January 12, 2014

Tr. V's Highlight: Teacher, I want your MAGIC.


Hiii :D 

I just had my dinner and each time during dinner, I would always remember this special incident occurred in kindy last week. Haha. And it makes me smile all the time :)

There's a little boy, NT, and this fellow is pretty naughty. And he HATES VEGETABLES! Their lunch on that day was porridge with shredded chicken, broccoli and carrots. When I walked to his table, I saw him pushing those veges aside but  unfortunately, the carrots were chopped finely + bubur pun hancur (nama pun bubur) so it seems impossible to separate those things.

Cut long story short, I said, "NT, you don't want this veges? Okay, let me do some magic and turn this veges into chickens so you will have MORE chickens. But you have to close your eyes first". He did, and well, no magic but sapu habis semua including the carrots and noommm; into his mouth. Hahahaha..

Then I walked away to observe other kids. When I came back to him, his food was untouched! I asked why, and he answered; "Teacher, I want your magic", then terus tutup mata sambil mulut terngaga. Dengan aku sekali mulut ternganga. Hahaha. Are you kidding me!

Kalau diteruskan, sampai bila lahh aku nak buat macam tu kan. So, I told him how I did the "magic".

"Very simple. Scoop all of this with your spoon then nom! Eat it all. They will turn into chickens in your mouth :D". Dengan senyuman he replied, "Okay, teacher".

So, kes takmau makan on that day; settled! Miahaha.. Little kids.. :'D


  1. haha.. kids, senangnya nak pujuk macam tu.. pandai ticer vee.. =)

  2. Haha.. Cute story by the wise Tr.V. =)

  3. hahaha...cara terbaik nak memujuk anak-anak tak mo makan lah tek..hihi...baik cikgu...kmk menurut perintah.,.hahaha

  4. So cuteeee. Hahaha teaacher i want your magic too!

  5. sebab yalah org pdh biak tok suci. nya akan ekot apa yang kita padah bagus :)

  6. dirty magic but since it worked, good for u teacher V! haha

  7. hehe..using magic to trick the children into eating vegetable seem worked..
    why not cutting vegetables into shapes, make it look likes something to get them to eat their veggies..

  8. teacher plis2 i need ur magic too.. ;p

  9. Chicher.. kmk mok magic ktk juak.. haha

  10. haha..bez eh...kmk mok camya juak..
    aok ho..nembiak x suka mkn sayo..sure diasingnya
    bgs molah cara mcm ya..sidak pun on ajak mkn