November 30, 2012

Muahmuah my Followers!

Excited, happy, semuanya ada! Why? Tengok title tengok title!! :p When I first joined this site, I've zero readers and followers. I used to have a blog before and deleted it when my followers reached up to almost 400. Sayang jugak sebenornya T__T 

About a year later, I decided to blog again because that's my passion! Saya banyak mulut, pit pot pet sampai telinga orang bernanah! Sebab tu ada blog! Dah pitpotpet sampai telinga orang bernanah, nak jugak buat mata orang bernanah. Umm.. You did not read that! xD And you can read about this blog HERE.

November 29, 2012

I'm a happy girl!

Auww chakk!! I'm a happy girl already! :D Mengapa?? Because my mission to get a new template is accomplished! Two weeks.. I explored the internet to get a better and new template and found zero suitable templates. And finally, I found one!! Ngiahaha! Two weeks, okay!

I give up!!!!!

Give up on what?? Give mencari suami templates! Huhuhu. Yes, I give up T___T 

November 28, 2012

Template Hunting #2

Mok cik!! Tension tension tensionnn!! Cari templates untuk blog pun boleh tension kan? Apa lagi jadi accountant. 2 minggu you.. DUA MINGGU aku cari templates yang cun! Hambik kau, aku capitalized ngan bold sekali!

Tapi tapi tapi?? Kalau dah ada yang berkenan kat jantung ni, mesti ada yang tak kena! Ni, templates yang aku tengah guna ni.. Entah apa-apa la featured post and social icon kat bawah tu. Nak buang tapi tak boleh! Boleh pulak cam tu?! Arghhh!!!! T_______________T

Template hunting!

Still mencari templates yang CUN dan TERBAIK untuk blog ini. Have been searching all over the net for suitable templates for 2 weeks!! T__T I think I explored almost all of the sites already, but nothing suits my taste! I want a simple one, if possible, WHITE. Suci dan murni gitu. HAHAHA.

Dumb Ways to Die

No, this is not a bad post, I'm just sharing this cute song I found. Hahah. Okay, the lyrics may sounds so mean and What The Firetruck but the song is so cute xD Plus those cartoons in the video. Ehehe. :D Check it out, orait!

November 27, 2012

Gadis Sabah Dirogol dan Dibunuh

Seorang gadis berusia 15 tahun, Norikoh, dipercayai telah dirogol dan dibunuh oleh 5 orang pekerja Pakistan yang bekerja di kedai perabot yang berasal dari Pakistan. Mangsa ditemui pada 1 tengah hari pada 26 November, 2012. Laporan polis telah dibuat pada hari yang sama. Suspek-suspek kejadian berjaya ditangkap pada hari ini ketika cuba mengembalikan MyKad mangsa.

Weigh your Blog

Just read one of the bloggers' post about weighing our own blogs. I think this important so that we know how long does it takes for our readers to wait for your blog to load and read when they entered your blog. In my opinion, some blogs are too 'heavy' as in heavily 'decorated' by the ads, flowery header, cursors, animated templates, et cetera.. 

November 26, 2012

Segmen: Pencarian Bloglist December AmerCorner

Hi hi hello there. Another segment to follow. Seems cool, somehow. And it's organized by a fellow blogger from Kuching. Now, this is my first time meeting a blogger from my own place, LOL. Yay! Finally!! ;)

Segmen: Jom UP follower sampai 1000 ++

Memandangkan saya punya follower sikitnya dapat dikira dengan calculator, I decided to join this segment. Selain nak UP kan follower, nak jugak berkenalan dengan bloggers lain :D Mari join sebakul!

November 25, 2012

Now and Then, Me and Them

As the time flies, all the years gone by, everything has changed. Not drastic changes, but very big changes. We don't mind changes. Yes, we love all the changes, don't we..? Of course, who would want to stay the same forever.. The question is, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE changes?

Look at the kids nowadays, where do they play? What do they play? Hide and seek? Do they play see-saw in the playground? The swings, the slides, et cetera .. ? From what I observed, kids nowadays are pretty advanced. Wherever you go, you can see kids and gadgets. Go to the mall, you'll see little kids around 6 or 7 years old with iPhone, iPad, all the expensive cellphones. When I was around that age, I didn't give a hohoho to all the appliances. 

It's pretty sad that all the kids now focus more on gadgets, but not real life. What happened to all the fun games? When I was young, I  didn't care about the world, about the gadgets, the technologies, the celebrities like Justin Bieber. All I cared for was FUN in the real world. 'Main jadi', hide and seek, 'main masak-masak', imitate the teachers, doctors, even a taxi driver!! I played with the dolls, teddy bears, Garfield, the transportation like buses, cars, ambulance, et cetera! But kids nowadays? Angry bird, Super Why, name it. They're all the gadgets game. That's so.. Boring. :| It's not wrong playing with the gadgets, even I played the Snake Game in the old phone before, but kids now are too focused on doodads!

I am pretty grateful that I was born before modern technologies like we have now appeared. I love my childhood, I love how I spent my childhood under the sun, the rain - yes I played in the playground under the rain -, rolling down the hill, jumping in the mud. I know they sounds so EWWW, but that's the fun part of my childhood! At least we had life, experienced everything outside, not coffined in the house playing with tablets.

Parents nowadays should control their kids. I mean, they are KIDS, so they should act and be taught like kids. Kids are supposed to be outside with the grass, the see-saws, the mud, OR inside with the blocks and toy cars to expand their knowledge - not coffined in house with the Angry Bird, Super Why, Dress Up, et cetera. I don't see what positive impact Angry Bird could bring to the kids, though.

Anyway.. I'm just voicing out my opinions after spending few hours with my little dancers yesterday. I observed and compared them with other kids. I am pretty glad my little dancers aren't spoiled or over-advanced with all the doodads. They're all balanced. Yes, they play with their parents' iPad and stuffs, but they also play the old fun games like 'Under the River', 'Omega, mama mia', 'Sor Maca Dora' and also the one I used to play before, HOUSE BUILDING TOY! :D So last night, since Naomi brought this toy, I decided to play it again. HAHAH.

Fixing the house with all the sofas, tables and chairs scattered on the table 

And.. Sarah Kasih and I with the semi-completed house :D

Uhukk, what's with the hair bang?!

Besides building the house, we played the 'Osom game' as well. It's the rock paper scissor game actually. The difference is that when a person lose, the winner will smack their hand and that will leave red marks on the hands. Hahah.

Too bad, the picture is not clear due to the flash, but the red mark on Sarah's hand was pretty obvious. The one with bead bracelet. Such a cute hand. Hahah. I hope to see the kids playing the old games next time, not  only stuck in their house playing all the online games. They have to experience outdoor lives too, right? ;)

Segmen Jom Follow Sempena Cuti Sekolah!

Come, let's join! The more the merrier!! :D

November 24, 2012

Jom BW Sambil Follow Sampai Lebam

My third segment. :D Sekali sekala join benda gini. Nak carik kawan baru! Al-maklumlah, blog masih fresshhh, baru lagi. :P < First time cakap BM kat blog ni, hahaha.. Dah, jom join!

Pencarian Blog List Disember by Nurfara Hani

My second segment. Still have no clue what is this, someone help me? HAHA.. Joining for fun and also to get to know other bloggers. HEHE. Why not, right? ;)

Segmen BW Cuti-cuti by Emas Putih

I'm a newbie in blogspot and I've never join anything such as contests, et cetera. But today, I found this thing, 'Segmen BW Cuti-cuti by Emas Putih'. Honestly.. I've no idea what is this and I found it through Hazwan Hairy's post and it says this can increase the traffic and followers. As we all know, I'm a newbie and I don't have any followers T_T So I decided to give it a try! :) I hope it works. :|

November 23, 2012

When the power is out..

Humans can be a little retarded sometimes, right? Best example, Vee Lea. I don't think I have to tell you who is that because that's obviously me! Harharharhar. Okay, I fail in making jokes, I know. T__T

Earlier on, the power supply in this neighborhood went out and my mind lagged, for some reason which I don't know either. I was pretty slow in thinking, somehow. Could this be the side effect of being an owl for 3 weeks straight?? Yeah, I don't sleep at night, hihiikk. It's crazy, I know..

November 22, 2012

I wish I'm a Sabahan

Yes. I wish I'm a Sabahan. When I say I wish I'm a Sabahan, doesn't mean that I'm not happy or proud to be a Sarawakian, but because of my love to the Sabahans. Sometimes I wish I'm a Sabahan, somehow. :D There are few reasons why I love Sabahans.

November 21, 2012

When I was young...

Long time ago.. When I was young, 10 - 12 years old, I've always wanted to be a Crime Scene Investigator, thanks to CSI Miami.

November 20, 2012

How to Treat Asthma Without Medication

Reminder: This is not written or created by me. I got this information from the internet and I have this posted here to share with the readers. And.. I do not own the pictures as well. Peace, aite! ;)

To understand asthma more:

Source: Google

November 19, 2012

TGIF - Thank God it's FRIDAY!

Last Friday night, we went streaking in the park. Skinny dipping in the dark, then had menage of trois. Last Friday night, yeah I think we broke the law. Always say we're gonna stop, whoa- oh oh!

Okay okay, this post has nothing to do with the song. No, I didn't went for skinny dip, I didn't break the law, I'm a good girl, okay. Ahaks. The title of this entry reminds me of the song, that's it. :D

V & J

V and J? Or Vee and Jay? Hah! What a topic. J? J who? Well.. This J!!

November 14, 2012

Dream Wedding

Confession blog #6

Everyone has their own dream wedding right? Like, what to do on that day, the themes, the colors and stuffs. So do I! :) On my wedding, I want it to be grand. When I say grand, I don't mean the Will&Kate's grand because to me, that's not grand! Frankly speaking, it wasn't grand at all. Well, yeah.. It's quite a grand event cause people from all over the world watched their weddings, expensive dresses for Kate and bla bla bla. But my grand means the people and the celebration of my wedding.

November 13, 2012

Plain Casual Girl

Confession Blog #5

THAT (!) guy

Confession blog #4

Everyone has their own 'likes' when it comes to their partners. People tend to ask me 'what kind of guy do you like?'. I can't say anything much about this, because if I were to list them out, you'll have to read this blog 'till tomorrow, trust me! Hehee. It's not wrong having certain likes or interests in your partners but if you think back.. How can you expect a person to have all the 'characteristics' you want when in this world, no one is perfect?

November 12, 2012


Last Saturday was a special day for our family. 23 years ago, our dear bro, Jason came to this world at 1 in the afternoon. So as it was a special day, we celebrated his 23rd year in this world! Woohoo!! To celebrate it, we went to Hornbill Barbecue Steamboat, located at Ban Hock Road, Kuching. In my opinion, Hornbill is better than D11 because ;

November 08, 2012

Jingle bells!!


I know it's still November, but Christmas is near!! It may seemed far but not that far to me, yay!! I just can't wait for that day. So many fun activities coming up, Hooray!!

Being fat is beautiful.. (?)

Being fat is beautiful. Really? 

The reason I am posting this is because I had a video call earlier with a friend I met in a social network. He's a guy from somewhere in Peninsular Malaysia and that was my first time being on video call with a Malaysian. So.. For the first 2 minutes of the video call, I think he had a rude shock when he saw me cause one of the earliest thing he said was 'You're chubby, but you don't look that chubby in the pictures'. Oh yes, I'm not denying that.

November 04, 2012

Talking Machine

Confession blog #1

I'm actually in a 31 Days 31 Confessions Challenge in the a social network and decided to post them up in this blog cause I want to increase my posts :D This is the 18th confession actually.