October 01, 2013


"So, where are you from?".

Oh well.. I'm from a place where everyone lives in a "jungle". Humans here lives either on the ground with the tigers or tress with the snakes and monkeys. Some even live on both ground and trees. There are different kinds of people here but we live happily together. Amazing, isn't it? I can say that our jungle is one of a kind. In this jungle, we have all sorts of things. Between the trees here, we have universities, colleges, schools, hospitals, stadiums, shopping malls, and too many to list out! 
One of the place that can be found in our jungle. 
Apart from that, our jungle have the access to the internet and the speed is not like the tortoise nor snails as you thought. In fact it's faster than a tiger. Rawr! We surf the net like those living outside the jungle, sometimes we sit together with the monkeys and surf together. It's so much fun!! Where else can you sit along with the monkeys and surf together? Heh!

And one more thing, this is the only jungle where you can see people driving Lamborghinis in a jungle. We drove through the waters, huge trees and even swing from trees to trees. Cool eh?! And in this jungle, we have waterfalls. Everyday, we would play in the water together. That is why one of our citizens managed to win a bronze medal in the Olympics last year. Winkk ;)

Anyway, there's so much to be told about this jungle. It's not fun reading through cos you have to feel the thrill yourself. Trust me, when you get here you won't even want to go home! And do tell me if you want to come over, I can bring you around this jungle, show you the beautiful parts. Don't worry, we are the headhunters but we don't simply chop off people's head. So book a ticket, take a flight here ;)

I was born and raised in this so called "jungle". This is where I breathe, this is where I grow and I love this "jungle" of mine <3 Don't you think my jungle is awesome?? :) 

Man, I love this jungle! 


  1. hi dear, we all have our own jungle...don't ya agree... *_^ wink wink..

  2. part palak ya lawak..hihi..aok hooo..nang masih ada org mikir kat swak tok ada org ngambik palak org
    kmk pernah berdepan situasi ya