January 11, 2013


Today, seperti biasa.. Kaki melangkah ke kelas. Around 1 p.m., I'm home sudah! Then, I didn't know what to do cos I totally had no idea what to do. Wanted to take a nap, tapi asyik tak jadi because sejujurnya, I missed Mr Wee a lot. Hahahh. Around 3 p.m. gitu baru Mr Wee bangun. Siap text me 'good morning'. Heh! Itulah akibatnya kalau tidur pukul 6 pagi -_-''

So, since I had no idea what to do, I decided to change my header. I wanted something white, just nice and just a picture of myself at the side. I noticed my blog was a bit messy with the previous header; 

This picture looks a bit crowded, 3 pictures + the ayat(s). Waduhhh. Semak!! So as I said, white + my own picture and I came up with this one ;

Tadaaaaaaa!! It seems better tho! Walaupun tidak hebat mana pun, but still.. A lot better and kemas than the previous one. Hahah.. Cuma the border.. Black and red, macam tidak cun with my background, so bakal diubah lagi selepas ni. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. 

After I completed this one, I had nothing to do again! Jenguk my TWITTER and thought of changing everything there, including the header.. So once again, I made a new header but this time it's for my Twitter;

And this is how my Twitter looks like with this stunning header ;

Done with Twitter and Blog, I was bored again.. Terjah my Facebook and guess what.. Nak tukar timeline cover lahh! Haha. Tak tau nak letak gambar apa, muncul lagi idea untuk buat cover sendiri. So I checked out the internet for the size of a cover photo and buat sendiri. Edit sana, edit sini; muncul lah cover photo yang ini;

Lagi-lagi caption about dance kan? Lulz!
Dan.. This is how my Facebook looks like dengan kehadiran cover photo ini;

3 headers done in 1 day.. Hmm.. Hebat tak?? Haha, tau tak hebat mana pun because header bukannya gempak pun! Wakaka.. Semua nya simple and berdasarkan idea untuk hari ini. Memang macam hampehhh kan, semua sama; gambar kat tepi, then captions kat sebelah. Cehh! >_< But whatever it is, hati bangiak senang tengok benda baru bila terjah blog, Twitter and Facebook. Hahaha..


  1. The last one that u used before pun dah cantik vee

    1. Seriously? I thought it's a bit crowded and messy :X