December 11, 2013

Tr. Vee's Highlight: 11.12.13

Did I tell you I'm an official teacher of Krista Kindergarten already? No? I just did! Kekeke.

Hi, everyone :D New schedule of life, walking with kids everyday! Hehee. Started working at Krista on Monday actually and it is completely awesome!!
I love my students, I love all of them! Now I get how it actually feels when a teacher says he/she loves his/her students. Before ni asyik dengar teachers yang cakap to me, now aku pulak yang cakap to my own students. #grateful My station is K2 and I'm handling 5 years old kids. Naughty but bubbly and cute at the same time :D

Today, I was sent to K3 (4 years old) because most of their teachers are on leave and that was a brand new experience for myself! New kids, came to K3 with mother language. Oh, hey, heaven! It was totally challenging because they can't speak English yet and I can't speak Mandarin. To make things worst, baby talk!!

I spent my whole day learning Mandarin for free with them! Hahaha. It was tough as I had communication problem with them and I am down with fever at the moment. I was sneezing all day long, lightheaded and dared not to hug the kids!

And I miss my own students T_T

This morning when I was at K2, I met Jay and Ela when I was on my way to K3. I spoke to them for a moment and said "Bye bye J and E, you won't see me today! Hehehe". To my surprise, they grabbed hold of my hand and asked "What are you talking about?!". Awww! I was touched that I felt like going back to K2! LOL. Then at K3, I met KyungJun, another student of mine and a brother of KyungHwa. He looked so excited and when I said "Bye, KyungJun!! See you tomorrow okay!", he smiled widely and screamed "yaaay!!". Another touchy moment!

By the way, sounds Korean right? Hehe. Yes, they are Koreans :D When I met KyungJun, I was like "pahal nama  budak ni Korean sangat", then I asked if he's a Korean and he nodded! Haha. I was so surprised and communicated a lil Korean with him :D Hahaha. And there's this guy name Luc. When his mom drove pass K3, I asked how is he and he said "Luc!". Hahaha. Kiddo!! I wasn't asking for your name! Hiks! Love my kids so much! So much, though it's just my 3rd day with them! Hee :") 

* Long story, and all about my students. HAHA. I think my coming posts will be about my students only. Lewls.. Anyway, names mentioned aren't their real names except the Koreans, all for confidentiality purposes :) No pictures as well because dekat pintu terpampang besar notice "No Pictures Allowed". Hee!! 

Today is definitely a challenging yet blessed Wednesday! Well, everyday is a blessed day :D Can't wait for tomorrow!! Want to see my kids and hugggg everyone! Huuu. Segment tamat on 12.12.13 sometime after 8 pm. Those who haven't join, you may do so! Click here > Blogger's Birthday Segment. Thankies! xo
Often people say, dealing with kids you need high patience. But you know what, it won't be complete without a piece of love :) Love and patience gotta walk together and you'll make it through! Firmness is important, but don't leave your love ;) Love my kids <3


  1. best jugak layan budak2 ni,hehehe :D
    oh,korea rupanya... tengok nama macam korea,hehe :D

  2. Mesti kiut jak nak budak2 kecik ya.. hehe..

  3. best layan budak-budak even sedikit penat :)

  4. SA x boleh dengan budak2..cepat baran...nasib baik x jadi teacher..good luck Vee...