October 31, 2013


Hello, hello, everybody. A pretty late entry for today. Oh well. Hewhewhew.. In the previous wordless Weds entry, I posted a picture of letter B.

And I received different kind of comments. Ada yang cakap "kissing someone dearly to my heart", "being kissed", some were clueless, and ada juga yang kasi wa "ehem", bagaikan mengerti. Hahaha.

Seriously, what do you have in mind when you see this picture? Hohohoho. I want to say it out but I don't think it's the right time yet. Keeping it low. Biar hanya Vee & Tuhan yang tahu ;) 

Meanwhile, keep on thinking what is it about. Hahaha. One day, just one fine day, bila semuanya selesai I'll let everyone know :P

.:. The war is creeping in closer, and today Vee makan makan makan jaa. Then tertengok status kawan. She's in the same situation as I am and has been eating a lot due to stress. Baru ku sedar, stress dan pressure datang tanpa kita sedari. Macam itu pun buley? Hewhew.. Have a good night! xx


  1. hahaha...kita kan suka fikir "beyond" sikit..hahaha

  2. duhh..persoalan lagi nih.. >.<

    bride to be ke?? muahaha..