tu kan, ada terfikir. I want to marry a dancer. Haha. 

It's going to be great, you know. When two dancers get together and just sway with the music, just.. How cool is that? Dancing is one of my way to release tension so just imagine when you have the 'ever-ready' partner. Anytime you want, anywhere. Amazing kan?

It would be much more amazing if we like different genres. Hah. When two different genres 'work' together. Hmm... Beyond amazing lah! Hikhok.. Seriously, aku nak kahwin dengan penari. Whatever dance is acceptable, janji bukan poll dance. Ahaks.. Or tarian 'mencucuk bintang'. Kalau setakat main cucuk bintang, kirim salam lerrhhh.. 

Entah-entah yang style cucuk langit aku dapat nanti. Kan orang dah ckp, jangan terlalu syg, nanti benci. Jgn terlalu benci, nanti syg. Hahaha.. Mls sudah gue menaip, that's why main short form. Mihmihmih..

February 05, 2014

Tr.V's Highlight: No, it's 'gajah' LAH!

Aha! Hello :D

2nd day of school after CNY holiday. Yesterday sunyi sikit tadika cos most of them masih in CNY holiday. But today, makin banyak yang datang. Termasuklah my anakMeow!! Bahagianya rasa bila berjumpa with my baby boy. Actually I didn't know he came, sampailah bila berjumpa kat toilet. Toilet you, toilet. Hahaha.

'Chiccchheerrr!!!'. Ah! Terus dapat agak siapa. Mihmihmih.. Habis pipi basah kena kishh. Makin hari makin sayang!  Macam manalah agaknya nanti bila nak resign.. Hmmm..

Today lebih bersemangat nak mengajar because bukan setakat anak yang datang, my sweetheart pun ada sekali. Hikhokk :D Back to the topic kan, when they were sleeping at 2, aku sibuk mewarna some pictures for tomorrow's lesson. Kebetulan, my sweetheart, HW, tak tidoq lagi so he was peeping me. Haha.

Bangun, terus tanya, 'teacher, what are you coloring?'. That time I was coloring a picture of elephant, but in BM book so kat bawah tu TERtulis 'gajah'. Since dia tanya in English, aku jawab lerr in English.

'Elephant'. Simple je jawapan, malas nak layan sebab nak dia tidoq. Haha. Pastu, dia jawab 'no, that's not elephant!'. Me jawab, 'yes, it is an elephant. See..' Then then then.. Jawapan dia buat aku tersentak.
'Teacher, this is gajah. Not elephant, okay?'. Omaakk, dia 'okay?' kan aku pulak! Hahahaha.. Ternganga kejap -__-' Otw pulang rumah teringat conversation ni terus tersengih-sengih.

'Teacher, this is gajah. Not elephant, okay?'. Terngiang-ngiang di minda.. Hahahaa. Bahagianya rasa bila bersama with this kids. Speaking of elephant, teringat jugak kat angan-angan si anak, yang impikan baby elephant untuk Christmas. Hahaha. Sedih bila terkenangkan diri yang kejap lagi nak chow chammak challo :( Tak sanggup aku kehilangan.. Huhuhuhu. Syg semuanya beribu elephant!!  

WW: Dream Soulmate


February 04, 2014

I'm NOT Jealous, but...

.. Kinda. Yea, I am not jealous, but kinda jealous. Do you get me? I don't get it either. 

What am I jealous-but-not about?


Jealous-but-not tengok bloggers berkumpul bersama :( 2 3 hari ni ramai bloggers yang update about their meetings and also about that 'sepetang bersama blogger' (I think, sounds like it). Meow.. :'( 

At times like this I think that we, the Sarawakian bloggers, gotta do something. I mean, it's time to move right? Get on something then maybe one day we all could attend the events over there together? Sounds like a plan, doesn't it? Hehee. Lagi best kot fly together pergi somewhere to meet other bloggers..

'Hi, kami datang dari Sarawak. Nama berita? :D'. Angan-angan kan boleh jadi kenyataan.. ;)
I really want to get into the bloggers community, you know. I want to be involved, be active in there. Even the KBBA WhatsApp group aku tak boleh join because WhatsApp dah mati.. Sedih :'( Tak sabar nak dapat phone baru, active-kan whatsapp and join.. Itu pun kalau 'penyertaan' masih diterima.. Sobss!!

** Yang jauh di sini hanya mampu memandang.. Dan membaca pengalaman orang.. Hikhok..

Segmen Jom Beramah Mesra


Salam 1 Malaysia. Segmen terbaru kini dilancarkan! Tujuan segmen ini diadakan untuk beramah mesra sesama blogger. Yang tak kenal, kini boleh berkenal-kenalan. Menambah rakan maya. Yang bestnya segmen ini menyediakan hadiah menarik buat pemenang bertuah!

Tafsir pimpinan Ar Rahman kepada pengertian Al Quran
Jam tangan 2x
Fridge magnet 2x

Segmen Jom Beramah Mesra dianjurkan oleh Yumida dan ditaja bersama blogger Mselim, Tri Globe DynastyBifa’s Vendor & Pena Bulu Ayam.

TAMAT: 21 FEBRUARI 2014 – Jam 11.59 malam

February 03, 2014

Mahal Kita, Sir Chief!

* Blogging dari dapur - menunggu ikan goreng masak. Hahaa. Blogger tegar?? :p

Hi, all!! :D Those yang duduk rumah and watch TV3 from Monday to Thursday at 3pm confirm tau what in the world is 'Sir Chief' kan? Heheh. Ogehh, for those who doesn't know, let me give a short info bout it.

'Sir Chief' is actually gelaran Maya kepada boss beliau, Richard, dalam rancangan 'Be Careful With My Heart'. I don't really watch this film, dan sebenarnya baru hari ni menonton cerita ni. Mengikut my pemahaman, Richard is actually a widower. Isteri beliau passed away (I don't know when) and he has 3 child. Maya tu sebenarnya pengasuh anak bongsu beliau, Abby, seorang kanak-kanak bisu.
So that's a rough picture bout this story but that's not my point here now. It's actually something that I see in this film that's related to my own life now. Richard is a widower and he lost his wife after having 3 children. The pain that he bared is huge, even larger than my kisah cinta terlarang. Ehem.

Still, he moved on and sebenarnya at the end of this story, Maya berkahwin with her 'Sir Chief' and lived happily ever after. Quite a typical but happy ending right? How is it related? Ha, as I always tell myself, there will always be a rainbow after any hurricanes. 
The most important thing is, keep on walking though the journey seems tough because at the end of the day, you will understand why and that's when you smile. It's okay to cry because that's just part of life. Tak semestinya kisah cinta tak kesampaian, it can be anything. Failure in studies, jobs, family relations, etc. 

Life is like that. We have to go through it because itulah takdir and we all need precious lessons to have a better life. Kan? Yang penting, we don't give up dan terus bersandar teguh kepadaNya. So, that's it from me. Have a great evening ahead.. :)


** Tuhan pasti sanggup. TanganNya takkan terlambat 'tuk mengangkatmu. Tuhan masih sanggup. Percayalah, Dia tak tinggalkanmu :)

Rumah Panjai :)

Hello, all :) 

Zaman dah berubah, dunia dah maju, kata orang. Nowadays, bukan orang di bandar je yang dapat menikmati kemudahan infrastruktur, tapi termasuklah orang di luar bandar.
This is how the longhouses are before, back in 10 years time maybe. The longhouses back then were made fully out of woods. Bila duduk dalam, rasa sejuk je. At nights, you won't feel any heat tho there are no air conditioners, nor fans. No lies, because I have a longhouse in kampung. 

But nowadays, it's not easy to see wooden longhouses, unless the longhouses yang jauh di dalam hutan where you have to travel by boat. Pun begitu, ada juga yang dah transform habis dari woods.
This is how it looks today. Takda lagi kayu belian yang sangat kukuh dan utuh. No more running around under the longhouse, semua dah berdiri megah atas tanah.
The view at night.. Nampak macam grand hotel pulak dahh..

Tak dinafikan pembangunan dan perubahan tu bagus, but I somehow rindu sangat dengan suasana dahulu kala. Yela, kita kan duduk kat bandar so when you balik kampung, mesti kita nak rasa kelainan. I miss the huge trees, cool crystal clear water, the boat rides, bunyi cengkerik at night, hiking up and down the hill, rindu semuanya lah!!

Most of the time we say balik kampung utk mencari ketenangan, but what I feel now is tiada bezanya balik kampung dan duduk di sini in terms of ketenangan. Suasananya masih sama dengan bandar. Bezanya, dapat bertemu saudara mara. 

I wonder if there's any other way to membangunkan sesuatu kawasan, tapi tak musnahkan alam sekitar. Ada ke? Huhuuu.. Or maybe I have to come out with the idea. Haha..

* Picture taken from FB.