November 25, 2013

It Was You

Salam sejahtera, everyone :) Last night terdengar satu Gospel song kat satu Christian radio station and the lyrics hit me hard. Sampai rumah, terus nangis atas katil. It meant a lot to me cos I went through one of the toughest moment in life.

I broke up with the guy I loved and that was totally painful. I thought I couldn't make it, I nearly gave up on life but no, I never thought of suicide but everything was completely miserable. It was a chaos. It hurt me a lot that I started to question God. Where are you? Did you even hear me? Did you even see all my tears? Are you even there?

And today I got the answer. He's there, every single time. Working in my life without me realizing it. All that has to be done is have faith, be quiet and see life as He sees. It may be painful, but that's how He safes :) Jesus, your love is big :") Nothing is going to shake my faith, no nothing. One and only lover of my soul, Jesus Christ.
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When I leave you for HIM, He's going to provide me better things in life. My principle of life now is, love my GOD then love me. You know, sometimes things doesn't work the way we planned because our life is not on our own, but His. 

..::.. Take all of me, I am all YOURS.


  1. HYE VEE.... DAYAT HERE... NICE ENTRY... pretty amazing haaaa..... god job vee.... thumbs up for you :)

  2. i know what u feel it..just really hope u face it happen with happy and god give u strenght.its all about life.. ;) chaiyok.

  3. be strong girl..pernah terbaca sigek quote " dont you ever regret knowing someone in your life. Good people will give u happiness, bad people will give u experience, while the worst people will give u a lesson and the best people will always give u memories" just sharing dear.. :)

  4. oh i know exactly how's that feels. it's just like end of the world already. but nonetheless life must go on, whatever happens this experience will make us more steady ahead, i guess. smile :)

  5. finally 1st entry in english i read full..haha

  6. just need to have faith... ^_^

  7. Berbelit lidah sya baca entry english vee..hehe