January 12, 2014

Back To The Past :)

Yellowahaii :D

Earlier on when I was searching for songs for the music and movement session with the little kids next week,  I "terserempak" with the soundtracks of High School Musical. 
Dengar one by one, terus teringat zaman sekolah. Walla, rindunya ;( HSM was very famous by then and almost everyday we would sing the songs together in class. During the graduation, we danced with their songs. Rindu moment lepas UPSR because that time memang semua tengah hot berbicara tentang HSM and Jonas Brothers. Haha :')

Dengar pun dah rasa rindu, apatah lagi bila tonton video. There's something between the songs that pulled me back to past; my elementary school life! Besides the things mentioned, I know there is something more that lies in the song that makes me feel this way. Super nostalgic. I want to go back to elementary school .. MEOW.

I miss everyone, everything. My class, my school, the field, the toilets, the administration block, canteen, the teachers, friends. JUST EVERY LITTLE THING! Sobs.. Moral of the story is, cherish every moment because one day we will want to go back there again. Huuu..

And the song that makes me want to cry the most is "We're all in this together" (graduation version), 
... because lagu ni HSM cast nyanyi on their graduations so aura perpisahan tu memang terasa. Like us now, semua dah berpisah dan berjalan atas track masing-masing. Ada yang jadi kindy teacher.. Ehh?? Haha :) By the way, sekarang ni musim sibuk so masa nak blog walking and update blog itu sangat limited.

Very sorry for the late replies and slow blog walkings. I'm reaching out, no worries. Have a great week ahead :) Smile, though it's Monday tomorrow ^_^ 


  1. high school yg happening! :)

  2. i love this song ( what i've been looking for ) :D

  3. terkenang semasa dulu ya vee

  4. nih confirm jatuh chenta ngan zac efron nih... ;)

  5. this is really awesome indeed! the best feeling ever... :)

  6. eh best giler citer nih. sekarang pon masih teringat2.. antara citer disney yang paling diminati sampai sekarang.. =)