November 09, 2013

7 Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

Hello, everybody! Salam pukul 11 malam. Haha. Sebenarnya dari siang tadi buat research about natural disasters. Penat mata memandang damages and information about them, terus buat research tentang diamonds pulak. Aha. Here's a list of 7 most expensive diamonds that can be found on planet Earth.

#7: The Moussaieff Red Diamond
A tiny diamond that weighs around 1.022 g, and costs about $7 million.

#6: The Heart of Eternity Diamond
Heart of Eternity is a very rare class of coloured diamonds. It was found in the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa and the price is about $16 million. Gulps!!

#5: The Wittelsbach Diamond 
Wittelsbach Diamond
Also known as  Der Blaue Wittelsbacher. A blue diamond that has become part of both the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels. It costs about $16, 4 million. @_@

#4: The Steinmetz Pink

The Steinmetz Pink is the largest known diamond has been given Vivid Pink. The price is about $ 25 million.

#3: The De Beers Centenary Diamond
De Beers Centenary Diamond
The third largest diamond has been produced in the Premier Mine. The price of this diamond is about $ 100 million.

#2: The Hope Diamond
Hope Diamond
It exhibits a red phosphor under ultraviolet light. The diamond costs about $ 350 million!

And finally, the most expensive diamond; The Cullinan diamond
The Cullinan Diamond
This diamond actually costs about $400 million!


Ini semua mahal gila! Hahahaha. And please be reminded, it's $, bukan RM. Kalau nak tau berapa harganya kat sini, multiply it by 3 alright. Hewhew. And as a lady, tipu kalau tak tergoda -__-' The only one that captured my heart so much is #7; The Moussaieff Red Diamond! Seriously, diamond tu sangat gorgeous!

Gorgeous tapi mahal gila T_T Kalau beli guna RM, it costs about 21 million. HUHU. Malam tidur mimpikan diamond ni je la ~ Weehuu ~~


  1. ish cantiknya. ni kalau dapat ni.... hehehehe

  2. I'm not interested in diamond...hahaha...I'm more interested in money & gold! hahahaha

  3. shine bright like a diamond! semua cantik!!! tak da ka org nak hadiah kat akak hehhe1

  4. Fuhh, berkilau mata juga duitnya..

  5. Cantik betul permata ni. Nak 1 la...

  6. semua cantik! silau biji mata tengok,hehe :)