November 10, 2013

I'm A Happy Girl!!

Weehu! Salam sejahtera, semuanya :D 

Since I broke up with Mr. Ex, I was terrified at the thought of December, Christmas, New Year and my birthday. All the events mentioned happened with him being my boyfriend and after the breakup, of course everything would be totally different! Just the thought of it, sounds of Christmas songs could make me drop millions of tears. Okay, itu hyperbola. Ahaha. Tak sampai million, just hundreds maybe. HAHA.

But then today, I felt something different. Baru-baru tadi a friend of mine, Ollie, uploaded a video of water fountain in Japan with the Christmas decos and songs. Oh mai, dalam hati ada beribu-ribu taman permainan! So excited for Christmas that even the songs are lingering in my room now :D
Then I realize, no more fears no more worries; all that is left is JOY! Yes! There you go, I spotted my rainbow. After months of storms and hurricanes, now my rainbow is slowly popping out! Ahaha. 

I actually commented on the video and told him that I've always wanted to go to Bellagio or Dubai just for the water fountain cos I am soo in love with it! Then he said "Save money and go. Follow your heart and make dreams reality". Dang! It hit me hard!
Why get so depressed over a thing that's not even legally yours?? There are bunches of great things that's going to happen in the future so don't be so depressed and upset because that's just temporary! Why waste your time over him who doesn't even care bout you? Oh please, if he really loves me he would make at least an effort to stay, right? So chillax, great things are coming up and bleh, don't let little things bring you down. Pftss!! YOU HAVE THOUSANDS OF DREAMS TO BE ACHIEVED, DEAR VEE!

So smile, Christmas is just round the corner!! 

..::.. Posting this up here for future's use, so I'll read them when problems start to dig in again next time. Sometimes we just have to be reminded that we're special and there's something big ahead of us, no?! Ahaha. No more jiwang-jiwangs. Rindu itu part of life; and rindu tak semestinya sayang! WOOTS.

Bellagio, wait for meeeeee !!! 


  1. the water fountain! the small Eiffel Tower! damn awesome!