December 24, 2013

Gloomy ...

Halohhaa :) Mesti ramai yang tak tidur lagi kan? Oh wellsss.. Esok public holiday right? Hehehe..

Christmas Eve.. Everyone else is busy with the Christmas preparation but not our familiaa.. This year we decided to spend our Christmas outside, visiting friends and family. We got so many invitations, mainly from old church members.. Yea, we missed you guys too!! Hehe.

Christmas Eve night was spent at D11 Steamboat with family. With family, everything is totally fine and awesome. After we got home, we watched TV together. Tengok documentary about Tsunami at Aceh about 9 years ago. Lepas tu me mandi and masa tu lahhh rasa sebak giloss..
When I was getting dressed, I remember a year ago, he made a very special Christmas wish for me. Last Christmas, genap seminggu our relationship, so just imagine the feeling that time. It was so special then suddenly this year everything change completely. Shheeettsss.

I remember I told him, "I had you for my last Christmas, New Year and birthday; I want you again for the next ones". Haa.. Now what? Dem dem dem! Rasa bodoh sebab nangis gara-gara dia yang entah ingat lagi ke tak kat aku, but demm macam mana nak buang segala rasa ni :"(

Christmas is supposed to be one of my joyous day but now it turns the other way round :"( Crying on Christmas Eve? Ah, thanks to you!

* Lama dah tak nangis sebab putus cinta. Ha. Setelah sekian lama. Makin kuat neighbours nyanyi lagu Christmas, makin kuat nangis sendirian.. :"( Plus background music blog ni. Yaaaaaaaaahhhh. Nothing seems right!!!! :""((


  1. Hey, don't be so gloomy now, just go and lepaking with le familia, you'll be better :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for the wish! Now everyone's asleep. Cheering up myself with Running Man. Hihiks. By God's will I'll be okay :) xo

  2. mun sedih try layan running man..tangga kerenah kwang soo..sure pengubat hati sedih
    yey..kmk org cuti ritok...
    celebrate krismas ada main bunga api x? hihihii

  3. sabaq yeeeee vee. Stay strong... i know u can do it :)

  4. Alalala Vee. Jangan nangis! Senyum senyum selalu. :)

  5. Aiyokkk... Vee, boh sedih2.. huhu.. suruh airmata ya postpone dolok mok turun.. tunggu habis krismas.. hehe

  6. tak mau la nangis nangis..huhuhu