October 26, 2013

Sarawak, tetap di hatiku!

There you go! Pahang make it to the finals. Congratulations!! Hope you'll make it again in the finals! Work harder, you can do it! :) Thanks for the great match with my boys! Wishing you all the best, Pahang!! ^^,

And to my dear boys, thank you for all the hard works!! It's been hard on you guys so it's time to take a break! Proud of all of you <3 Though we lost, I'm still proud cos we made it to the semi finals. Well, who would have thought of it? Out of all the teams, you beat them hard, kicked them out and kick like a boss in the semi final.

Yes, it would be great to see you guys in the finals but this is great. Better than none, nay? Thank you, my dear boys! I'm proud, very proud. Thanks for bringing up the name of Sarawak! I love you all! Well played!


  1. Sarawak di hatiku juak~~ Sarawak tetap menang dijiwa penyokong2 setia cdak. xpa nex season mungkin milik kita~ kita encang sampei champion heheh :D

  2. cik akak pon sayang Sarawak juak...hihi....
    sayangnya sik dapat nga live....lak ada gik...jom kita nga live dik vee...:)

  3. Tak derr rzki , try next years lak , bobby gonzalez terbaikkk he3 ... done klik :)

  4. tapi suka nangga sidak main bol aie.. terbaik lah.. hehe

  5. perghh...official congratulate message..?

    1. Yes. Im their manager, didn't you know that?? Hahah..