January 04, 2014

Tr. V's Highlight: I want U, pwish..

Hello, hi :D

2nd day of school was hectic!! Haha. Remember the little guy mentioned in the First Day of School entry? On Friday he came and was still crying. This time his parents sent him in and left the kindy. So I was handling the little boy with another teacher.

Wallawallawalla..!! Super challenging cos he's an aggressive boy! Sadis kehidupan saya waktu itu, because he was kicking and punching. Dan "location" dia punch tu pun memang cun sangat; my chest! Maaaaaaa..!! Sesak nafas terus and paling sakit bila bangun tidur. Sobs.. [Tertidur dari pukul 8 sampai 10 tadi. Tertidur in the uniform lagi. Mehh] Tahan. Cabaran bah itu. Huwuu.. Tunggulah kau, aku disiplinkan kau esok lusa. Muahahahaa *good evil laugh*

But then, life kan macam rollercoaster. Kejap atas, kejap bawah. Meskipun rasa down and a little pissed off gara-gara this little boy, Joe and Dex is the penyelamat of emotion. They know how to cheer me up. Lepas settle with the boy who punched me, everyone went back to their class and sempat berselisih with Joe. Tau apa dia cakap?

Joe: Teacher. Teacher! Teacher Vanessa!!! - jerit sampai aku toleh. Mehh.
Me: Yes, Joe?
Joe: Bye bye teacher. I love you!

Awwwwwwwwww...!! Nak gigit boleh?!! Hahaha!

Then after class while waiting for their lunch to be prepared, I was busy with so many things to be done. And he was like..

Joe: Teacher. Teacher, sit here with me!
Me: Sorry, Joe. I've so many things to do. I'll sit with you later, okay?
Joe: Okay..

Few seconds later..

Joe: Teacher, I want you pwissshhhh.. :(
Dex: Me too :(
Luc: Me also!!
KG: Teacher, I want to hug you :(
Jay: I want also!
Ela: Teacher, I haven't hug you today :( I want!

Tell me what can you do when all of them turn to you this way? What else can be done other than sit there, hug them and feel the love lingering in the air? Hah. Broken English tolak tepi dah. Esok lusa kita betulkan. Haha. Love you guys to bits, kiddos!! 
One of the happiest girl in the world today. Mihmihmih!
Couldn't be grateful enough for this happiness and love :") Thank you, Abba Father. I love this! <3 Rasa nak minta clip CCTV tadi then watch it all over again. Hahaa. Bahagianya bila jadi seorang ibu! Eh. EH? EEHH??


  1. so touching!hopefully u can become a great teacher to them in order to produce our best and good generation!

    ~dulu ad cita2 nk jd cikgu tapi x jd~hihihihihi....

  2. weet vee read u entry..
    bestnya budak2 2 nak peluk cium..
    balasan yg setimpal..slpas penat melayan karenah mereka.. :)

  3. waa bestnya jadi cikgu kesayangannn hihihi :D

  4. alahai kenapa lah budak2 tu comel sangat ?

  5. Alamak, ganasnya budak tu. anyway, best juga jadi cikgu..

  6. anak2 kecil yg menyenangkan n menghiburkan hati...sebak membacanya...jadilah cikgu yg disayangi n dhurmati...sabar tabah dgn kerenah sikecil.

  7. teacher ekk. samalah kita. hheeh. comelnya dpt student mcm tuu. hikhikhik