November 11, 2013

Simple Segment #2 by Sally Samsaiman

Howdy, all. Salam sejahtera :) As promised, I'm joining the segment hosted by Kak Sally. Hikhokk. One of the condition to get myself into this segment is to write something about her. Well.. Here we go. BUCKLE UP! :D

Kak Sally. Nothing much to say. She's just an adorable darling sister of mine whom I love for the cheerfulness! Suka gelak sorang-sorang. Serius, tak tipu! Lagi satu, she's such an outgoing person and that makes me comfortable around her. Akak, sebut "awwww" sat.. Hehe. Hahaa. A bond with her is pretty unique to myself as I've never been around a person who is SO into kpop! Haha. Amazing experience. Hari-hari dengar akak meroyan about Yong Hwa. Dari tak kenal artist kpop menjadi kenal. Unique, a very unique experience! :D 

What I can say is..

Bahulu Vee tak sampai lagi kenapa??!!!! 

I told you, kak Sally memang suka gelak sorang-sorang. HAHAHA. 

Jangan marah, kak. Nanti kena jual.. :P 

All the best for the segment! Sorry, TER-merapu pulak kali ni.. Hahaha. Have a nice day! xx