October 25, 2013

Why, tell me why .

It's been an emotional week! Gaahhh.. They see me smiling, they see me laughing. But they don't know deep inside I'm crying, sobbing, hurting, depressed, tension, and whatever, name them.

Not sure what to label this week but things ahead of me seems gloomy!! Maybe it's just my thoughts, I hope so, but then it hurts a lot!! Too many things squeezing in, I'm drowning. Sometimes I wish I could stop the time, let it stop ticking and let me cool down before I go on.

But no. No such thing as that.
Google's image.
As the day of war creeps in closer, the more troubles I feel and see. At this time, I wish I could really focus on my studies. But why do I miss you so much these days? When I look at mom and dad, I feel the tense. I want to give them my best, and can I achieve their expectations? And knowing the fact that friends and I will be apart for a long time after this, it's very heartbreaking.

All these situations, they're killing me inside. At times like this I wish I still have you. I wish, I wish. I REALLY WISH.

 No where to go, cry out to GOD. La tahzan la tahzan .. 



  1. stay strong vee.. i know u can face everything, after all its been a while .. ^_^

  2. You're stronger than you think my dear...just keep yourself busy, don't think about him..move on...think about your's the most important now...stay strong! Love yaa!

    p/s : suddenly, I feel I need to see your blog...dunno why... ^_^