October 28, 2013

Your Posts Could Harm You.

Entry yang super instant.

Good evening, all. Ready to go home? I'm already home! Muahaha. Be jealous :P Okay, back to the main topic.

People nowadays often invites in the robbers and thieves, did you realize that?
I can say the social networks nowadays are pretty useless if you don't know how to use them well. Not only it's useless but it could harm your life. Today I've seen tons of tweets from different people about their locations. Man, that's not a good thing to do.

"I'm at RHB Bank, Taman Whatever", "I'm at Petronas, Jln Sukahatihang", etc.

Don't they realize how serious and dangerous this thing is? We never know who reads your tweets and statuses, who sees your pictures spread over the instagram, entah-entah si penjahat? Did you realize by doing this you actually invited in the robbers and thieves? Lagi-lagi dekat bank. You might say it's okay to post it up since you're just registering for something or whatever, tapi hang ingat pencuri tu tau ka hang tak ambik duit? Yang dia tau, bila sebut bank it involves MONEY - favourite word for robbers.

Please be careful with all the information you put up in social sites, fellas. Bukan setakat location, even cakap nak balik kampung or melancong pun jangan. With the technologies nowadays people can easily detect your place. Misalnya, korang post status nak balik kampung Sabtu ni. Dorang cari je location through ip address, pastu hari Sabtu serang rumah korang yang kosong tu. Haa. Mau ka??

So pretty please, keep it low to yourself. Kalau nak update pun pandai-pandailah berkias. Toksah kasi full information. Dunia pada waktu dah critical. Orang yang kita kenal pun boleh merompak kita, apatah lagi makhluk kat luar yang kita langsung tak kenal..

The choice is in your hand, you decide. Kalau kena rompak hilang duit takpa, nanti nyawa melayang sekali, acaner? Jaga diri baik-baik, people.. Huhuhu. Takut bila tengok orang begini. Sighh. Be careful on the roads! Bye bye ~


  1. indeed...have to agreed on this...lately people too opened with each other...haihhh~

  2. betol betol.. ^_^ lepas selesai semua baru lah cerita tu kan lebih afdal ^_^

  3. kadang2 risau jugak update status current location. becarefull la time keluar

  4. bena ya.. dunia makin scary.. setiap masa kenak berjaga2.. huhu

  5. That's right vee. Now is not like before. Dont tell stranger where we are. if at crowded place, maybe its ok. =)

  6. kmk selalu juak check-in.. tp ngenjen jak la.. sik benar semua check-in ya hehehe.
    kmk salu tangga org update "home alone" esp ppuan.. mcm sik tauk reti bhya jak kan..