January 01, 2014

New Year's Wish | Resolutions | Renovated Blog

Hello, hello, hello!! 
First and foremost.. Happy New Year, friends!! :D 2014 has began! New year, new life, new start! Today, I'd like to apologize to all of you atas semua salah silap yang dilakukan sepanjang 2013. I know, pasti ada yang pernah rasa terguris or whatever bad feelings over me, and I'm here to apologize! I hope our friendship dapat dikekalkan, meskipun berkenalan hanya di alam maya! Thanks for being my friends though!! <3
Resolutions, everybody has their own resolutions. So do I!! :D Antara resolutions that I've in my list is;
  1. Get closer to God. I'll spare some time for my own quiet time and Bible reading :)
  2. Spend more time with family. By hook or crook, I must! :)
  3. LOSE WEIGHT!! Yezzaaa!! Hahaa.. I have few slimming down plans in hand already ;)
  4. Accomplish dance mission! Hah, sounds weird ain't it? Hehehe.. It has been set; every Saturday - 8 am to 9:30 am, dance choreographing time. Mihmihmihh :)
So yep, that's it for this year. Tidak terlalu tinggi ke langit, masih di paras gunung; boleh didaki. Hehehe.. :D And the look of blog! Hehe. Not sure how many times I've changed the themes and stuffs, but this time gotta stick to this, as per mentioned in Segment Azam Blog :)

Why "Heaven's Gift"? Well, I actually spent about 2 weeks searching for the perfect name that suits this blog well. Huhh. Then I google'd out "how to create a good blog name", and most of it mentioned "something that describes you". Ha, I'm a heaven's gift. So, yeahh ;) 

Besides the name, nothing else really changed. Except that I won't be using g+ profile, for some can't-be-revealed reasons :D Hehehehhh. So, yep. That's it for the first entry of 2014! Happy new year, guys. May this year brings us joy and happiness, + huge blessings. Amen!

God bless all :)


  1. Happy New Year's Vee! be all you dream it to be!

  2. happy new year 2014. may this new year we will be better person ^^

  3. Oh nice, thats quite a good resolution.. Good luck on that mission and Happy New Year

  4. Happy New Year again and again...may all your wish come true! ^_^

  5. hope tercapai impian ktk
    slmt thn baru
    mlm tadik dengar dum dam jak bunyi ebom n bunga api

  6. Suka baca yang no 3 tu. Hehe. Selamat berjaya untuk semua impian tu ye Vee. :)