January 01, 2013

Welcome, 2013

Well hello there, 2013! I talked about 2012 few hours ago so now let's focus on 2013! A new year, means umur pun meningkat. So close and very close to my birthday already. This new year is a bit different compare to the previous years because I have a special friend, let's call him Peanut Butter. Life has changed ever since he entered my life and I'm blessed to have him :') In 2012, I celebrated my Christmas with him and now, it's new year!! Yipeeeeee :D Seronok celebrate something berteman. Kan kan kan?? Hahaha. Peanut Butter <3
Geli hati pulak. Entah macam mana reaction dia bila dapat tau aku panggil dia Peanut Butter kan?? Peanut butter lah makanan yang dia paling tak suka.. Hahahahaha!

As I mentioned in my post about 2012, 2012 has been a great year indeed. Taught me so many lessons in life. Towards the end of 2012, I had a tough time with tons of problems coming in one go, but still grateful the nightmares are over before 2013 begins and that's where I learnt all the important lessons.

For 2013, I just want a happier life and of course, I have to achieve my resolutions! Antara azam-azam akuu untuk tahun 2013 is;

  • Saya mau kurus! Yes, mau badan yang lebih kecil and ramping [muahaha]. Before cuti yang lepas, I actually told myself that it's time for me to slim down tapi hakikatnya.. Makan, tido, online, makan, tido, online. Heheh. Cuti yang menggemukkan, hahaha. So in 2013, saya hanya mau kurus! :p
  • Better results in studies! Uh-huh, yes.. Siapa yang tidak mau studiesnya better kan?? Ahaha.. This year, aku nak focus sefocus-focus nya dalam class so that otak tak lagging lagi. And nak merajinkan diri to achieve what I want. Hihik!
  • More achievements in dance! 2012, I learnt a lot and new steps in dance. So this year, aku nak melipatgandakan itu because aku memang berhasrat untuk membuka dance studio next time. Harap-harap dapat!! :D
Sekian saja my azam for 2013, tidak berani berazam banyak-banyak because I'm afraid I can't achieve them dan hanya mengecewakan diri. Huhuh.. And last but not least..

Cak!! Happy New Year, 2013 everyone!! (: xx

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