November 21, 2013

Cloud Silver Lining @ Sejingkat, Kuching

Hello, everyone :) It's 8pm and finally I've the chance to sit and type here. Phew.. What a long day :) Ketahuilah, entry pagi tadi auto-publish and that explains why I am pretty quiet today though I've new entry. Kekeke.. 

Earlier on, when I was on my way back from Sarawak Energy Tower @ Sejingkat, I spotted a beautiful phenomenon above me. It's what we call "Cloud Silver Lining". Damnn gorgeous, stunning, breathtaking! I was so amazed that I was like, whoaa.. And I didn't want you guys to miss the beautiful phenomenon as well, so I took some pictures :D
Beautiful, isn't it? It's hard to witness this kind of phenomenon lately. And blessed me today, I witnessed it! :D One beautiful phenomenon seen with eyes, millions of questions popped out in mind.. It's like a reminder to myself that GOD is awesome, amazing and most powerful. Who could and would create this marvel other than Him right? ;)

This incident happened around 5:45 pm and look..
No traffic congestions!!! :D Haha! Introducing to you, jam-less Sarawak!! Hahaha.. Jello jello? :P Jalan lenggang, otak pun sama lenggang :D I watch sunrise almost every morning, and today; cloud silver lining :) Life's good, isn't it ;) Thank you, dear God <3

And it also reminded me about an idiom that says;
Which means, there is always something good in any unpleasant situation ;)


  1. what a beautiful pictures and phenomenon....

  2. indeed! the awesome view...the precious one!

  3. *sebab shoutbox..huhu

    nmpk sgt kan obsess?? I'm Pathetic! hahaha...sampai tgn pun boleh kenal kan..? sadis!

  4. nang kacak. tok before hujan lebat marek ka? kan gelap gelita jak..

  5. wow.. nice view..
    pling penting sana x de jem.
    otak senang hati riang ;P

  6. lawa...pernah jugak terserempak (hehe) dengan awan macam ni.. nampak sunlight rays..cantikkk..

  7. cantiknya! best la kak vee dapat tengok depan2,hehe... :D

  8. Sangat cantik! Sungguh! Macam cahaya tu dipancarkan dengan sengaja. :)