January 31, 2014

KTC's CNY Celebration

Alohha :D Peace be upon you!

On 24th of January, KTC held a CNY cum Birthday celebration @ The Original Car Wash. Sebenarnya, I was told it's a CNY celebration, but then only kat sana they mentioned it's a birthday celebration as well. So me as a January baby memang lucky baby :P
When I was told we're having dinner at this place, I was like "why the heck would we dine in @ car wash?". Then re-think, it might be grand place cos it belongs to a YB here. Lol. Then google out, quite grand leer.. Hahah. They call it restaurant, but to me it's more like a bistro. Very nice, chilling place. They have this very sweet aura in here, suitable for legal couples. Haha. Legal youuu, legal.. :P And after some little hurricanes outside, it's good to be in some dim place.. ^_^

Our dinner was buffet style, so pick whatever you want as much as you like. I basically picked all, except for the rice and few more. Ehem, diet plan is still on so no rice for dinner, aite. Huahaha.. About the food, not bad lah. I love everything, especially the Potato Tuna Salad because it's one of my diet plan's menu. Hahahaha.. Untuk makanan, I give it 4/5. Nothing is perfect kan :P

After our dinner, we had the birthday celebration but I don't have any picture of it. I didn't bother to take any picture cos we have an official photographer that night. Hihii. 
Double red packets as mentioned in the previous entry ;) Kaching kaching! I'm indeed a lucky January baby. Haha. Sebenarnya none of them tau when is my birthday. In fact, on my birthday, there were no wishes at all sampai the following day. One teacher came and wished, I was like; macam mana you tau?? Dengan slumber dia jawab "I stalk you punya punch card laaa..". Hahaha. Scary la. Punch card pun orang stalk ek.. :S
The entire staff of the 2nd center, with the principal. The people who makes my life and day happier with the kids around :) I love being around them, chitchating bout the kids and stuffs.. It's good to be with them. Millions of love!!
Saya with my bosses :D Uncle John the owner and Tr. Vicky the principal. So sweet and friendly. Tak rasa bergaul with orang atasan pun. Kepala nya sama ting tong jugak. Hahaha.. Love them both!

Outfit of the night; plain blue dress + necklace + the same red wedges + jam terbalik. Miahaha.. Believe it or not, secalit make up pun tak da kat muka on that night. Haha. The only thing I put on is lotion and lip balm. 


Overall, the dinner was great! :) Something to be remembered all the time :D 

ps: Makin tembam.. O,o

Btw, thanks for the CNY wishes. The exact wish that you're supposed to say to me is "Happy Half-Chinese New Year". Hahaha.. Sayonara ^_^


  1. u look stunning in dat dress,btw natural beauty ^_^/

  2. happy birthday happy.

  3. Happy Half-Chinese New Year!! Hehehehe.
    why the heck would you dine in car wash? :P
    Eh biar lah natural beauty~~ <3
    Love the wedges aaaaaaa :D Hehehe
    Hihihi have a happy february ahead now :D
    Sayonara kak vee :p

  4. wow awesome !!! makin chubby vee.. seronoknya banyak jln2