November 02, 2013

Men In Black

Morning, guys :) Another instant entry. Haha.. Have you guys heard of the news about the Mysterious Guys? They were 11 of them, in black robes.. They were seen at football games in Europe at Chelsea, Juventus and Bayern Munich. 

During the games, they were seen with the banners saying "Winners Take The Earth". Banyak yang cakap that this is just an ad by Samsung, Nike or whatever but I don't think so! Seriously, bila tengok je wajah dorang ni terus rasa pelik. Bukan takut but I can sense that something isn't right with them.

Siapakah dorang ni? Meremang bulu roma bila tengok video. Their eyes, their pale faces, lagi-lagi all black pula tu. In one site, dorang siap bagi warning; "more to come on 11/11". You realize, they're 11 of them and they're making another "surprise" on the 11th of November. Apa motif?

Something is just not right over here.. What do you guys think haa? Kalau setakat advertisement sekali pun, I believe pasti ada makna tersirat di sebaliknya. Very mysterious. Hmm.


  1. rasa mcm something's fishy pun ada.

  2. mysterious betul la... menakutkan je muka diorang