January 31, 2014

KTC's CNY Celebration

Alohha :D Peace be upon you!

On 24th of January, KTC held a CNY cum Birthday celebration @ The Original Car Wash. Sebenarnya, I was told it's a CNY celebration, but then only kat sana they mentioned it's a birthday celebration as well. So me as a January baby memang lucky baby :P
When I was told we're having dinner at this place, I was like "why the heck would we dine in @ car wash?". Then re-think, it might be grand place cos it belongs to a YB here. Lol. Then google out, quite grand leer.. Hahah. They call it restaurant, but to me it's more like a bistro. Very nice, chilling place. They have this very sweet aura in here, suitable for legal couples. Haha. Legal youuu, legal.. :P And after some little hurricanes outside, it's good to be in some dim place.. ^_^

Our dinner was buffet style, so pick whatever you want as much as you like. I basically picked all, except for the rice and few more. Ehem, diet plan is still on so no rice for dinner, aite. Huahaha.. About the food, not bad lah. I love everything, especially the Potato Tuna Salad because it's one of my diet plan's menu. Hahahaha.. Untuk makanan, I give it 4/5. Nothing is perfect kan :P

After our dinner, we had the birthday celebration but I don't have any picture of it. I didn't bother to take any picture cos we have an official photographer that night. Hihii. 
Double red packets as mentioned in the previous entry ;) Kaching kaching! I'm indeed a lucky January baby. Haha. Sebenarnya none of them tau when is my birthday. In fact, on my birthday, there were no wishes at all sampai the following day. One teacher came and wished, I was like; macam mana you tau?? Dengan slumber dia jawab "I stalk you punya punch card laaa..". Hahaha. Scary la. Punch card pun orang stalk ek.. :S
The entire staff of the 2nd center, with the principal. The people who makes my life and day happier with the kids around :) I love being around them, chitchating bout the kids and stuffs.. It's good to be with them. Millions of love!!
Saya with my bosses :D Uncle John the owner and Tr. Vicky the principal. So sweet and friendly. Tak rasa bergaul with orang atasan pun. Kepala nya sama ting tong jugak. Hahaha.. Love them both!

Outfit of the night; plain blue dress + necklace + the same red wedges + jam terbalik. Miahaha.. Believe it or not, secalit make up pun tak da kat muka on that night. Haha. The only thing I put on is lotion and lip balm. 


Overall, the dinner was great! :) Something to be remembered all the time :D 

ps: Makin tembam.. O,o

Btw, thanks for the CNY wishes. The exact wish that you're supposed to say to me is "Happy Half-Chinese New Year". Hahaha.. Sayonara ^_^

January || CNY Gifts

Hiii :D 

Rasa macam lama dah tak menaip di sini :) Hehee.. Yela. All this while menaip di sini with extreme tiredness and sleepiness sampai certain times boleh tertidur depan laptop. 12am bangun balik, continue kerja until 3 then sleep, 5am bangun lagi.. That's my daily routine since people call me teacher. Haha :)

January is going to end soon and honestly, January has been good to me :) Yezza. I treasure this month a lot because this is the month where I grow a year older and wiser, and people around me has been good :P With my anak-anak lagi, everything seems cool meskipun ada problems di celah-celahnya. Haha.

Dan.. Di bulan January juga, I am surrounded with gifts :D 

Melaka fridge magnet from my key-teacher :) Went there to send her son who's furthering study there. Hiks. The cutest magnet among all, and I'm the one who grabbed it first :P Wahaha.. Thank you, teacher L!
Tiny color pencils. See the case, it's as big as my palm. Haha. A gift from a student for the whole center, including teachers. How sweet! As I told my colleagues, I won't use this for coloring but I'm keeping it as a souvenir. So cute :) Pemberi pun cute. Haha. Thanks, Ein!
Chocolatey, from a student for all teachers of Krista (every center), sempena CNY. Spot the red circle sticker? I don't get what it means cos I don't read Chinese characters but I know it's a gift in conjunction of CNY. And I'm not sure who is the fellow because it's from the 3rd Center. Nevertheless, xie xie!! :)
Mandarin oranges from a student bersempena dengan CNY juga :D Thank you, Sam! :D

And, last but not least.. :)
2 red packets from Krista sempena CNY and birthday yang berjumlah RM XXX.XX :p Hahaha.. Thank you, KTC! Went to their CNY dinner, but didn't expect to get 2 red packets. Weeweeweee :D

Syukur, life is okay nowadays :) Hoping for the best year after a terrible year. Lol :P Thank you to all who has made my life happier these days. Muchas gracias! :D

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese :D May this year be a prosperous one and may you be surrounded with abundant blessings. Have a blessed celebration! :D And to all of us, happy holiday!! :D Holidaying with works :P

Warm regards,

January 27, 2014


Teaching 21 active kids with a 37.2 fever is very exhausting :( I want to hug someone now.


January 25, 2014

SARIKEI: Tragedi Bot Karam (24/01/14)

SARIKEI: Belum pun reda tragedi perahu panjang karam di Sungai Lassa, Daro di Mukah Sabtu lalu, tragedi sama berlaku lagi hari ini melibatkan sebuah bot penumpang di Sungai Sian, Bintangor di sini, menyebabkan seorang hilang dikhuatiri lemas.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira pukul 6.50 pagi itu, seramai 17 penumpang daripada bot berkenaan dapat diselamatkan oleh krew sebuah kapal tongkang yang melalui kawasan tersebut. Penguasa Bomba dan Penyelamat Zon Tengah, Abdul Mutalib Rashid berkata, mangsa yang hilang ialah Kenny Bisa, 28, berketurunan Iban.

Katanya, mangsa menaiki bot 1AZAM bersama penumpang yang lain dan dalam perjalanan menuju ke Nangga Bangkit, Bintangor, sebelum dipukul ombak besar dari kapal tongkang tersebut.

"Kesemua penumpang diselamatkan oleh krew tongkang terbabit kecuali mangsa yang hilang dipercayai dibawa arus sungai. Sehingga pukul 4 petang, mangsa masih belum ditemui. Operasi mencari dan menyelamat yang membabitkan anggota Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) dan Jabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia (Rela) masih diteruskan," katanya ketika dihubungi Utusan Malaysia semalam.

Menurut beliau, kesemua penumpang berkenaan dipercayai dalam perjalanan untuk menghadiri majlis pengebumian di situ.

"Jarak perjalanan dari jeti Bintagor ke rumah panjang di Nangga Bangkit ialah kira-kira 30 kilometer atau 40 minit perjalanan menggunakan bot," katanya.

Menurut Abdul Mutalib, selain faktor cuaca, bot penumpang itu dipercayai tenggelam berikutan lebihan muatan kerana selain 18 penumpang termasuk juragan dipercayai mereka turut membawa dua beg simen masing-masing seberat 100 kilogram. SUMBER.

2nd capsized boat tragedy for this month. Sobs!

January 24, 2014

Sorry And Thanks!

So cute!!! Google's :D
Hii! :D

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogwalking nowadays. Man, Im here but the time to mengarang, menaip and memerah otak for ideas is so limited! Sometimes I simply scroll up and down the feed then tuuup, tertido with laptop -_-' Not sure how many times it has happened.

Masa kat kindy berlambak idea for entries, then balik rumah, kepala sudah ting tong. Sobs. 

And million thanks for those of you yang tak jemu-jemu datang sini :"D Me is so touched. Ada juga yang nak datang meskipun belum dijenguk balik. Hihihi. Diulang, BELUM okay. Lols.. And thanks for your opinions in the previous entry bout furthering study bla bla bla. Hihiks.

So that's it for now. Chicher perlu sambung kerja now! Bukan sambung sebenarnya, perlu START kerja because tadi tidur kejap. Haha. So um, yeah. See you guys! :)

.::. It's Friday tomorrow. Haha. Aghhh I still have events to be attended!! Nampaknya minggu ni memang less blogwalking lahh.. ~_~

January 21, 2014


Me and my heart, we have issue.
Don't know if I should stay or nay.
Me and my heart, we got issues, issues.
We got issues.

I'm so confused! Now it's been more than a month since I started working in Krista Kindergarten and honestly, I am in love with my job and my students. I love what I'm doing and I really enjoy my time with all of them, including the teachers and helpers.

Soon, I'll be leaving to further my study. Deep in my heart, I wanna postpone it because I want to join their final year concert and graduation. Not exactly that one, but I just want to be part of them from A-Z. Postponing it means menggadaikan 1 year of my student life to be a labor. 

Berbaloikah? That's the question. And, can I? Green or red light? 

Whenever I thought of leaving Krista, I feel the pain in my heart. A big pain. I feel so lost and devastated. I want to stay, I want to be there. Though I won't be there during their graduation, at least I am there with them NOW when they are 5. Sounds like a big problem, right?

That's because I simply don't want to leave. Masih mau berkhidmat as chicher :( I want to see them grow, I want to see their progress, I want to see from fail to pass, I want to see everything! Just a thought of it mampu buat menangis, apatah lagi if I really leave. Kidding me? T__T

Top of it, how can I berpisah with my anak? #sigh

Hanya mampu berdoa dan berserah. If HE tells me to stay, then I will. If not, then I will not. Sobs..

For now, back to their art and craft!!! Muahahaha.. 

..::.. I miss my anak. Just now he went back without hugging me cos I was busy. Sobs. Rindu kamu, anak T__T

The 4am Post x)

Hii, good morning :D When I'm typing this, most of you guys are probably asleep, kan? Hiks.. Diulangi, MOST of you. I know some are burung hantu :P Lols..

Soo, what's up at 4am?! Nothing much. On Mondays, I don't really have much tasks to do because most of them were completed on weekends.. Just have to wait for them to come to me. Haha. Sebenarnya last night tertidur at 9am because Ive nothing to do kan, that's why Im up so early.

Tak nak oversleep, nanti mamaaiii kat sekolah. Today's gonna be challenging because we've this little kid coming to our school, someone yang langsung tak nak berpisah with mom. He'll be with his mom for 1 hour then after that, aku hanya mampu berserah. Hahahah..

Jadi sekarang.. Mari berdansa :D Have a nice day, fellass!!

Yes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;)

January 20, 2014

Oh My Weekend..

Annyeonghaseyo! Happy Monday, all :) I know it's Monday but get too upset because soon it'll be Friday and that's when you'll realize time flies really fast. It's the third week of January already. How time flies, seriously! >_<

Weehuu! How was your weekend?? Well, my weekend was filled with colors, polystyrene, footprints and glue!! Haha! Ko ader?? :P

Last week's art and craft. This whole process consumed so much time because it's on polystyrene. Furthermore, the papers were crumpled because they were dried out so ain't easy to get them on the polystyrene. Even spelling out POLYSTYRENE annoys me. Hahaha..

21 footprints altogether. Tarik nafas lega bila dah paste footprint yang last. The kids goyang kaki je la kan, just paint their leg and stamp it on the paper. The rest, chicher yang buat. w_w
Footprint of my smallest student, BL. Hahaha.. Kecilnya tapak kaki, sebesar tapak tangan chicher pulak.. Ke tapak tangan chicher yang besar gedebang?! Lol! 10 tahun lagi kalau berjumpa, entah-entah dah jaauhh tinggi dari ex-chicher ni. Haha. Tu pun kalau masih ingat chicher.. :')

On Sunday, lain pula kerjanya..
This one is waaay harder than the footprints because I have to make the eyes, nose and lips. Part paling mencabar ialah rambut! Sobs. Yang ni kena minta tolong mom and dad because the footprints perlu paste on sugar paper. Bila dah settle semua, terus mummy tanya why rambut yang aku buat sikit sangat? Hahaa.. Main lekat-lekat masa mamai mana tak hentaam je. Lols. Apa pun, thanks mom and dad sudi tolong.

Lepas ni tolong lagi ek? Haha! xD
Upgraded; dulu ku bertiga, kini ku berempat. Haha :)
Nothing special bout the weekend, except that it was sister's birthday on Sunday. Hihihi! That'll be in another entry. Hihikk.. So basically, that's my weekend. Weekend semasa jadi student and now a teacher is so much different! Nak jadi student balik laahhh.. Hihi.

January 19, 2014

Sunday Little Thoughts: My Own Domain

Hiii :D

Baru je lepas tengok design baju Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari (KBBA) kat blog abg Ben dan juga FB. Cantik sangat!! Tiba-tiba rasa it's time for me to get more serious in this sebab rasa macam blog ni ada future lah pulak. Haha. Dulu blog sebab minat dan suka je, but now rasa ada something else. Hmmm.. (Berapa kali aku nak sebut "rasa"? Haha)

So, in his blog he mentioned that the URL at the back part of the shirt will be changed to our own URL, so macam gempak je la kan baju ni because when you go somewhere, aiseyman, terpampang sebuah URL blog. HAHA! Baru plan nak email Angah Judin, terus terfikir; tak cantik sangat laa kalau letak URL sekarang. I mean, I don't have the identity YET.

Then I was like, why not get a domain; after all it is my own AZAM BLOG this year. And with a domain, of course it will boost up my mood to continue blogging. Hahaha.
So I need some help about this, like how to, where to, how much, pros and cons, etc. Care to help me, those with their own domains? I wanted to PM a person, but I've too little time here. Now I gotta get off from net to continue my work *sigh*. So anyone out there, I need your opinions!! 

Million thanks! xo

January 18, 2014

MUKAH: Tragedi Bot Terbalik (18/01/14)

Mukah: Satu rombongan untuk ke majlis perkahwinan berakhir dengan tragedi apabila sebuah bot panjang yang dinaiki 27 orang penumpang terbalik di perairan berdekatan Kampung Kut, Mutu Daro, bahagian Mukah pada hari ini (18/01/14) pada sekitar jam 1:30 petang.

Penduduk membantu mengangkat mayat salah seorang mangsa
Menurut sumber, seramai 16 daripada 27 penumpang selamat manakala 3 wanita ditemui mati dan 8 lagi masih belum ditemui. SUMBER.

Teringat dengan tragedi bot karam di Belaga. I remember the last news I read bout it, the pregnant woman wasn't found till that day and the mission was cut off because it has been too long and too hard for them to dive in and search. Even the bot was not able to be lifted up. Not sure if there's other news bout is found (?) it that I missed.

Another thing, our life is so fragile; don't you think so? In a blink of an eye, nyawa kita dapat ditarik. When you least expect it, you fly up to see Sang Pencipta already. I mean, when you are sick, you can at least feel it bila dah nazak. But who would expect to die when you're having fun? 

Watch out. Nobody knows when their life is going to end..

January 16, 2014

Tr. V's Highlight: MOS-TI-KIO

Annyeonghaseyo. Hii :D

HW: Teacher, MOSTIKIO bite me!!

Teacher V: o.O?! What? Who?


Teacher V: What is that?? Or who?? 

HW: Neeyy MOSTIKIO teacher. Always bite me!


HW: He always bite my hand, see *shows mosquito bite*

Teacher V: Suka jiwa kauuu je mostikio kan! Buat orang cuak je. Entah apa mostikio bite me here! *dalam hati*

HW: See, red red then itchy itchy.

Teacher V: It's MOS-KI-TO, my dear. Not MOS-KI-TIO.

HW: Yes, MOS-TI-KO..

Teacher V: MOS-KI-TO.

HW: Mostiko..

Teacher V: Moskitooooooooooo ~~

HW: Mostikio..


Tarik nafas dalam-dalam.. Senyum. Hahaha. Petang tadi ajar balik baru betul sebut "MOSKITO". Kids.. Why so cute. Hahaha.. Imagine the baby talks + upside down English + salah sebutan. Pandai betul mengasah minda cikgu dorang.. 

See how cute this boy is?? That's how HW is!! :D Amazingly I found this in google. LOLS!

ps: blogwalking esok because it's FRIDAY! :D Muahss! Night!



You see, I've been updating stuffs bout the little kids lately. MOST of my entries are about the kiddos and I'm just a little worried and wondering.

Aren't you guys bored of it? HAHA. 
I mean.. That is my life now. My life is with the little kids, from sunrise to sunset. With so many kids around, confirmlah banyak ragam. Lagipun, azam blog tahun ni is LESS jiwang posts. I just wanna make my blog look positive and cheerful so I posted up entries bout the things that make me smiiilleee.. 

And the kids are the reason I smile. Oh well, saya single. So..? HAHA.

Kisah sedih dan jiwang tu biarlah mati ditelan masa. Kalau boleh nak HANCUR LUMATKAN dari kotak fikiran tapi itulah yang mematangkan diri so kena ingat. LOLS. Chicken wing.

Sebenarnya, pernah tertanya dan ada juga TERbatal hasrat post entry because macam banyak je post tentang budak keshiks kat kindy.. Nak buat entry panjang/informasi; it seems impossible with very limited time on the net. Sedihnyaaa. Huhukk.

How ler? 

Lenggang kangkung je la.

Too Much Vomitings!!

I've no idea what is up but I know something is not right somewhere, among the kids. The little kids in kindy has been vomiting ever since my birthday, oh yes. That was one of the best gift I had. Seawal jam 7 pagi sudah ada "teacher, I want to vomit". And when the toilet is about 1 sec away, everything decided to come out. HAHA. Epic.

Less than 30 minutes later, 3 kids vomited at once. Phew.. Hectic moment. Pusing kepala tengok teachers running up and down with clothes and spare shirts. Rasa mcm Running Man pulak. EHHH? Haha. To be honest, I'm pretty grateful that none of them actually threw up ON me, until yesterday.

Another "hahahaha".. Apa lagi kau nak buat dan cakap bila student datang dekat and say "Teacher, I --" *terkeluar semua makanan*. Tell me what to say, what to do other than "My goodness teachers out there heeellllppp!!!". Hahaha.. Ngiahahaha.. Thanks, TL. Mandi muntah jugak aku yesterday.

And I still don't get how other students managed to EAT after she threw up RIGHT THERE in front of them.

Are you kidding me, kiddos? *sprays Dettol disinfectant spray*

I guess I've witnessed too much vomitings that I'm feeling nausea since yesterday. Errhh.. Annoying sungguh rasa mual macam ni T__T Jgn termuntah kat budak sudah. HAHAHA.. I feel like "poking" my throat to let go off this nausea but THAT IS CERTAINLY UNHEALTHY FOR TUMMY. Mihhh.
Gambar ni kan.. Buat aku makin mual pulak. Huu.
Kids memang mudah muntah bila demam, so that actually explains why most of them are throwing up because MOST of them are having fever. And so do their teachers.. Oh, little kids..

Lenggang lenggang kangkung.. Kangkung di kebun kelapa..

January 15, 2014

Belated Birthday Wishes

Hii, all. Annyeonghaseyo, jual sayur :)

Shh. Let the picture speak.

I hope the words can be read :) Sorry for the ohalamak handwriting at the bottom. Sejujurnya kepala saya masih stueng. Hahakk.. Have a nice evening. Muahhss :*

A Holiday? Not Really. Hihiks..

Hiii :D Good morning. Greetings from the Land of Hornbills!
What. Is. A. Holiday. With. These. Books. On. Your. Table?

Dearest Teacher Vee, no doctor handwriting, please. Thank you!

Ambik kau. Sepatutnya dapat siap in about 5 minutes because the words are so simple and little, but it took a longer time because I had to write them slowly and carefully! Alphabets pun one by one lagi tu. Yeahh.. 

Baru exercise books, belum lagi mind map. Kalau mind map kecil takpa, ni mind map on big paper. Sampai merayap buat kat lantai.. And another one by one letters. Kepala yang stueng pun makin stueng dibuatnya. Medicines? Kirim salam.

Nanti mabuk ubat siapa nak siapkan semua kerja? Hohohh.. Tak makan ubat pun mabuk. Bangun - tulis - baring - tidur - bangun - tulis - baring - tidur .. Begitulah kisah saya. Miahaha..
"CHICHER". Tak sah kalau tak bawa 3 beg to school. Mihmihmih..

ps: Finally dapat juga aku taip entry dalam BM. Thanks to the holiday. Kalau schooldays memang SUSAH GILA because I speak English from sunrise to sunset. Susah nak cakap bahasa lain dah, including my own language; Iban. Hahaha.. Abacadabra!!

Have a nice day ahead!! Sayonara! <3

January 14, 2014

Giveaway Birthday Azhafizah

Hii :D

Dearest kak Azhafizah, happy birthday in advance :) Have a merry birthday and may your life be filled with joy! Semoga cepat timang baby jua :)

Hugs and kisses,

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Hii :D
To all my Muslim friends here, selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul :) Have a nice celebration, have a nice day and enjoy the celebration ya! Take care and God bless.

Warm Regards,

January 13, 2014

First Fever of The Year

Hii :D

Here comes my very first fever of the year 2014. Mihmihmih.. No wonder I feel so abacadabra this morning. Alih-alih petang dah demam :( This fever could be caused by the kids because most of them were absent and came back with medicines to be eaten after lunch.

Tak tertinggal jugak, my baby boy; Little Joe. Huhuh.. One day dia absent dah rindu like mad! Haha :)

At times like this aku rindu sangat dengan dia.. Petang tadi before dia balik, aku peluk dia kejap. Badan gebu, best gilaa bila dipeluk. Then I put my head on his back, terus dia pusing and said "Chicher, your head is so hot. Uh-ohh". Hai laa Joe! Can I kidnap you and be my bolster tonight? Haha..

I miss you lahh, anak..
And hopefully Little Joe recover ASAP from the stomachaches.. Today 3 kali termuntah. Sobs.. Kesian kau, anak.. I wonder what causes it. Hmmm.. Get well soon, anak! <3

ps: Im not crazy or hallucinating.. I just love this little boy. Tehee.. 

January 12, 2014

Tr. V's Highlight: Teacher, I want your MAGIC.


Hiii :D 

I just had my dinner and each time during dinner, I would always remember this special incident occurred in kindy last week. Haha. And it makes me smile all the time :)

There's a little boy, NT, and this fellow is pretty naughty. And he HATES VEGETABLES! Their lunch on that day was porridge with shredded chicken, broccoli and carrots. When I walked to his table, I saw him pushing those veges aside but  unfortunately, the carrots were chopped finely + bubur pun hancur (nama pun bubur) so it seems impossible to separate those things.

Cut long story short, I said, "NT, you don't want this veges? Okay, let me do some magic and turn this veges into chickens so you will have MORE chickens. But you have to close your eyes first". He did, and well, no magic but sapu habis semua including the carrots and noommm; into his mouth. Hahahaha..

Then I walked away to observe other kids. When I came back to him, his food was untouched! I asked why, and he answered; "Teacher, I want your magic", then terus tutup mata sambil mulut terngaga. Dengan aku sekali mulut ternganga. Hahaha. Are you kidding me!

Kalau diteruskan, sampai bila lahh aku nak buat macam tu kan. So, I told him how I did the "magic".

"Very simple. Scoop all of this with your spoon then nom! Eat it all. They will turn into chickens in your mouth :D". Dengan senyuman he replied, "Okay, teacher".

So, kes takmau makan on that day; settled! Miahaha.. Little kids.. :'D

Back To The Past :)

Yellowahaii :D

Earlier on when I was searching for songs for the music and movement session with the little kids next week,  I "terserempak" with the soundtracks of High School Musical. 
Dengar one by one, terus teringat zaman sekolah. Walla, rindunya ;( HSM was very famous by then and almost everyday we would sing the songs together in class. During the graduation, we danced with their songs. Rindu moment lepas UPSR because that time memang semua tengah hot berbicara tentang HSM and Jonas Brothers. Haha :')

Dengar pun dah rasa rindu, apatah lagi bila tonton video. There's something between the songs that pulled me back to past; my elementary school life! Besides the things mentioned, I know there is something more that lies in the song that makes me feel this way. Super nostalgic. I want to go back to elementary school .. MEOW.

I miss everyone, everything. My class, my school, the field, the toilets, the administration block, canteen, the teachers, friends. JUST EVERY LITTLE THING! Sobs.. Moral of the story is, cherish every moment because one day we will want to go back there again. Huuu..

And the song that makes me want to cry the most is "We're all in this together" (graduation version), 
... because lagu ni HSM cast nyanyi on their graduations so aura perpisahan tu memang terasa. Like us now, semua dah berpisah dan berjalan atas track masing-masing. Ada yang jadi kindy teacher.. Ehh?? Haha :) By the way, sekarang ni musim sibuk so masa nak blog walking and update blog itu sangat limited.

Very sorry for the late replies and slow blog walkings. I'm reaching out, no worries. Have a great week ahead :) Smile, though it's Monday tomorrow ^_^ 

January 11, 2014

Tr. V's Highlight: Chicher, Are U OK?

Hii :D
Another question asked by a student.

Woke up in the morning with a back pain sebab banyak sangat membongkok + kerap duduk kat kerusi kecil kat kindy. Well, little kids, right? While waiting for their meal to be prepared, I was moving around bila tiba-tiba pain tu STRIKE macam lightning. Automatically pegang belakang with "ahaadehh".

To my surprised, Little Joe suddenly asked me "Chicher, are you okay?".

Earlier on in the morning, he had stomach ache sebab masuk angin so aku letak Vicks. When I told him my back hurts, dia terus cakap "chicher, put vicks? And then I wub (rub), okay?". Because in the morning I rubbed his stomach with Vicks. Hahah! Oh my little Joe, makin hari makin sayang! <3

I'm really grateful for all of my kiddos at kindy! Rasa bertuah sangat dapat bersama dengan dorang though sometimes rasa nak hentak kepala kat dinding sebab kenakalan dorang. But come on, little kids kan? Haha. Rasa bertuah tu sangat tinggi because compare to their own parents, we spend more time with them.

U see my point now? Sebetulnya, we are their mommies. Hihikk. Man, I really love my kids! Almost everyday buat hati ni cair. Haha. Sayang everyone beribu lemon! 

Thanks for reading. Sayonara..

January 09, 2014

Thank You!!

Hi :D
Yeah, picture says it all! :D


Special thanks to buddies, my blogging familia and also beloved family :D

Kak SallyKak Lieya; thanks for the special entries :) Liyana Z; thanks for reminding me that I'm celebrating my birthday as a "chicher" (teacher) this year. Haha! Thank you!!

Thank you for being there on my special day, thanks for making me smile and thanks for your prayers.

Sesungguhnya, your presence and wishes mean a lot to me :) 

Me love love you peepo! * That's how my students say "people". Haha!

I don't get any birthday gifts nor birthday bash this year and I'm actually reminded;

The best birthday gift is my own presence on my birthday :) Another chance to celebrate. Isn't that great? Who else could give me life. Right? Hehe. And not forgetting, thank you, Dear God, for your blessings and every single thing! Too many too mentions! Hiks.

Once again, thank you! :)

* Such a neat handwriting, right? That's what happen when you work in kindy cos your handwriting must be NEAT, and no doctor handwriting, please! Haha. Have a nice day..

ps: belated birthday wishes are welcomed!! HAHAHA..

Sayonara, sampai berjumpa lagi.. :)

January 08, 2014

Our Birthday [ Vee and Huny Eda ]

Hi, all! :D 

Today is the 8th of January. Yes, it's OUR birthday; superVEE and Huny Eda. Meow!!
Dearest Huny, have a great birthday and may all your wishes come true :D All the best in life and may you succeed in anything you do, may happiness and joy be with you all the time :D Stay strong in any circumstances and God bless you!! :D 
This year's birthday is special because I found a blogger whose birthday falls on the same day as me. Lols! Huny, kita ni nama jak geng Borneo tapi tidak senegeri pula! Kalau senegeri kan boleh blow candles together :D Haha. Amen amen amen! I want to blow candles with you one day :D Amen to that. Kikiki..

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your warm wishes though this year tak banyak wish. BECAUSE I PRIVATIZED THE BIRTHDAY INFO IN FB. Hahahahaha.. Saja nak tengok, kawan-kawan seangkatan yang sentiasa berkepit dahulu kala masih ingat dan tidak xD And, now I know who remembers and who doesn't. Haha.

And to my familia as well!! Thankies for brightening up my evening :D Sejujurnya, today I feel so lonely because it's pretty quiet without "happy birthday Vee" from anyone :D Haha. New environment, no one knows me yet so uh-huh, acceptable LAH. Hohoho..

Certain things are hidden for safety purposes :)
Just a simple card + chocolates but it means A LOT!! Something to cherish and treasure :") It's already our family tradition to give out birthday cards on birthdays and this what makes our family special :) Love you people heaps!! 

Once again, thanks for all the well wishes. May God bless all of you and happy birthday, Huny!! xo

January 07, 2014

Segmen Blogger's Birthday by Invisible Me

Click on image to join.

Hii :) I'm joining this because my birthday is in a few hours time. Miahahaha..

Come and join. Tamat pada 12 January 2014 :)

Btw, my birthday is on 8th of January. Thank you! :)

Kindy Life; Arts


Trial and error of arts and crafts for the lessons :) Hehew.. Jadi guru kat kindy memang memerlukan kreativiti yang tinggi. And for me, I need some time to boost up my creativity in arts because I've been focusing on dance for about 4 years. I used to kind-of-smart in arts before I pay 100% attention to dance. Hahaha.

Oh well.. This is indeed fun. Mcm best je, mcm seronok je buat semua ni malam tadi :P The feeling when you just colorcolorcolorcolor and color! Rasa macam nak beli coloring book for myself. Hahahahaha.. Have a nice day ahead!! Muahss!

January 06, 2014

"Teacher V, what is wrong with you today??"

A question asked by the key teacher of K2 this evening.

*krik krik*

This morning, I wrote the day and date on the books perfectly, neatly and nicely. But then att the end of the lesson, I realized I wrote down "4th January 2014", instead of "6th January 2014". During their revision time around 4pm, I wrote "Tuesday" as the day instead of "Monday".

Mana tak orang tanya, "What is wrong with you today? Are you okay, teacher?"

Miahahaha.. Nak kata tua, dah sah-sah masih muda. Hahaha. One thing for sure, today I'm extremely exhausted! Even now, I still have some tasks to do. Art and crafts, games and dances for them. Yeeerr.. Out of three, of course lahh DANCE dulu. Hahaa.

Siap.. Aku bawak budak kecik bedansa lagu techno. Mihmihmihhh.. Dari pagi tadi dah ada one song yang diset in mind, Listen To Your Heart (dance remix version). Meoww.. 
 Hahaha.. Teacher Vee, seriously? Lagu techno?

Are you okay, teacher? Okay, I know you need some sleep. 


* Unbreak my Heart (dance remix) pun chantekkss.. Hohohoh..

Health Info: Sneeze to Your ELBOW

Hello, everybody. Shalom aleichem :)

Most people were taught to cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing, right? Even I myself was taught that way. However, these days, this thing is not practical anymore. It is said that covering your mouth when you sneeze/cough will prevent germs from spreading. But how accurate is that?
The truth is, covering your mouth doesn't prevent germs from spreading but we actually slowed it down. Why? Because we use our hands almost all the time, even when you are sleeping; hugging the bolster! The illustration is simple. When you sneeze to your hands, you then touch the things around you.

Isn't that spreading germs? Haha.

Why sneezing to your elbow is much safer? Because you don't touch things with your elbows! Right? So parents, teachers, or whoever you are; teach your kids/students to sneeze to their elbows. And you yourself gotta practice it as well!

Prevention is better than cure!! Have a nice day. Muahs!

January 04, 2014

Pencarian Bloglist dan Review Blog

Salam sejahtera, semuanya :)

Tamat pada 4 January :)


Annyeonghaseyo!! :D

Today is another special day cos it's Lieya Von Jay's birthday!! :D 

Dearest akak, first and foremost, thank you for being my friend, thank you for all the supports and encouragement during my hardships, and thank you for being a sister as well :) May God's blessing be upon your life and may all your wishes come true! 

All the best in everything you do and I do hope satu hari nanti kita akan berjumpa :) Our mission to robohkan rumah kak Sally is still on kan?? Hahaha. And last but not least,
Mihmihmih.. Have a blessed year ahead, akak!!

Lots of love,

Orang Johor, I Need Your Help!

Hello, everyone :)

This entry is specially for Johor Bloggers yang duduk sekitar Pasir Gudang. Sebenarnya, ada kawan Vee yang practical dekat area Pasir Gudang and she is in need of rumah sewa. Anyone yang ada information about rumah sewa or ada kekosongan dalam rumah tu, please inform me as soon as possible k :)

A little info about pencari rumah sewa is dia perempuan dan MUSLIM. Please take note on that, alright. Kepada yang ada info, please leave your comment in the comment box and it is very much appreciated! Just inform me your phone number, home address dan jumlah orang dalam rumah sewa tersebut + jantina penyewa (khas untuk yang mencari geng rumah sewa).

Kalau boleh, roger-roger lahh geng korang yang lain. Tolong tanya ekk.. 

Thank you!! xo

Tr. V's Highlight: I want U, pwish..

Hello, hi :D

2nd day of school was hectic!! Haha. Remember the little guy mentioned in the First Day of School entry? On Friday he came and was still crying. This time his parents sent him in and left the kindy. So I was handling the little boy with another teacher.

Wallawallawalla..!! Super challenging cos he's an aggressive boy! Sadis kehidupan saya waktu itu, because he was kicking and punching. Dan "location" dia punch tu pun memang cun sangat; my chest! Maaaaaaa..!! Sesak nafas terus and paling sakit bila bangun tidur. Sobs.. [Tertidur dari pukul 8 sampai 10 tadi. Tertidur in the uniform lagi. Mehh] Tahan. Cabaran bah itu. Huwuu.. Tunggulah kau, aku disiplinkan kau esok lusa. Muahahahaa *good evil laugh*

But then, life kan macam rollercoaster. Kejap atas, kejap bawah. Meskipun rasa down and a little pissed off gara-gara this little boy, Joe and Dex is the penyelamat of emotion. They know how to cheer me up. Lepas settle with the boy who punched me, everyone went back to their class and sempat berselisih with Joe. Tau apa dia cakap?

Joe: Teacher. Teacher! Teacher Vanessa!!! - jerit sampai aku toleh. Mehh.
Me: Yes, Joe?
Joe: Bye bye teacher. I love you!

Awwwwwwwwww...!! Nak gigit boleh?!! Hahaha!

Then after class while waiting for their lunch to be prepared, I was busy with so many things to be done. And he was like..

Joe: Teacher. Teacher, sit here with me!
Me: Sorry, Joe. I've so many things to do. I'll sit with you later, okay?
Joe: Okay..

Few seconds later..

Joe: Teacher, I want you pwissshhhh.. :(
Dex: Me too :(
Luc: Me also!!
KG: Teacher, I want to hug you :(
Jay: I want also!
Ela: Teacher, I haven't hug you today :( I want!

Tell me what can you do when all of them turn to you this way? What else can be done other than sit there, hug them and feel the love lingering in the air? Hah. Broken English tolak tepi dah. Esok lusa kita betulkan. Haha. Love you guys to bits, kiddos!! 
One of the happiest girl in the world today. Mihmihmih!
Couldn't be grateful enough for this happiness and love :") Thank you, Abba Father. I love this! <3 Rasa nak minta clip CCTV tadi then watch it all over again. Hahaa. Bahagianya bila jadi seorang ibu! Eh. EH? EEHH??

January 03, 2014

Haaaaaiiiiipppy Birthday, Syahirah!! :)

Here comes Vee with her another birthday wish :D Hello everyone, happy 11 o'clock :D An entry dedicated specially for dearest Syahirah Ismail whose birthday falls on this day :)

Dear Syahirah, have a jolly molly 19th birthday :D All the best in whatever you do and may all your dreams come true and your life be filled with joys and laughters :) 
Pretty fail rabbit's teeth :P

Have a blessed days ahead, Syahirah. Toodless :)

Tr. V's Highlight: 1st day of SCHOOL

Morning, fellas. Hi hello hey :D The third day of the year. Time flies really fast. And I actually masih tak boleh percaya sekarang tahun 2014. Haha. Someone wake me up. Hiks.
Btw, first day of school (2/1/14), it was as EXPECTED! Miahaha.. I came pretty late than usual because before ni pergi kindy masa cuti sekolah so keluar rumah at 6:30 am tu nothing new. Sampai juga aku kat kindy around 7. Hehh. But yesterday, aku terlupa budak-budak dah kembali ke sekolah. Huahaha.. Syukur je lahh tak punch merah. Haha.

Tak sampai 10 minutes aku sampai kindy, dah kena handle crying kids. Orang tua kata, tak sempat nak tarik nafas; which is obviously tipu!! Hahaha. Yesterday was pretty epic. At first I assisted one crying girl and when she settled down, another one came. Yang lain tu macam terikut-ikut. Out of a blue, 5 of them started crying at the same time.

Masa tu hanya mampu ..... *krik krik*

To make things worst, one boy was pretty aggressive. Entah for what reason, dia cubit telinga aku. Hahaha. Lagi dahsyat, dia mula meronta and kicked me sambil pukul-pukul. Pergghhh...!! But that time tergelak juga, tak rasa nak marah dia pun.

Faham sangat :) Hihihi.

Cuma, balik rumah; terasa kesakitannya. Sobs!! Literally, that was the real challenge, besides not knowing who is who yesterday. Susah nak panggil, sebab masih unknown. Haha. Penghujung harinya, berdepan dengan little boy yang malu-malu meow dengan milk bottle dia sendiri. Hahahahahaha..!!

Our kindy actually doesn't encourage the use of milk bottle because over here, we teach them to grow up. After all, they are 5 this year. So we gave back his milk bottle and told him to keep in his bag. Dia reject, siap cakap "I don't want! That is not mine!", padahal sudah terang lagi ber-torch light ada nama dia kat situ. Mehhhh!! Lama gak pujuk dia suruh simpan dalam beg, dan kesudahannya, we passed it to his mom. Hahah. Dah tau erti malu jugekkk kan :) Heheheeee..

What's in store for me today? I've no idea. Tapi harapnya everything berjalan lancar :) Finally I managed to hug my kiddos! Haha. Seronok berbual with them meskipun baby talks x) And thank God tak ada students tersepit di celah kerusi ,_, Minta dijauhkan. Huhu.

Have a nice day, all. xo