December 09, 2013


Hi :D Salam pukul 9 malam. Kekeke..

December, December. December datang lagi. It's going to be a very pack month with so many activities! Aaarghh!! But fun activities! Kakakaa..

Union of all churches in Sarawak. Will be held at Borneo Convention Centre everyday starting from 12th onwards. Tough one! Work from 7am - 6pm then off to BCCK at 8pm from home. Hooray ,__,

15/12/2013 (3pm)
Christmas celebration @ Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN), now known as Cure & Care Clinic. Dad selalu preach kat sana because they have religious activities held every Thursday, mengikut kepercayaan masing-masing. So the whole family is invited for the celebration!

Home Concert at UNIMAS. Bermula jam 7 malam. Tak tau macam mana nak pergi cos me habis kerja at 6pm. Huwah! Kena pergi juga cos ramai yang minta pergi, minta suppport. Oh well, "taukey oreo harus datang" katanya. Huu.

Pre-Christmas celebration at church! Gotta be fun. And tiring too :D Hahaa..

Confusing dates, since I've 2 weddings to be attended at once! Jes and Fansy. Dua-dua location jauh dari rumah, huahaha.. Tak tau nak pergi mana satu. But I think I'm going to Jes' wedding cos she was my dance buddy before. Gigih dia teruskan wedding reception, meskipun terpaksa berkerusi roda on that day. So hm? I dont know.

Christmas!! One of my favourite day of the year!! :D This time most probably ada service at church! And of course, ramai yang sudah sound sound minta datang to their open house ^_^

Visiting session masih diteruskan :D ..

Krista Kindergarten's Teachers meeting. Ni confirm tentang new school days, kan. Heee. Tunggu dan lihat!

Soon after that.. 2014. Ohmai ohmai.. Am I the only one who's freaked out? Rasa macam tak nak teruskan and stop here. But somehow excited? Ehh.. ABCDEFG.