January 19, 2014

Sunday Little Thoughts: My Own Domain

Hiii :D

Baru je lepas tengok design baju Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari (KBBA) kat blog abg Ben dan juga FB. Cantik sangat!! Tiba-tiba rasa it's time for me to get more serious in this sebab rasa macam blog ni ada future lah pulak. Haha. Dulu blog sebab minat dan suka je, but now rasa ada something else. Hmmm.. (Berapa kali aku nak sebut "rasa"? Haha)

So, in his blog he mentioned that the URL at the back part of the shirt will be changed to our own URL, so macam gempak je la kan baju ni because when you go somewhere, aiseyman, terpampang sebuah URL blog. HAHA! Baru plan nak email Angah Judin, terus terfikir; tak cantik sangat laa kalau letak URL sekarang. I mean, I don't have the identity YET.

Then I was like, why not get a domain; after all it is my own AZAM BLOG this year. And with a domain, of course it will boost up my mood to continue blogging. Hahaha.
So I need some help about this, like how to, where to, how much, pros and cons, etc. Care to help me, those with their own domains? I wanted to PM a person, but I've too little time here. Now I gotta get off from net to continue my work *sigh*. So anyone out there, I need your opinions!! 

Million thanks! xo


  1. yup.. cikgu sokong sangat!.. cikgu punya dulu kalau tak salah beli dengan NetKL.. servis bagus, cepat n tak mahal sangat.. setting semua diorng yg buat tapi dengan caj yang minimum.. ok, nanti dah tukar bgtau cikgu k! ;)

  2. hopefully u can get ur own domain..maybe Vee can prefer kak Aiza's blog bcoz she make one post about how to get own domain,where to get it etc...:D

  3. vaneelea is very simple, sweet & memorable.
    if you want to convert to .com domain, make sure you keep that name as your url.
    however, i don't really know how to change it.

    1. Really? I thought of something else tho. sounds a bit "weird" and it doesn't really suits the blog. I dont get why, but that's what I think. Hahah. I plan to put on my own name for it. Still thinking tho.. And I dont know how either. Lol :P

  4. terfikir juga sblm ni nk ada domain sdri..

  5. Tak tahu apa-apa pasal domain sendiri. Hehehhee..

    ZH Blogger