November 03, 2013

Another Matchy Sunday!

Yeaw! Good afternoon, fellas! Caught myself wearing matchy stuffs again today! Wasn't planned at all!! Muahaha. Great coincidence!
Still with the purple-pink-maroon-ish colour. Guess that's the color of my lfie cos no other color match my skin tone better than the colors between pink and purple. Hewhew.

Last week's matchy outfit > AWESOME SUNDAY. Hihihi. Have a great day everyone! Too busy to walk around the blogs at the moment. Will do so after the war ends ^^, 

"Sacrifice to achieve your dreams now, because what you pay now is worth it! The amount you have to pay when you fail now is bigger than the amount you pay to be successful now. SO YOU CHOOSE. THE CHOICE IS IN YOUR HANDS."