December 22, 2013

R&J's Wedding

Hi all :D

Yesterday is definitely a great day for dearie JES because it was her wedding day! :D I was invited to her wedding tapi tak berkesempatan to attend due to some internal problems. Nak tak nak, "attend" through her pictures sajalah. Hahaha! 

Remember she had an accident few weeks ago? She actually fractured her leg and for the moment, masih menggunakan kerusi roda. Pun begitu, semangatnya sungguh kuat that she didn't postponed her wedding as expected by many! Kekeke.. Here's some tagged pictures yang diambil from her FB ;)
Their solemnization. Spot her in the wheelchair? :)

They had the reception at the same place and can't believe what I saw!! Hahaha. Many thought the accident was a disaster to the wedding but who actually thought it would turn out the other way round!! Haha. The accident actually made up the night where the atmosphere got so romantic with the awesome decos + the groom carrying the bride during their march! Hah!
Awwwww!! This is beyond sweet!! I've never seen any couples doing this all my life and tadaa!! Oh, wait till you see them coming in with the pretty lights. Lagi romantic! <3
Wuwuwuwu so sweet!! Can you feel the romantic atmosphere?? Now this is what we call REAL WEDDING! Haha. Seriously, I'm totally amazed *_* Can't imagine if I were there. Hiks! 

Anyway, Jes and Ryan, congratulations on your big day!! Finally terikat sudah kan :D Dari dulu lagi, dari zaman masih nakal si Jes minat Ryan. Muahaha.. As if no one knows! Hahaha! JES, EVERYBODY KNOWS :D Now terbukti, kalau dah jodoh takkan ke mana kan :D Congrats once again! May God blesses both of you and grant you with many many kids! xD 


  1. meriah jak upa majlis ya vee
    kuat org laki ya angkat wifenya..hihi..sweet!

  2. awwww, sweet aie!!

    cantik lah kwn ktk and tahniah buat sidak duak.. :D

  3. congrats to bothe bride and groom...! happy wedding!! ^_^

  4. romantiknya..klh cheta/zain..huhu..tahniah pd pgantin..