December 17, 2013

5 Little Ducks (Illustrated by Vee) xD

Holla :D Here's a Nursery Rhyme called '5 Little Ducks', which is suitable for little kids at the age of 4 to 5, because by then they are learning numbers and stuffs. I bet most parents are aware of this song. Haha :) This is what happen when you mix around with kids plus, KEBOSANAN! Ahahahaa.

The illustrated pictures are only half part of the song. Malas aihh nak buat banyak-banyak. Hahaha. There you go, teacher Vee in action! Taraaaaaaaaa!

Here's the music video;

Now click play, scroll up and sing along!! Hahaha :P Esok kalau baca ni kat office, boleh ajak boss nyanyi sama. Okehh? Kak +Sally Samsaiman boleh ajak Dato' buat. Hehehehahaha xD


  1. This entry really reminds me of my childhood. Selalu nyanyi lagu ni masa kecik2. By the way, you're cute in every photo..! Especially at the "qu-ack!"... Like it. =)

  2. hahahha...ajak dato' sekali...ohhh man! tak bole nak bayang dato' buat...hahaha :P

  3. ok esok boleh try..
    vee tertanya komen yg ditulis..x dpt ke??
    sbab x nampak di rungan komen..

  4. comel je...ajak aqim nyanyi same la...hihi

  5. alahai sesuai sungguh jadi cikgu tadika

  6. Hahaha! Nyanyi lagu-lagu macam ni, teringat zaman kecik-kecik, zaman tadika. Tapi sekarang banyak dah lupa lagunya. Ish ish.

  7. tgk ciksu comel sangat hihi
    boleh la buat bila bosan bosan ni