June 07, 2013

Kisah Kuku Patah #4: Reborn

26th of March, one particular date I'll never forget. Yes, the day when I broke my toenail. Hahaha. My mistake, my eyes were set on the television completely when I was walking towards the coffee table. Thanks to that, I knocked my toe on the sofa and tadaa.. Kuku patah :P

It was painful and scary. I remember I was like, oh my gucci. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I just sat on the sofa, holding the pain without any tears and talked to the bf about it; asking him what to do etc. It was hilarious. Haha. I mean, I've never experienced it before and I had no idea what to do. Wanted to clean off the blood but I've no guts to even drop a speck of water. Hihii.

It's been 2 months + since the tragic incident happened. Hm. Tragic lah sangat kan?? Haha. I read few health articles about broken toenails, how to keep it clean, and few more information. All of the articles actually mentioned that it will take at least nine months for a broken nail to grow back completely. So it's like waiting for the right time to push out the baby, somehow :P

But guess what, it's not even the third month yet but my nail has grown back completely. Uh-huh, you read it right. Dah tumbuh sepenuhnya :D It's like other nails as well, the difference is this reborn nail is soft. Picit-picit, lembut je rasa. It doesn't feel like any other normal nails. Lolss.

There you go. Finally my dearie nail is back on track. I'm a happy girl today cos finally I can paint my nails and no more ugly foottttt. Hahahaa. But I'm not sure if I should really paint them now cos it's still soft. Very soft, rasa macam picit straw. I thought it's normal but when I tweak them one by one, they're harder than the "reborn" nail.

Footnote: Agaknya lepas 9 bulan baru kuku keras macam kuku sebenar kot. This is just the beginning of growing back maybe? Oh well, it's not reborn yet then. Gotta wait for another 6 months. mHhmm.
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