January 02, 2014

Happy Birthday, Maisarah!

Hello, hi! :) 2nd January. Who's the lucky baby?! Ahh, it's Maisarah Mimooooo :D Mihmihmih..

Happy birthday to you little girl :) I wish you all the best in life throughout this year, and may the grace of God be upon you all the time. All the best for your studies. Work hard, dream high! Remember, the limit is the sky so go as far as you can and make your parents proud, okay :)

Don't give up too easily in life, because there's always something behind the things that happened. After every storm, there must be either rainbow or sun. Furthermore, life is like the rollercoaster. Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down; and it's up to use to enjoy the journey OR not! :) 

Perjalananmu masih panjang, so fill it up with happiness and sweet memories :)  Have a blessed days ahead andd..
Please ignore muka kurengg bermaya itu. Sejujurnya I'm super exhausted after dealing with kids on their first day of school. Hahaha.. I hope you have a great time today!! Dan satu lagi pesanan, kuatkan iman, jaga solat etc, jangan lupa Sang Pecipta :)

Lots of love,


  1. Huhuhuhu :D Super exhausted?
    High ten kak vee! Same goes to meee T_T
    Wah haha happy birthday Maisarah :D heheheh

  2. Happy birthfay to maisarah too...and good morning to u :)

  3. happy bestday to my maisarah..semoga panjng umur ;)

  4. happy birthday Maisarah..

    rupa ktk nang rupa org kepak jak. hehe

  5. happy bufday maisarah.. eh sape tah.. hehe.. jap lagi baru g terjah belog dia.. (: