October 04, 2013


Annyeonghaseyo! Today I'm going to share with you guys about my idols. "Idol" means something that we like and treasure, most of the time it's about celebrities. We often like a celebrity for some reason, no? I bet most of you have one or two or even more.

Contohnya, kak +Sally Samsaiman's idol is Yong Hwa while kak +Lieya Von Jay's idol is Shane Filan. Ehhh?? Ahaha. I've two main idols here and they are my inspiration to get on with life every single day. I never thought an artist could give such a huge impact to my life. Not even a bit of thought. So here's the first one;
There you go. The gorgeous lady, Shahila Amzah aka Shila Amzah in tudung bawal. I really like this picture cos I've affection towards tudung bawal. Tambah pulak Sha yang guna. Makin suka <3 So why is Sha my idol anyway? Well, few months back when I was still in a relationship, Sha broke up. I saw her videos, I read all the news bout her and actually ignored. Like, it has nothing to do with me, so why bother, right? 

Then, I broke up with Mr Wee. When I broke up with him, I saw Sha's new life. She's all happy in Shanghai and it told me that everything's going to be okay. Though our heart is broken, sooner or later it'll be fine. If I compare my life with Sha's, her life is way messier than mine. 

Mine is still okay, cos no one would care but hers keluar masuk newspaper. Imagine all the pressures and stuffs. This lady is an inspiration to my life. Her strength to move on inspires me a lot. I adore her and honestly, bahagianya bahagiaku jua. Now I'm following all her updates and whatever that makes her happy, I'm definitely going to feel the same.

One of her tweets that boosted up my spirit.

And this MONG JI aka Song Ji Hyo, the heroine in Running Man. Why is she an inspiration, too? I started to watch Running Man after I broke up with Mr Wee. I did that to feel happy cos that's the only thing that could bright up my day. After watching about 100 episodes, I found out that Monday Couple broke up already. My bro then told me that Ji Hyo's in a relationship with the producer of RM. I think.

This hit me hard knowing that Ji Hyo's 31 by then and found her true love! It showed me that kalau dah jodoh takkan ke mana and to not worry bout age and love. People often said that once you're 25 and single; you're an ANDARTU. It's kind of true but what can we do kalau takdir dah begitu kan?

Her life tells me that no rush in anything and let God handle it cos God's timing is always perfect! And also, though you're single, there's people out there who's really into you. Look at her, Gary liked her and also the producer. You see? Entah kat luar sana berapa ramai yang ada hati kat dia; bukan setakat fans. Kan? The important thing is live your life lively! Sama macam Sha, bahagia Ji Hyo pun bahagia aku jugak.

Yes, I love them to bits not because of their beauty but how their life inspires me! And it inspires me to live my life and be an inspiration too! :)

Thanks for reading, adios vamos ~


  1. hehehe..Yong Hwa musics make me smile for no reason! keep it up Vee... :)

  2. mama? tak tahu sapa idolanya.. hihi

  3. wuhuuu..
    shark mmg minat shila hamzah tue.

  4. akak tengok running man jugak ea..hehe :) saya pun suka shila amzah jugak,hihi :)

  5. betol akak pon slumber ja buat xtau andartu pon andartu la, janji xkacau org. ^_^

  6. acik pun minat shila hamzah ...secaara personally pernah jumpa orannya baik dan ramah

  7. shila amzah cute sgt,, korea tu kita xkenai :)