January 01, 2014

Happy Birthday, Faten Meera!!

Hi, hello there :D So many years ago, a young lady was born into this world, and she is Faten Meera!!

Dearest Faten,
Yes, happy birthday to you, dear!! But before I continue, I'd like to apologize for the typing error! Hahaa. It's supposed to be Faten, not Fateen. I'm so sorry. Nak ambil gambar lagi, takut terlambat cos it's almost 12 am now!! Haha. Sengaja post lewat, I want to be the last :D

Because first and last are well remembered. Hiks!

Anyway.. Dearest Faten, on this day I'd like to wish you happy birthday again. And not forgetting, happy new year! May this year, your life will be filled with joy and laughter and may you be strong in any challenges that is ahead of you. Whatever circumstances that you are going to face, remember to not give up :)

Remember, there is always one person to look at when everyone else turn away; it's HIM :) Stay strong in whatever it is because things happens for reasons. We might not see the reason, but sooner or later it will be revealed. All the best in your life for this year and may the blessings of God flows continuously in your life!! :)

Lots of love, superVee.



  1. fateen pun boleh . hehe happy bday too. ucapan main peranan ow. hehe terbaiklah ! ^^

  2. happy birthday to fatin toooo :)

  3. uwaaaa, terharunya. thanks Lea. Really appreciate. Sememangnya diingati selalu. Heee. Baru nak tuntut tadi. tgk2 emel masuk. hihihi. Thanks again.

  4. Slmt ari lahir faten..wah vee..dah tukar jd supervee la..hehe

    1. Hahaha. Because Im a super woman xD

  5. happy birthday faten meera..

  6. bertuahnyer fatin! selamat hari lahir fatin!!

  7. Happy birthday untuk kawan Vee. :)

  8. happy bestday dear ;) why la vee so comel ni..ggrrrr