January 06, 2014

Health Info: Sneeze to Your ELBOW

Hello, everybody. Shalom aleichem :)

Most people were taught to cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing, right? Even I myself was taught that way. However, these days, this thing is not practical anymore. It is said that covering your mouth when you sneeze/cough will prevent germs from spreading. But how accurate is that?
The truth is, covering your mouth doesn't prevent germs from spreading but we actually slowed it down. Why? Because we use our hands almost all the time, even when you are sleeping; hugging the bolster! The illustration is simple. When you sneeze to your hands, you then touch the things around you.

Isn't that spreading germs? Haha.

Why sneezing to your elbow is much safer? Because you don't touch things with your elbows! Right? So parents, teachers, or whoever you are; teach your kids/students to sneeze to their elbows. And you yourself gotta practice it as well!

Prevention is better than cure!! Have a nice day. Muahs!


  1. lewat juak bekasik ya.. haha

  2. Ok soo from no and on, sneeze to the elbows!!! :D

  3. Elbow macam susah je nak buat cam tu... Hehehe... Apa pun thanks for the info. =)

    ZH Blogger

  4. Sebab ya perlu sedia tisu.. mok berkasik cepat2 capai2 tisu. Drpd guna tgn, mun tisu boleh terus buang dlm tong sampah. hehe.. tp kmk nang cukup pantang lah mun org batuk atau berkasik depan makanan.. hmm..

  5. betul tu vee..
    kalau besin bawa2 la tutup mulut or pkai tisu..
    takut mrebak plak virus tu nanti :)