December 02, 2013

WEEKEND: Family Bonding Time! :D

Alohhaa!! Morning, blogging pals! How was your weekend? My weekend was awesome, k ;) Awesome but pretty tiring. Hikss. Had a teachers' training at Kingwood Inn from morning till evening. Pheww!! Then in the evening, we balik kampung. Oh yes, balik kampung :D All these while, busy memanjang walaupun Saturday!

This time, our family decided to let go off everything and went back to hometown ;) Glad to meet grandma again!! And top of it, sekarang musim buah yaww.. Antara buah yang ada now ialah durian, langsat, rambutan and dabai! Yes, dabai. Only in Sarawak :D
Stayed in kampung sekejap je, tak lama. Tak sampai 24 hours pun. Had to go home atas sebab tertentu. Hahaa.. Nothing much yang dapat dilakukan in less than 24 hours kan. Morning tu ada pergi kebun nenek to pluck the fruits, tapi dorang pergi masa Vee tidur. Haha.

Fun to be in kampung, pretty gadget-less. Phone ada tapi single, nak text siapa kan? Haha. No laptops, no wifi. TV pun tengok kejap je, tak sampai 30 minutes. Rest of the time spent with family :) Came back to Kuching around 3 pm, then singgah kat Serian for a short ABC Special time :D Hehee..

Sampai Kuching at 5pm then at 7pm, we went to Hartz Chicken for dinner; a celebration dinner to be exact. Celebration of big bro's belated birthday, sis' convocation, me dapat kerja baru dan kemajuan business daddy. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord! Everything's going fine, life is full of blessings. Couldn't be more grateful :")
Mine. All mine. Hahahaa.. Fried sweet potatoes, fried chicken, roasted chicken, spaghetti, vegetable salad, tomato salad and ice cream. Oh em gee. Petang ni kena jog for 4 hours!!! Wakakaa.. RM19 per head, makanan haruslah setimpal dengan RM19. Ahaks.
Familiaa. Dad and sis, bro and mom. Irreplaceable assets of mine! :"D Conclusion, my weekend was awesome! Not that I learnt something new in kampung, but I get to bond the relationship with family :"D Huuu.. So grateful for the chance <3

Have a nice day, all. No Monday Blues today cos it's hohoholiday!! Kekekee..

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  1. amboi,bestnya dia! hehe :)
    betul betul,dapat luangkan masa adalah aktiviti yg plg best,hehe :)

  2. Dabai tu tak pernah dengar and tak pernah lihatlah, Vee. Is it sebelah gambar durian tu ke? Best kan kalau dapat rileks minda with family members. Seronok sangat. That Hartz Chicken memang buffet for RM19 ya? Rasa macam pernah makan di Berjaya Times Square, long time agolah :D

  3. Dabai? Yang dalam gambar tu ke? Yang nampak macam blueberry tu? Huh, pertama kali dengar dabai. Dan memang dabai ada kat sana je eh? Urm... uniqueness of Sarawak! :)

  4. family first! hehe...rasa macam pernah mkn buah dabai tu...mcm jela... :)