January 18, 2013

Breast Enlargement ... [??]

I know it sounds a bit ... But trust me, this post is not something bad and it has nothing to do with me or my breasts. Hahah. Kita open minded kay :p

I used the adore Taylor Swift cause she was the only 'original' celebrity that I knew. When I say original, I'm talking about their looks; no implants, enlargement, nor botox. TS was born naturally beautiful, even without make ups tho I don't deny the black lining under her eyes and pale lips make her look a bit different. 

She is beautiful. At least she is recognizable as Taylor Swift unlike many other celebrities who simply doesn't look like themselves as shown in pictures when they are not in make ups. Make up actually enhance the beauty Taylor Swift has and that makes me adore her.

See? Cantik menarik tertarik Taylor memang the bomb :p
However.. Something hit my face today when I scan through the newspaper. It is learnt that Taylor Swift underwent breast enlargement. According to the news, the superstar has sparked rumours that she went for breast enlargement after showing off a noticeably fuller cleavage recently. Ngehh. I'm turned off!! 

Where is the originality? No more. Celebrities nowadays are fake. Fake nose, lips, cheeks, breasts, butts .. Name them! Celebrities nowadays want a small tummy yet big breasts. Breasts actually consists of fats and 80% of the breasts are fats. The fatter you get, the bigger your breast gets. So how do they expect to have big breasts when they are skinny as skeleton dan kononnya slim padahal kurus keringg? LOL.

And it's annoying when people complain about being fat when they are SKINNY sampai tulang rusuk boleh dibuat tali guitar, yet complain about small breasts. HAHA. Goodness. Manusia oh manusia -_-'' Ada cara natural untuk bigger breasts yet they chose to go under the knife hanya kerana tak mau perut besar, nak perut kempiss. Meh sini, aku tolong lenyek kan >_<

Now Taylor Swift is nooo longer my favourite personality. So I will love myself then. I am original, cannot be replace. No enlargement, implants not even botox. Kahkahkah.. 

This picture was taken last Sunday [I think], and just few minutes after I woke up. Took the spec and snap!

You see.. God is our Creator and He created us according to His choice. He created us, He made us; of course He knows what is the best for us. The best shape of the nose, eyes, the size of your hips or whatever, He knows it better than us. So stay original cause original is always better :) You may have the 'perfect' look after going under the knife, but where is the originality? Hikss! Peace yaw ;)


  1. Erkkk. I love TS too sebab dia nampak macam innocent girl, very decent. But breast enlargement is soooo unacceptable.

    1. Not anymore T_T She's pretty wild now. Huhu. So saadd..