January 11, 2014

Tr. V's Highlight: Chicher, Are U OK?

Hii :D
Another question asked by a student.

Woke up in the morning with a back pain sebab banyak sangat membongkok + kerap duduk kat kerusi kecil kat kindy. Well, little kids, right? While waiting for their meal to be prepared, I was moving around bila tiba-tiba pain tu STRIKE macam lightning. Automatically pegang belakang with "ahaadehh".

To my surprised, Little Joe suddenly asked me "Chicher, are you okay?".

Earlier on in the morning, he had stomach ache sebab masuk angin so aku letak Vicks. When I told him my back hurts, dia terus cakap "chicher, put vicks? And then I wub (rub), okay?". Because in the morning I rubbed his stomach with Vicks. Hahah! Oh my little Joe, makin hari makin sayang! <3

I'm really grateful for all of my kiddos at kindy! Rasa bertuah sangat dapat bersama dengan dorang though sometimes rasa nak hentak kepala kat dinding sebab kenakalan dorang. But come on, little kids kan? Haha. Rasa bertuah tu sangat tinggi because compare to their own parents, we spend more time with them.

U see my point now? Sebetulnya, we are their mommies. Hihikk. Man, I really love my kids! Almost everyday buat hati ni cair. Haha. Sayang everyone beribu lemon! 

Thanks for reading. Sayonara..


  1. You will be a very good mom, Vee. Indeed you are.

  2. I'm glad that you had a very good time at the kindy!!

  3. awww.. cutenyaaaa.. hehehe..
    geram jak kmk baca cerita2 ktk dgn sidak tok eh.

  4. Sgt mengambil cute ^_^

  5. omg lil joe is shooo shweet meh :D hehehehhehe