January 28, 2013

Who's Better? Man OR Woman?

Who is better than who? Man better than woman, or woman better than man? Most of the time kalau kita tanya orang lain, mostly akan 'backup' kaum sendiri. Normal lah kan?But if you ask me, I'd say both are the best, because it's man and woman. How can you judge who is better than who when both parties are from different sexes? Right?

Both man and woman ada kelebihan dan kelemahan yang tersendiri and that is why God created man and woman because they complete each other menggunakan kelebihan untuk menutupi/menampung/membantu kelemahan each other. 

If the man says they are better than woman, remember, they can't never produce the next generation without woman. If they say they can make babies by using incubator by injecting sperm into an egg, remember, they still need the ovum. A baby will never be formed by sperm only. Same goes to the woman. You still need the sperm from sperm donor. Righhtt..

If the man, says they are better than woman because they are the head of the family, remember, who are you going to lead when there is no one to lead? Same goes to woman. Who is going to lead them when they have no man in life, does not matter, father, brother or husband, as long as they are man.

Hmmm.. You get what I mean here? I'm just trying to say that we are the same, born with different gifts that will definitely bring goodness to all. HEHE. 


Haven't seen Baby J for a month. Missing this chubby kid <3

Nota Cinta:
Terima kasih kepada setiap yang sudi follow blog ini and buat masa ini masih belum dapat membalas kunjungan because sangat busy. Update blog memang boleh because ini draft, and I just add this up. HEHE. Thanks once again and silakan meninggal jejak, akan dijejak kasih this weekend. xx

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