October 25, 2013

Uncle Jib's Inspiration

Khairy Jamaluddin [Google's Image]
Aloha, people! Title "Uncle Jib", tapi gambar Khairy. Why? Muehehe. As we all know, Budget2014 is going on at the moment and I'm one of the watchers, except for now, and I'm watching it at TV1. Tadi masa camera bergerak kat dalam tu, I saw Khairy Jamaluddin and I thought of something.

Khairy ni kan.. Muda lagi, right? Anak-anak dia masih kecik and based on his look, he's obviously below 50 years. But look at him, watch where he's standing at now. Salah seorang ahli politik at this age, I think it's quite rare, don't you think so?? Even kebanyakkan pemimpin pun jadi pemimpin bila rambut dah putih-putih melati. Tapi dia?

Then I look at DSNajib. 
Datuk Sri Najib [Google's Image]
Beliau dulu pun student kan? In fact life dulu berbanding sekarang jauh lebih susah. Masa zaman dorang dulu banyak yang perlu dikorbankan, meskipun anak seorang pemimpin, banyak kekurangan dorang in terms of technologies and others. But still, he managed to go through it and now a Prime Minister. 

Hello, he was a student like me too!! So if he can, then I can do it too right??! Tetiba jadi so determined to be successful! ;D And please be reminded, this post is not a political post. I was in need of supports and motivations earlier. Hari ni rasa sangat down and cuak bila teringatkan peperangan. How am I supposed to do it? How can I make it? And will I?

Well of course I will and I can! All I gotta do is log out Blogger and Twitter; and start revising! Haha! Tuhan memang tak pernah tinggalkan kita. He knows what's in our heart, He knows how we feel and He speaks to us in so many ways. Who would ever thought of looking at DSNajib and get inspired, right? Lol. 

Yeah, life's good! Fightinggg!! ;) Kak +Sally Samsaiman , selamat maju jaya untuk peperangan akak! Don't worry too much, keep up the consistency and prayers; and remember.. If Uncle Jib, you and I pun dapat! :P xx

Selamat berhujung minggu, everyone!

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