January 10, 2013

Distance + Me + You

Long distance relationship sering dikatakan sukar, malah pernah keluar dari mulut ku sendiri suatu ketika dulu, berdasarkan pengalaman. But this time, it's totally different! When I recall back, I'd say it's not the matter of distance but who you are dating with. Awwww yeahh! Sangat bahagia at the moment :D

'Distance means so little when someone means so much' :') Yep, very true indeed! As I said, distance does not matters, but si Dia yang mencuri hatimu that matters. Ngahahaha.. 

Video: Long Distance Poem

Describes exactly how I feel and yes, specially for you! :D Ahahh.. I'm missing him badly, that's why entry ini keluar. But tak kisah laa.. Janji hati gumbiraa. Hahakk >:D

And to YOU;

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