January 16, 2014

Too Much Vomitings!!

I've no idea what is up but I know something is not right somewhere, among the kids. The little kids in kindy has been vomiting ever since my birthday, oh yes. That was one of the best gift I had. Seawal jam 7 pagi sudah ada "teacher, I want to vomit". And when the toilet is about 1 sec away, everything decided to come out. HAHA. Epic.

Less than 30 minutes later, 3 kids vomited at once. Phew.. Hectic moment. Pusing kepala tengok teachers running up and down with clothes and spare shirts. Rasa mcm Running Man pulak. EHHH? Haha. To be honest, I'm pretty grateful that none of them actually threw up ON me, until yesterday.

Another "hahahaha".. Apa lagi kau nak buat dan cakap bila student datang dekat and say "Teacher, I --" *terkeluar semua makanan*. Tell me what to say, what to do other than "My goodness teachers out there heeellllppp!!!". Hahaha.. Ngiahahaha.. Thanks, TL. Mandi muntah jugak aku yesterday.

And I still don't get how other students managed to EAT after she threw up RIGHT THERE in front of them.

Are you kidding me, kiddos? *sprays Dettol disinfectant spray*

I guess I've witnessed too much vomitings that I'm feeling nausea since yesterday. Errhh.. Annoying sungguh rasa mual macam ni T__T Jgn termuntah kat budak sudah. HAHAHA.. I feel like "poking" my throat to let go off this nausea but THAT IS CERTAINLY UNHEALTHY FOR TUMMY. Mihhh.
Gambar ni kan.. Buat aku makin mual pulak. Huu.
Kids memang mudah muntah bila demam, so that actually explains why most of them are throwing up because MOST of them are having fever. And so do their teachers.. Oh, little kids..

Lenggang lenggang kangkung.. Kangkung di kebun kelapa..


  1. mun pun xbole tgk orang muntah..nanti rasa nak muntah jgak..

  2. Ujian untuk guru. Apa pun harap murid² Vee cepat sembuh. =)

    ZH Blogger

  3. epic gila..
    kmk jenis xtahan tangga org muntah.
    side effect suma rah kamek vee..hahaha

  4. musim demam kot..

    comel je the pic above hahah

  5. Eh eh last sekali tu hihihi. Lenggang kangkung pulak :p
    Hahahaha this is hilarious lah kak vee muntah is like everywhere hahahaha

  6. hahahaha....poor teacher Vee...hopefully the kids gwt well soon...including you!

  7. kmk pun mok muntah skali ...haha..smoga terus sabar cekgu :D

  8. gmbr kitak yg nang rasa mual jak nangga. huhu