October 31, 2013


Hello, hello, everybody. A pretty late entry for today. Oh well. Hewhewhew.. In the previous wordless Weds entry, I posted a picture of letter B.

And I received different kind of comments. Ada yang cakap "kissing someone dearly to my heart", "being kissed", some were clueless, and ada juga yang kasi wa "ehem", bagaikan mengerti. Hahaha.

Seriously, what do you have in mind when you see this picture? Hohohoho. I want to say it out but I don't think it's the right time yet. Keeping it low. Biar hanya Vee & Tuhan yang tahu ;) 

Meanwhile, keep on thinking what is it about. Hahaha. One day, just one fine day, bila semuanya selesai I'll let everyone know :P

.:. The war is creeping in closer, and today Vee makan makan makan jaa. Then tertengok status kawan. She's in the same situation as I am and has been eating a lot due to stress. Baru ku sedar, stress dan pressure datang tanpa kita sedari. Macam itu pun buley? Hewhew.. Have a good night! xx

October 29, 2013



After a few chats with a pro hairstylist, it is said that all 3 matches my skin tone well.

And I don't know which one to pick. Burgundy, hot pink or maroon.

Either way, it must be done BEFORE Christmas, by GOD's will.

Hehehehehehehe. #excited

Singing Dictionary - A Glossary of Singing Terms

* Super long entry, specially for singers. Bakal jadi Vocal Coach satgi atas permintaan, I just have to post it here biar senang nak cari next time, tak perlu susah type kat google. Haha. Blog sememagnya memudahkan kehidupan rakyat! :P

Howdy all!! Had to google out the singing terms cos I've forgotten most of it. Sigh. The only thing I remember was SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass), Dynamic, Falsetto, and few more. And I remember them mainly because I categorized it as a basic knowledge in singing for singers. Hohoho.
Google's Image.
Singing Terms:
A Cappella - Singing without any form of instrumental accompaniment.

Alto - Low female voice

Baritone - Male voice located between bass and tenor in range and tone quality

Ballad - A slow tempo, sentimental or romantic song

Blend - In solo singing, the smooth transition between head and chest voice. When more than an individual singing, it's the combination between singers

Chest voice - The lower notes of a singer’s range; in the same general range as the speaking voice. When singing in the chest voice, the vocal cords become naturally thick, and the resulting sound is generally associated with deep, warm tones.

Diction - A clear pronunciation of words/lyrics

Dynamics - The variations of soft and loud singing in a song

Falsetto - False Singing. In male singers, a high register (actually, sung in the female range) similar to the head voice. However, unlike the head voice, falsetto cannot blend with the chest voice. Female’s can also sing in a falsetto range (Minnie Mouse's Sound)

Flat - To be under the correct pitch, not quite in tune

Full Voice - As loud as a person can sing without creating imbalance between airflow and vocal cord tension. Also refers to a tone that has a balanced resonance quality.

Head voice - Also known as “head register.” Singing in the higher part of the range. While singing in the head voice, the vocal folds are thin; the head voice is usually associated with light, bright sounds. Falsetto is resonated in a head voice.

Pitch - The sound of a particular note. When pitch is referred to, it’s usually in reference to being “on” or “off” pitch. “On pitch” means the singer is singing in tune. “Off pitch” means the singer is either flat or sharp.

Projection - Generally, the ability to be heard by the audience. Sometimes also refers to the ability to communicate emotion to the audience, as in “she projects great sadness.”

Soprano - High female voice

Tenor - Highest male voice

Transpose - To change the key of a song; to lower or raise the notes of a song or a portion of a song

Vibrato - A slight, but regular fluctuation in your tone. Caused by the normal relaxation and contraction of the vocal muscles as they are activated by alternating nerve impulses. Gives and “energy” to the tone during the vibration process (paling suka dengar orang buat ni. Sweet je bunyi dia. Haha)

Guys, TRUE or FALSE?

Hello, everyone! This is a picture I got from NAD's blog. Interesting. 
Here's how I described the picture for girls;
Hari Pertama: Masa ni memang emosi tunggang langgang. Waktu ni rasa macam dunia berakhir. Ehh, itu agak melampau kan tapi begitulah rasanya! Susah nak explain actually tapi waktu ni memang wa jadi panda ja. Hahaha.

Seminggu Kemudian: Waktu ni emosi dah stabil, dah okay sikit. Slowly mengerti dan berani menghadapi kenyataan. Tak mau hidup in denial lagi. Peringkat ni masih lagi jadi panda. Nak dengar lagu cinta or tonton cerita cinta pun susah. Terasa keperitan dalam hati. Pfts..

Sebulan Kemudian: Waktu ni dah rasa jadi diri sendiri balik :D Everything seems okay. Lebih kuat menerima kenyataan, dah boleh layan lagu cinta. Tapi tak kerap. Rasa sakit tu masih ada tapi tak sehebat dulu, gituu :D

Description tu memang straight dari hati lahh. I was in it few months back. Pergh, rasanya memang seksa kot!! It took me a month to move on to another phase and 2 months to feel so much better. I'm getting back to myself already. Phew! Thank GOD. Dalam gambar ni, waktu je berbeza tapi gambaran tu memang betul laa.

I just want to know, guys macam mana pulak ek? Is it as described in the picture? Haha. Pernah terdengar pasal benda ni tapi tak pasti, then I found this picture. Oh, confirmation eh?? Wakakaka. Guys, please comment down here, I am SO curious!! Hahaha!

Pst, girls pun boleh comment sekali lahh kak +Sally Samsaiman . Haha. Apa pendapat korang? ;D

Bola Punya Hal..

Howdy, everyone! 
A text I got from a buddy, a Kelantanese residing in KL. And he sent this text shortly after the final whistle of the match between Pahang and Sarawak was blown. -__________-''

And because of him, PAHANG, YOU HAVE MY HEART NOW! Hahahaha :P It amazed me how a ball could unite millions of hearts :") And I just found out that masa match Pahang and Sarawak kat Kuching hari tu, penyokong Pahang pun sama nyanyi lagu Sarawak, kini dan selamanya. Waaaa :")

Thank you, Pahang! May the good bonds last forever! I love Malaysia!

October 28, 2013

Ini WA Punya Supper. Hohohoho.

Yehuuu, warga Malaysia!!

Are u guys asleep? I just woke up from a "nap". Hohoho. Nap lah sangat. Tertidur to be exact.

And ini wa punya supper.
Ice Milo + Oreo. A very simple supper. 

Pecahkan Oreo biscuits, letak dalam mug, masukkan milo sejuk. DONE. Hahahaha.

Lepas ni supper bread + roselle jam kot?? Tunggu kak +Lieya Von Jay pos pegi sini. Ahaks.

Pst.. Harga Oreo + Milo tin masih sama, tak naik lagi.


Haha. Tetiba hyper active di waktu malam. Pfts.

Selamat malam sayang, selamat malam kasih..

Your Posts Could Harm You.

Entry yang super instant.

Good evening, all. Ready to go home? I'm already home! Muahaha. Be jealous :P Okay, back to the main topic.

People nowadays often invites in the robbers and thieves, did you realize that?
I can say the social networks nowadays are pretty useless if you don't know how to use them well. Not only it's useless but it could harm your life. Today I've seen tons of tweets from different people about their locations. Man, that's not a good thing to do.

"I'm at RHB Bank, Taman Whatever", "I'm at Petronas, Jln Sukahatihang", etc.

Don't they realize how serious and dangerous this thing is? We never know who reads your tweets and statuses, who sees your pictures spread over the instagram, entah-entah si penjahat? Did you realize by doing this you actually invited in the robbers and thieves? Lagi-lagi dekat bank. You might say it's okay to post it up since you're just registering for something or whatever, tapi hang ingat pencuri tu tau ka hang tak ambik duit? Yang dia tau, bila sebut bank it involves MONEY - favourite word for robbers.

Please be careful with all the information you put up in social sites, fellas. Bukan setakat location, even cakap nak balik kampung or melancong pun jangan. With the technologies nowadays people can easily detect your place. Misalnya, korang post status nak balik kampung Sabtu ni. Dorang cari je location through ip address, pastu hari Sabtu serang rumah korang yang kosong tu. Haa. Mau ka??

So pretty please, keep it low to yourself. Kalau nak update pun pandai-pandailah berkias. Toksah kasi full information. Dunia pada waktu dah critical. Orang yang kita kenal pun boleh merompak kita, apatah lagi makhluk kat luar yang kita langsung tak kenal..

The choice is in your hand, you decide. Kalau kena rompak hilang duit takpa, nanti nyawa melayang sekali, acaner? Jaga diri baik-baik, people.. Huhuhu. Takut bila tengok orang begini. Sighh. Be careful on the roads! Bye bye ~

Malaria Freeeeeeee!!

... I GUESS SO .. ?? Hahaha.

Good afternoon, fellas! It's not an official report or result from the hospital but it's been 2 weeks and 3 days since the day they took my blood - and nobody called to inform whether it's positive or negative. NOT EVEN A MISS CALL.

So I assume I'm Malaria free, then! :D

Lagipun, I remember uncle doc tu cakap something like "we will call you if there's anything wrong". I couldn't focus on what he was saying cos I was a bit too shock to be suspected of having Malaria ;_; Since mereka tak call, so takda apa-apa lah tu kann :) Furthermore, I'm all fine at the moment. Fever, sore throat, flu semua dah jauh kau pergi meninggalkan diriku .. Haha. 
I'm all fine, completely fine. I'm not only physically fine, but emotionally super fine too!!
Yay, I'm a happy girl!! 
Google's image.
Ole ole ole ole, ole.. Ole!

Kami sokong negeri Sarawak, HEY! Kini dan selamanya. Oh Sarawak, ibu pertiwiku <3!!



Annyeonghaseyo, howdy all!

Mix fruit flavors ehh.. 

Mix fruit, kononnya.. What do we call this? Packaging error? Lol. 

Have a great day! x

October 27, 2013

Awesome Sunday!

Today's top - matched my nails so well! Hahaha. What a coincidence!!

Anyways, today's such a great day! It's true indeed, nothing can beat the joy when you put all your cares on Jesus. It's been a hard and emotional week, but I'm so determined today and filled with joy! Halleluyah! Thank you for this joy, Abba Father <3

I am all yours, completely yours. Nothing's going to shake my faith.

I'm in love, I'm in love. I'm in love you, Jesus .. 

October 26, 2013

Sarawak, tetap di hatiku!

There you go! Pahang make it to the finals. Congratulations!! Hope you'll make it again in the finals! Work harder, you can do it! :) Thanks for the great match with my boys! Wishing you all the best, Pahang!! ^^,

And to my dear boys, thank you for all the hard works!! It's been hard on you guys so it's time to take a break! Proud of all of you <3 Though we lost, I'm still proud cos we made it to the semi finals. Well, who would have thought of it? Out of all the teams, you beat them hard, kicked them out and kick like a boss in the semi final.

Yes, it would be great to see you guys in the finals but this is great. Better than none, nay? Thank you, my dear boys! I'm proud, very proud. Thanks for bringing up the name of Sarawak! I love you all! Well played!

Sarawak vs Pahang

Currently watching Sarawak vs Pahang, live @ TV1.
Captured earlier.
Putting high expectations and hopes on Sarawak team! My dear boys, you must win tonight!!
Song of the night; Sarawak kini dan selamanya
*Ciptaan Tuan Haji Madzhi Johari (Bekas Timbalan Pengarah RTM Sarawak)

Oh Sarawak, Satukan Hatimu!
Oh Sarawak, Kibar Benderamu
Kita Sokong Negeri Sarawak (Hey!)
Kini dan Selamanya 
Oh Sarawak, Ibu Pertiwiku

Second Half begins. ENCANG SARAWAK ENCANG!!

Sambal Telur!! ;)

Selamat pagi, salam sejahtera, salam perpaduan dan salam 1Malaysia. Aiseyman. Hahaha :P 

Sebenarnya hari tu terbaca entry ZACK about his mom's sambal telur [CLICK], terus ter-inspired to make it my lunch the next day. Muahaha. Here's the recipe >>

Bahan masakan: 
  1. 3 bawang putih *
  2. 3 cili kering *
  3. 1/2 inci halia *
  4. 1/2 bawang besar (dihiris bulat)
  5. Garam + gula
  6. Telur ayam (Vee guna 5 biji)
  7. Sos tomato/cili
* - ditumbuk bersama

Cara penyediaan:
  1. Telur ayam direbus dan digoreng. Selepas digoreng, letakkan ke tepi
  2. Tumis bawang putih, halia dan cili kering yang telah ditumbuk
  3. Masukkan bawang besar
  4. Masukkan garam, ajinomoto, sedikit gula
  5. Tuangkan sedikit air (lebih kurang 3 sudu besar)
  6. Tuangkan sos tomato/sos cili dan gaul. Biarkan seketika hingga mendidih sedikit
  7. Tambah lebih kurang setengah gelas air supaya tak terlalu pekat (terpulang nak berapa pekat)
  8. Masukan telur yang telah digoreng kemudian gaul dan biarkan masak seketika
  9. Setelah siap, hidang dan makan!! :)
Telur rebus yang digoreng
And this is how it looks like!! ;)
Selamat mencuba! Selamat berhujung minggu xx

October 25, 2013

Why, tell me why .

It's been an emotional week! Gaahhh.. They see me smiling, they see me laughing. But they don't know deep inside I'm crying, sobbing, hurting, depressed, tension, and whatever, name them.

Not sure what to label this week but things ahead of me seems gloomy!! Maybe it's just my thoughts, I hope so, but then it hurts a lot!! Too many things squeezing in, I'm drowning. Sometimes I wish I could stop the time, let it stop ticking and let me cool down before I go on.

But no. No such thing as that.
Google's image.
As the day of war creeps in closer, the more troubles I feel and see. At this time, I wish I could really focus on my studies. But why do I miss you so much these days? When I look at mom and dad, I feel the tense. I want to give them my best, and can I achieve their expectations? And knowing the fact that friends and I will be apart for a long time after this, it's very heartbreaking.

All these situations, they're killing me inside. At times like this I wish I still have you. I wish, I wish. I REALLY WISH.

 No where to go, cry out to GOD. La tahzan la tahzan .. 


Uncle Jib's Inspiration

Khairy Jamaluddin [Google's Image]
Aloha, people! Title "Uncle Jib", tapi gambar Khairy. Why? Muehehe. As we all know, Budget2014 is going on at the moment and I'm one of the watchers, except for now, and I'm watching it at TV1. Tadi masa camera bergerak kat dalam tu, I saw Khairy Jamaluddin and I thought of something.

Khairy ni kan.. Muda lagi, right? Anak-anak dia masih kecik and based on his look, he's obviously below 50 years. But look at him, watch where he's standing at now. Salah seorang ahli politik at this age, I think it's quite rare, don't you think so?? Even kebanyakkan pemimpin pun jadi pemimpin bila rambut dah putih-putih melati. Tapi dia?

Then I look at DSNajib. 
Datuk Sri Najib [Google's Image]
Beliau dulu pun student kan? In fact life dulu berbanding sekarang jauh lebih susah. Masa zaman dorang dulu banyak yang perlu dikorbankan, meskipun anak seorang pemimpin, banyak kekurangan dorang in terms of technologies and others. But still, he managed to go through it and now a Prime Minister. 

Hello, he was a student like me too!! So if he can, then I can do it too right??! Tetiba jadi so determined to be successful! ;D And please be reminded, this post is not a political post. I was in need of supports and motivations earlier. Hari ni rasa sangat down and cuak bila teringatkan peperangan. How am I supposed to do it? How can I make it? And will I?

Well of course I will and I can! All I gotta do is log out Blogger and Twitter; and start revising! Haha! Tuhan memang tak pernah tinggalkan kita. He knows what's in our heart, He knows how we feel and He speaks to us in so many ways. Who would ever thought of looking at DSNajib and get inspired, right? Lol. 

Yeah, life's good! Fightinggg!! ;) Kak +Sally Samsaiman , selamat maju jaya untuk peperangan akak! Don't worry too much, keep up the consistency and prayers; and remember.. If Uncle Jib, you and I pun dapat! :P xx

Selamat berhujung minggu, everyone!

Kuku patah lagi ;__;

Hellouuiiieeee.. *tarik nafas dalam-dalam, hembus perlahan-lahan*

Syukur masih bernafas meskipun banyak cubaan, godaan, tentangan dan halangan. Apa yang pasti kita tak pernah sendiri melewati semuanya, kan? La tahzan, la tahzan ^^,

Berceramah pulak dah.. Hahahah..

Sebenarnyaa.. 26 March yang lepas, kuku kaki sebelah kiri patah. Yang kecik sekali tu haa. Waktu tu terlanggar kaki sofa. Langgar je terus berdarah sampai perlu letak ubat and balut. Yesterday, 24 Oct, kuku kaki sebelah kanan pulak patah. *tepuk dahi 10x* 

And I actually knocked the same thing, kaki sofa.
Apakahhh ,__, Dalam masa 2 hari lagi genap 7 bulan kuku aku terpatah. Kan epic kalau kuku ni terpatah dalam 2 hari lagi. Hahaa.. Bezanya kali ni tak berdarah terus and kuku masih lekat, tunggu waktu nak dicabut je. Kali ni pulak lebih sakit and sakit kalau terkena air. Satu lagi perbezaan ketara, kali ni aku single. Hahahahahaa.

Nasib baaaaaaaaaiikkk ada type tentang kuku patah dulu kat sini, boleh rujuk lagi cara nak cuci and balut :D Ngehngehngeh. Nak baca, boleh click SINI. Banyak entry tentang my kuku patah kat situ, dari hari pertama sampai dia tumbuh balik :) Malas nak baca balik actually, banyak benda yang tak senang diingat kat situ .___. 

Biasanya kalau terlanggar benda sampai kuku kaki patah tu maknanya ada orang sebut nama kita dan cakap "saya sayang awak". So maksudnya ada makhluk indah ciptaan Tuhan yang sebut "Vee, saya sayang awak" malam tadi. Hehehehehehe *senyum sampai pipi sakit*
Mohon jangan percaya, itu mitos buatan aku sendiri.. Hahahahaha. HAVE A GREAT DAY!! xx

October 24, 2013

Ayam Masak Kicap

Hallouie, everyone!! Takda idea nak update apa, Vee selongkar balik draft and found this one.. Resipi ayam masak kicap yang ada sikit kelainan dari biasa :D

  1. Cili kering (3 keping) *
  2. 3 bawang merah
  3. 2 bawang putih *
  4. 1 inci halia *
  5. Bawang besar (potong kiub)
  6. Ubi kentang (potong nipis)
  7. Kicap manis
  8. Sos tomato
  9. Susu pekat
* - Bahan kisar, tapi Vee tumbuk je. Cili kering potong. Malas aihhh nak blend blend ni. Heheee..

Cara penyediaan
  1. Tumis semua bahan kisar sehingga bau naik, masukkan bawang besar
  2. Masukkan ayam dan biarkan separuh masak, kemudian masukkan kentang yang dipotong dengan comel
  3. Tambahkan sedikit air (3 tbs)
  4. Tuang kicap, sos tomato dan susu pekat (Vee letak sesudu sos tomato & susu pekat)
  5. Tambah sedikit garam + ajinomoto (kurang dari amount biasa)
  6. Gaul hingga rata dan tambah setengah gelas air
  7. Biarkan seketika dan siap!! ^^,
Fresh from the kuali, baru je padam api masa snap. Hewhewww..
Biasanya kita guna gula kan? Kali ni guna susu. Rasanya lebih umphh dan berlemak, macam ditambah gula and santan. Sedaaaaaapp! Now it's my fav style for ayam masak kicap :D 

Idea untuk susu credit to Azie Kitchen :D Selamat mencuba!! Toodles xx

October 22, 2013

Not supposed to be here, but...

... I've something to explain.

Yeah, hallouiee all. Good evening ^^, First of all, thanks everyone for your well wishes HERE. Thanks for all the supports, tetiba jadi bersemangat nak berperang. Hahah. Entry ni sebenarnya bertujuan untuk explain something. 3 days ago, I got a message in my shoutbox that goes like this;
You don't have to know who in the world is that.. Hehehehe. I just want to say, I don't put on tudung not because I'm a Sabahan but it's simply because I'm not a Muslim :) I was born and raised as a Christian :)

I'm explaining this cos I don't want anymore confusions. I love baju kurung doesn't make me a Muslim, alright. Through this message, I know there are people out there who are a lil confused bout me and now I'm telling you :) Nevertheless, I still love you people regardless your religion or race cos we are ONE. ^^, And I hope, I really hope that kita masih sahabat meskipun berbeza agama because I love this bond :")

Toodles, thanks for reading! xx

October 21, 2013

Send Me Your Wishes ;)

Halloouiiee, people of earth.. This is probably my last entry - maybe, even if I have entries coming up, they'll be up during weekends. Gotta stay focus. It's just not the right time to play around anymore. Hehehee.. Ada pesanan sebenarnya. Hahaha.

Vee actually bakal turun "berperang" tak lama lagi. Within 2 weeks. Peperangang yang mengerunkan lahh jugak, quite mengerunkan meskipun tak sangat. Hahaha. The truth is tak ready pun untuk pergi berperang. But nak tak nak, kena hadap gak kan ^^,

Jadi sekarang ni, Vee nak mohon ampun kepada setiap orang yang mengenali diri ini atas segala salah silap Vee, yang dilakukan secara sengaja atau tidak. Vee takkan guna "andai" cos Vee tau dalam kalangan kita semua, pasti ada yang pernah terguris hatinya, annoyed, marah, sedih, dan yang sewaktu dengannya gara-gara Vee.

Yee, maafkan Vee sebab terlampau jiwang masa putus cinta hari tu. Mesti ramai yang meluat, menyampah dan lain lain lain lain kan kan kan?? Hewhewhew.. Im sorry TT_TT Lepaskanlah Vee pergi yee.. Huhuhuu. Mohon restu semoga peperangan berjalan dengan lancar dan outcome nya baik :")

Last but not least, don't miss me too much ^^, Thanks for the well wishes, prayers and forgiveness. Love you all xx


3DaysGame Result

Hallo hallo, konichiwa!! ^^, Few days ago I held a 3-days game here and the game was riddle game! 
The riddle.
Anddd, before I continue, I'd like to convey my thanks to those who joined! Makasi yaa sudi join meskipun habuan tak berapa sangat. Haha.

Actually teka teki tu Vee buat sendiri, so memang takkan jumpa kat internet - yeah, I know some of you tried to Google it out! Typical human beings. Hahaha.. Macam-macam jawapan Vee terima and ter"kesima" sekejap bila tengok "Perak". Alaaaaahaii. Okay, zap that off!! Hahaha. 

Straight to the point! Jawapan teka-teki tersebut ialah...

Tadaa! Negeri Perlis ^^, Why Perlis? Sebab Kangar kat Perlis.. Kangar + oo = Kangaroo.

Muahaha.. :P Let's see who hit the jackpot!!

Click to Enlarge
Congratulations, sis Aisya and kak +Lieya Von Jay !! :D Please email me your phone numbers, Vee kasi top up alright.. ^^, Yang lain don't sad-sad sebab tak menang.. By God's will, Vee buat lagi pasni ^^,

Email - [ Vee takda FB! Hahaa ]

Thanks for reading, xx

Ayam Masak Pedas. Hohohoho..

Hallouiiee, Malaysia!! Today's late lunch - ayam masak pedas; since I want something pedas + ayam goreng. No special recipe, semuanya ikut "cooking knowledge". Masuk sajaaaaaa ikut naluri. Hahaha :P But the taste is quite.. NiceEeeeEEee.. Agagaaga.. 

  • 5 keping cili kering *
  • 3 bawang putih *
  • 2 bawang merah *
  • 1 inci halia *
  • 1 bawang besar (dihiris)
  • Sos tomato
  • Garam, gula, ajinomoto, 
  • Ayam + tepung kentucky
  • Air secukupnya
*  - Bahan kisar

Cara penyediaan:
  1. Goreng ayam separuh masak dan letak ke tepi
  2. Tumis semua bahan kisar hingga bau naik
  3. Masukkan sos tomato dan gaul
  4. Tambah sedikit air untuk memasak ayam
  5. Tambahkan garam, ajinomoto dan gula
  6. Masukkan bawang besar yang telah dihiris 
  7. Biarkan mendidih seketika, dan masukkan ayam yang telah digoreng
  8. Gaul sehingga rata, biarkan seketika :)
  9. Siap dan hidangkan!! ^^,
Tadaaaaaaaa! :)

Selamat Menjamu Seleraaa ^^, 

October 20, 2013

Yellow, I'm smiling.

Hallouuiiee ^^,  Senyum, senyum juaa.. Tapi goat smile. Ahahaha ;D
Senyum kambing cos mamat kat kereta sebelah tersengih-sengih tengok me selfie. Eishh.. Kacau daun. Hahaha. So this was me for last night's event. Eye shadow, lip line, that's all. Rambut pun blow dry but hairstylist curl them a lil. Basically, my original hair is already curl-ish, so there's no it to curl anymore. Me gusta mahh hairr >:D
Ashley and I. Our outfits wasn't planned at all but hey, sedondon pulakk pakai black dress and rantai orang ulu. Ahahaha.. The picture above is after the event. Spot the difference between before and after? Haha. Before event kemaaaaaiiiinnnnn lagi. Kahkahkah!!

You see, I'm smiling! After 2 "tragic" month, Vee smiles again!! :D Since kak +Lieya Von Jay tanya update pasal dinner last night kan, Vee keluarkan teaser jakk. Hahahaha. Full picture and story mory after this, alright! Thanks for readingg!! xx

ps: If you think you're smart, sila jawab teka teki INI. Habuan menanti andaa!! :)

3DaysGame - Jom Teka!! ^^,

Sticky Post. Scroll down for new entry d(^_^)b


Salam Jumaat, ebelibadehh.. Idea nak type entry ada, tapi mood nak mengulas issue tu yang gone baby gone, don't ever look backk.. Soooo, I decided to main teka teki with you guys ^^, 

Jawapan tidak termasuk kangaroo di ZOO

Tiada syarat khas!
  • Follow blog Borneo Girl 
  • Terbuka kepada semua, tanpa mengira jantina, usia, agama, bangsa kecuali kewarganegaraan :P
  • Game bermula 18.10.13, tamat pada 21.10.13 - waktu tak ditentukan.
  • Tidak mencari siapa terpantas, tapi siapa tepat dia dapat!! - Kalau 10 tu tepat, 10 tu jugak dapat habuan ^^
  • Hadiahnya tak pasti lagi, sama ada blog review, top up, or anything else. Kalau hadiah yang main pos tu kena tunggu bulan December kot.. So, tak pasti lagi. 
  • Inspirasi dari sis Yumida, peserta boleh teka more than once. Limitnya 3 kali sehari :)
  • Tak perlu buat entry, beri jawapan di ruang comment :)
Kepada yang sudi join, terima kasih! Semoga anda berjaya ^^, Comments will be approved on Monday.

*blows the whistle* RACE START! :D

October 19, 2013

Party party TONIGHT! :)

And it's tonight! Dah kena invite kan, pergi saja :) Lagipun we're sponsored, so.. Makan free, kat KGS lagi tu! Siapa yang tak nak kan? Hahaha. Kejamss.. Makasi ja laahhh sudi sponsor (^_*)V
Tonight's outfit. Simple mimple dimple.. The only accessory yang ditambah is rantai Orang Ulu. Awalnya nak pakai heels, tapi mak aih, formal gila.. End up aku beli wedges ni. 4 inch, merasa jadi tinggi sat. Wakakaka.. 

Psstt.. I'm so excited! Nak "cuci mata" since I'm already single. HAHAHA. Statement cari nahas :P

But well, I'm single, apa salahnya?? :B

October 18, 2013

Cow, Ox, Bull and Buffalo

Hallouitee!! ^^, ( Read as ha-low-it-ee). Non formal greeting created by Vee. Kakakahh.. Equivalent to hello. So yeahh :P Anyways, have you guys ever thought of the differences between cow, ox, bull and buffalo? Actually terfikir benda ni masa terbangun pukul 4 pagi hari tu -,- 

Here's some pictures of these 4 confusing animals. Confusing okay, confusing. Hahaha.

1. COW

2. OX

 Hampir sama je rupa dorang ni kan? Except that cow is black and white in this picture.. Hewhewhew.

You see, when I translated cow, ox and bull in Google translate, semua translate to lembu. Buffalo je kerbau. Terkedu sat, apakah ini semua.. Lewl. Kalau dalam BM ketiga-tiga tu LEMBU, kenapa pulak banyak nama  in English? Haaa.. Pehtuu google out the differences between these 4 confusing animals :D

Here's what I got from

Cow - Lembu betina yang produce susu. Takkan lembu jantan pulak kan?? Wakaka -,-
Bull - Lembu jantan yang "digunakan" khas untuk tujuan pembiakan bagi "menghasilkan" anak lembu (calves)
Ox - Lembu jantan khas untuk membajak tanah tu haaa.. 
Buffalo - Buffalo ni keluarga lembu jugak, bezanya buffalo ni liar. 

Can you see the differences now? Yah, English people are so specific man.. Kita kat sini lembu lembu lembu kerbau jeeeeee, tak kisah apa "tugas" dorang, lembuuuuu gakk. Hahaha.. Believe it or not, the 4 of us berdebat jugak untuk "kes" ni sama macam Kupu-kupu vs Rama-rama dulu. Tahahhaa.. 

-- Anda rasa anda hebat dan pandai? Sila jawab teka teki INI! :p gOOd luck!! ^^, Thanks for reading xx

October 17, 2013


Annyeonghaseyo, jual sayur.. Hello hello, good morning ^^, 
Homeii tak yang dekat sebelah kiri? Kekekeke.. Idea untuk entry ni tercetus bila sis Aisya comment orang pun selalu confuse antara 2 ni. Hiks. Sebenaqnya tengok gambaq kat atas pun tau mana satu LAMB and LAMP kan? Oh well, now I'm going to tell how to remember these two. It's very simple!! ^^,

Just remember the letter behind, b. B stands for binatang, so bila sebut LAMB, it's an animal. When it's p, automatically it's the light aka LAMPU. Another tip is remember LAMPU, so bila sebut LAMP - tau itu lampu. Tambah u je kat hujung. 

See, simple as ABC 123 kan ^^, Soooo.. Lepas ni jangan order lamp chop, alright. Superman pun makan nasi, jadi tak payah nak berlagak kuat nak makan lampu :P Have a great day!! xx