April 06, 2017

Final Exam!!

- currently in my final semester
- today I sat for my 3rd last final examination semester

Yet this is my first time posting up regarding my uni life. That's pretty sad (!!) because uni life has been good and fun despite all the mountain hikes and river crossings; and yet, I've never had any of it written here. Guess I have to REALLY spare my time writing more in the future!!

Anyway, hello and hi! Today was hectic since I had a back-to-back final examination paper since yesterday. To make things worst, yesterday's paper was in the afternoon while today's was in the morning. Crazy life! Literally had only 14 hours to actually prep myself for the next paper - and I've never studied today's paper the entire study week. 

Life is crazy, gua bilang... But actually, salah siapa sebenarnya? Krik krik :P #procastinationathighlevel

14 freaking hours and this is what I did! In fact I started around 11 pm, ended at 2 am (biasala burung hantu!!). This is just the front view though, there's a lot more behind. Wahahaa... I checked out the previous final examination questions and literally freaked out because none of the questions I could really answer. What the heck ?!

Didn't know where I get the idea to do this, but it work magically!! I remember things easier by drawing this stuff. Not a mind-map, but I just randomly break up the sub-topics so then I can remember which topic falls under which chapter sebab kalau tau chapter apa, senang nak goreng kot-kot tak ingat jawapan! Hahahahaha.

So this, ladies and gentleman, is my actual note. It's written in a book so I will not lose the paper and re-write the entire chapter again and again, because iolls tak reti belajar guna nota lecturer. Kena tulis baru menyerap!! :| 

Question - How do the break-up notes and my actual note works? I simply refer to the break-up notes to get the rough idea, then read the main points written down in my book. GITUU ~ Dah final semester baru ada kesedaran yang otak ni berfungsi like this!! Wakakaaa

Question II - What is so special about my break-up notes is I get to test myself and see whether I remember the main points for the elaboration or not. Yes, elaboration - because my course requires me to write essays - 4 freaking essays - for each paper!

And that explains my long entry because I dah terbiasa!! Hahahahaa ;)

p/s: terima kasih kepada yang sudi berkunjung, masalah masih sama ( I cannot comment on people's blog ) unless the comment form is in pop-out window. I'm still wondering why. SEDIH!!

April 04, 2017

Tak boleh komen blog orang!


Nak tanya, ada sesiapa tau macam nak settle masalah saya? Hahaha

Tak boleh comment kat blog orang lain. Tak tau kenapa. Biasanya kalau dah post comment, akan keluar "awaiting for moderation", tapi kali ni tak ada pula..

Adakah interface baru blogger memang begitu? Sebab saya lama juga tak main blog.. Baru seminggu ni active balik, tapi kalau tinggalkan comment memang tak muncul. WHY?

Adakah puncanya sebab url dah .my ?? Or any relevant reasons?

And tak pasti juga orang lain boleh comment ke tak kat page saya! LOL. Help?? Kalau tak dapat comment tu kasi feedback kat saya ehh >>

Haha kita main email sekarang yee..